How To Make a Lead in Minecraft

You may own a lot of horses, but you do not have the means to move them. There could also be a mob you wish to tie to a post or maybe a fence, so it would be impossible for them to do move. All these can be done with a lead or sometimes called a leash. Therefore, in this guide, you will learn the step by step guidelines on how to make a lead in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, leads are used to guide mobs except for squids, bats, and turtles. To make a lead in Minecraft, you will use a crafting table and the items that will be listed later on. In the process of crafting a lead, for each of the sets of ingredients you use, two leads are created.How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

Requirements to Make a Lead

Before going into how to make a lead in Minecraft, we first need to know what and what we need to make one. The ingredients and materials that must be available before making a lead in Minecraft can be successful are:

  • 4 Strings
  • 1 Slimeball


To make a lead in Minecraft, you will need strings, and you will need four of them. Strings are left by Spiders.

They can also be found in chests. In case you are unable to find one string, get a cobweb and simply craft a string in the crafting table. S, you will need 4 cobwebs if you are going to be making your strings yourself.


 You will only need just one unit of slimeballs to be able to make a lead in Minecraft. Slimeballs are dropped by fallen slimes. You will be able to find fallen slimes in the Swampland biomes, mostly just bouncing and roaming around.

Some Minecraft players create a slime farm. It’s a digital world, and you can do almost anything. It is not such a bad idea, is it? They could always come in useful, so if you want, just grow yours too and watch them as they glide over the water.

How to Make a Lead in Minecraft

Now that you have a working knowledge of what a lead is in Minecraft and the ingredients you need to make one as well as where to find these ingredients, here are the steps you need to observe to complete the task.

It is easy and straightforward; do not worry. Just follow the steps carefully while you have your game opened. Below are the steps to observe in making a lead in Minecraft:

1. Navigate to the crafting menu

The first step to making a lead in Minecraft is to open the crafting table; Your 3×3 crafting grid should look like the image below:

2. Add the items you have gathered to make a lead

Inside your crafting menu, there is a crafting location that has a 3×3 crafting grid. Therefore, place the 4 strings and 1 slimeball in the crafting grid. The slimeball is also called a Redstone dust.

Do note that in the process of making a lead in Minecraft, it is very important that all the ingredients you are using are placed in the exact pattern that is displayed in the Minecraft image. This is how your crafting dish in Minecraft should look like:

As soon as you have placed the 4 strings and 1 Slime in the grid the proper way, your lead will appear.

3. Place the Lead in your Inventory

If you have done the above steps, congratulations, your lead has been made. You are therefore required to place the new lead in your inventory.

How to Use a Lead on a Mob After Making it in Minecraft

In addition to the above, hostile mobs, roaming traders and villagers can also be leashed by making use of an NBT editor or a map as the case may be.

When you hold a mob, by using the lead on any kind of fence, the fence will be connected with a visible knot. This implies that the mob has been held to the fence. Notice that this is a fence, not just a wall.

It is possible to connect multiple leads to just one fence post. When a mob is connected to one, it will not be more than 5 blocks away from the fence post. If you are playing the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, you can use a lead to connect to a boat.

How to Break a Lead After Making it in Minecraft

By striking the knot or removing the connected fence, you will break a lead in Minecraft. After it has been broken, a lead will become an item at the spot where the mobs are. A lead can extend an optimum of 10 blocks prior to breaking.

Hopefully, this guide will help in making a lead in Minecraft so you can enjoy the game on another level.

However, there are other tricks you might be missing. Check it here and drop your thoughts on your experience. The comment section is always open for you.

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