How to FixFrigidaire Dishwasher not Starting

There are whole loads of reasons why your Frigidaire dishwasher isn’t starting. It could be power-related issues or issues relating to leaving the child lock ON or probably you’ve pressed the START/CANCEL button after a cycle.

However, it is not limited to that.

There are a handful of users who complained that after they replaced some parts in their dishwasher. The washer seems not to pick up anymore.

All these make your Frigidaire dishwasher not starting quite frustrating.

And since you are here looking for how to deal with your Frigidaire dishwasher not starting I will be breaking down the reasons why your Dishwasher not starting and the proven steps you should take to troubleshoot it.

Why is your Frigidaire dishwasher not starting

why is my Frigidaire dishwasher not starting

If your Frigidaire dishwasher isn’t starting, there are a few simple things you ought to have checked, probably it is a less significant issue.

Anyway, I will be starting with the easy thing you can inspect in your dishwasher before getting into the advanced ones

Anyway, let’s get into it

1. Check If you’ve Cancelled the Cycle

canceling a wash cycle

The majority of users might not understand the usage of the machine, just like a user that made his complaint on a community platform stating these:

“When I hit the cycle I want, it turns on, but I hit start/ cancel and nothing happens, then the cycle lights turn off and it flashes several numbers”

When you start a cycle, it will automatically begin the wash cycle. Now, when the cycle is started and you hit the “Start/Cancel” button it will cancel the cycle.

This might leave you thinking if something is wrong with your frigidaire dishwasher, but nothing is wrong, you aren’t just aware of the fact that you just cancelled a cycle.

How to fix

  • After starting a cycle, do not press the “START/CANCEL” button
  • If after doing that, you are still stuck with your Frigidaire dishwasher not starting, proceed to the next step

2. Child Lock/Delay Start Feature is ON

The “Child-Lock” is a safety feature that comes with the Frigidaire Dishwasher. It helps prevent children from tampering with your Dishwasher. 

If the “child-lock” feature is turned on, your kids won’t be able to operate the dishwasher until it is turned off. 

But then, it might have skipped your mind that “Child Lock/ Delay Start” is turned on.

How to fix it

On your dishwasher locate the “Child lock” and press it for 3-5 seconds until it turns off

3. Dishwasher not getting power

dishwasher not getting power

Power-related problems are quite common with the frigidaire dishwasher. It is a no-brainer that your dishwasher won’t start if it isn’t receiving power.

In addition to that, it is one of the most delicate issues to troubleshoot since the power is something you have to be cautious with.

If you are faced with this, here are some steps you can follow to fix it

How to fix

NB: for Safety purposes, you should request the services of a repairman or call Frigidaire customer support if you perceive any burning smell

The first thing you should check is if the electrical panel has tripped off. If not, you should check if the power source you are using is working by connecting another device to it.

Another thing that can cause this is the thermal fuse since it won’t make the control panel useless.

4. Door/Latch not properly closed

Just like other similar electronic devices such as a microwave, if your Frigidaire dishwasher door is not closed or incorrectly latched your Frigidaire dishwasher won’t start. 

In some scenarios, the door latch might be defective, damaged or loose. And since the door is connected with a sensor, it can easily discern an unclosed door which will, in turn, lead to your frigidaire dishwasher not starting.

However, the latch isn’t the only culprit. The gasket could be worn out or torn which could, in turn, lead to a partially closed door

If you are experiencing any of the defects listed above, here is how you should fix it

How to fix

The first thing you should check is the gasket. Since it can’t be managed or repaired if it is worn out or damaged.

A damaged gasket should be replaced. However, if the door latch has an issue. Check if the screws are loose and tighten them.

Now, if you are faced with a scenario whereby your door isn’t closing properly, then you might need to replace the door latch.

