How to set Out of Office on Outlook 

How to set Out of Office on Outlook automatic replies and messages has been explained in this article to serve as a professional guide for you to set Out of Office on Outlook.

If you use Microsoft Outlook to work on your computer or even the mobile app but are out of the office for a while, you can set up automatic email replies. That way, you can let people trying to contact you know when, why, and even for how long you’ll be away.

If you want your emails to be more easily aware of the delay in communication and who to contact while you are away, consider setting up autoresponders. Automatic replies will remain active until the end of the specified absence period. If you don’t specify a period, the automatic replies will be enabled indefinitely until you disable them.

If you’re going on vacation and can’t answer your emails, it’s best to set up an out-of-office reply in Outlook on your computer. That way, anyone who emails you will get an automatic reply letting them know that you are out of the office.

Outlook lets you create personalized replies that are automatically sent to anyone who emails you. You can also specify a custom date range during which the app should process your emails for you. 

Below is a variety of information on how to set Out of Office on Outlook

How to set Out of Office on Outlook for Exchange accounts.

Suppose you are in a business environment and your company or organization uses Microsoft Exchange. In that case, there is a straightforward way to set up out-of-office replies in Outlook for your email account.

Start the Outlook application on your computer.

Click the File tab at the top to view several options. Click the Automatic Replies (Out of Office) option. If you don’t see this option, skip to the next section to learn how to complete the task.

How to set Out of Office on Outlook 

A field will appear on your screen where you can enter information in various fields. To send automated personalized responses, you need to fill in the fields as follows.

At the top, select the Send automatic replies check box.

Select the Send only during this time interval check box. Then select the dates when you will not be available to reply to your emails.

If you only want your reply to be sent to your organization’s members, click the Within my organization tab. Otherwise, click the other Outside My Organization tab.

Write the answer you want to send in the box that appears on your screen automatically. You can also use formatting tools to format and change the style of your text.

When you’re done, click OK to save your changes.

How to set Out of Office on Outlook 

Outlook will now automatically send your pre-defined personalized message to anyone who emails you within the specified date.

How to set Out of Office on Outlook replies

  • 1. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of your Outlook inbox.
  • 2. Select “Show all Outlook settings.”

How to set Out of Office on Outlook 

  • 3. Choose Automatic Replies.
  • 4. Click the black and white slider next to “Enable automatic replies.”

How to set Out of Office on Outlook 

  • 5. Select the checkboxes next to the setting that you want to enable for your automatic replies.
  • 6. Write a vacation message of your choice.
  • 7. Click on “Save.”

Why out of office messages matter in Outlook?

As mentioned earlier, if you don’t let them know, everyone will be wondering where you’ve gone. A professional out-of-office message is effective.

Your sales colleagues and reps need to know when you’re back in business and who to contact when you’re away.

Your prospects and customers usually keep all of your questions on hold until, one way or another, you’re on vacation. (Mind reading? Observe? The jury disagreed on this matter.) So you need to give them directions and assure them that you will contact them on your return.

Would you like to know how to configure Outlook Out of Office Message? First, let’s find out what to say to prevent impatient email senders from looking up your home phone number. Or maybe you can delete all of your email like this pro and have a clean inbox when you come back!

How to set Out of Office on Outlook: What to include in your out-of-office message in Outlook

The first part is pretty normal. After you say hello, you will not be in the office until then. Easy.

If it concerns your company, e.g., if you are attending an incoming conference or another conference, don’t hesitate to mention where you are going. However, you may have jealous staff when you return.

Set your estimated return response time. Most people leave this vague, as in “Order Received,” but if you know you will be back to them in less than a week, say so. You will appreciate ETA.

Let them know who else to contact in the office if they have an urgent problem. You don’t want your time in the hot tub to be interrupted, do you? Be sure to let your office colleagues know that you answer questions and how they can access the information when needed.

The last bit is optional but sometimes necessary when you have big plans or VIP customers who can’t live without you. You can give your cell phone number with the restriction that you only check your phone twice a day (or whatever works best for you).

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