To do that the steps below

  • Open the dishwasher door
  • Now, remove all the screws from the door to get access to the Frigidaire dishwasher door latch.
  • After doing this, Unscrew the panel screw to access the control assembly on your dishwasher.
  • Take out the control panel
  • Locate the door latch
  • On the door latch, you will see two wires being connected to it.
  • Simply remove those wires from the latch while taking note of how you met it either by recording or taking a snapshot
  • After doing this, remove the door latch from the dishwasher and install a new door latch
  • Connect the wires back the correct way.
  • Now, assemble the components back and tighten the screws

Once you replace the door latch your Frigidaire dishwasher should begin operation when you start a cycle, however, if your Frigidaire dishwasher not starting, then there might be other issues the dishwasher is facing

5. The Control Panel is Faulty

control panel is faulty

If your control panel is faulty, one of the culprits to this is your thermal fuse. If the thermal fuse is blown, it would cut the control panel from working.

The thermal fuse simply helps regulates the temperature and current overflow so it is an important component which can create a serious issue if it is not replaced on time.

This situation leads to a scenario whereby you won’t be able to carry out a reset or start the dishwasher.

To fix this

If your control panel is faulty, three things could cause this; the thermal fuse, the touchpad and the dishwasher chip.

If any of these components are faulty, they could affect the control panel.

So you have to use a multimeter to test each of these components to figure out which of them is faulty.

After doing this and you are still stuck frigidaire dishwasher not starting proceed 

6. Water Supply not Functioning

power supply not working

If there is no water being supplied to your Frigidaire dishwasher. The dishwasher won’t work since it needs water to perform the wash cycle.

The water supply consists of all the components in the dishwasher that moves water in the dishwasher.

If any of these components are clogged with debris, dirt or food particles, the water supply into the dishwasher will be hindered

That’s not all, another thing that could affect the water supply is the inlet hose.

Since you are armed with all this info, let’s talk about how you can fix this

How to Fix
  • Inspect the water supply coming into the dishwasher and the water is coming from the source
  • Also, check the inlet valve and make sure there are no debris or food particles that could block water from flowing through it
  • Lastly, you should inspect the pump and check the impeller where it is rolling as it is supposed to.
  • You can use a multimeter to test the pump for continuity to be double sure that it is working.
  • If any of this component are faulty, you need to replace them.

NB: replacing the water pump requires caution. If you are not experienced with electronic devices, you are better off calling frigidaire customer support or a local repairman.

But if you want to do it yourself, you should always ensure the dishwasher is turned off

In a scenario where the water supply is working but the dishwasher is leaking check this post on how to resolve it.

Frigidaire dishwasher not starting lights blinking

In a scenario where your Frigidaire dishwasher not starting light blinking the two most common culprits for this are your drain pump or the touchpad.

Frigidaire dishwasher start/cancel button

It is advised not to press the start/cancel button when a cycle is going on. Since it cancels a running cycle making the water drain out from the system. 

You should press it when you want to cancel a starting cycle or you’ve opened the dishwasher door and you want it to continue with the cycle

Frigidaire dishwasher touchpad not working

In a scenario where the touchpad isn’t working but the connection light is ON, then you have to remove the front panel to repair the contact of the cable.

Cleaning the ribbon alone might resolve it, but if it doesn’t then you need to replace the touchpad.

How do you reset your Frigidaire dishwasher?

To reset your Frigidaire Dishwasher follow the steps below

  • Press and hold down the “Cancel” or “Cancel Drain” for at least 3 seconds or until the light changes or disappears on the unit.
  • Wait for the dishwasher to turn off.
  • Now, wait for around 5 minutes before turning the dishwasher back on
  • After doing that, press the “Start” or “Start/Resume” button for about 1 to 2 seconds.

Once you do all these and the dishwasher still fails to function, turn off the circuit breaker connected to the appliance for at least 5 minutes. 

Restore power to the dishwasher after that period and check if the issue persists.


By now you should be well aware of the reasons behind your Frigidaire dishwasher not starting and what to do about it. But then one thing you have to take note of is to always unplug the dishwasher before you disassemble any part of the machine.

If you are faced with power related issue, contact a repairman.

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