How to Make a Shield in Minecraft

A shield in Minecraft is a defensive item that is one of several items of your armor which you can make. In Minecraft, shields are used as a form of protection against attacks. In case you are not sure about why you need to make a Minecraft, here are some reasons why you need to make a shield. Mobs are very dangerous in the game, and mobs like skeletons are the most popular and dangerous.

And as dangerous as they are, you will always face them in the game. Mob Skeletons usually make use of range to attack you. With the knockback in their arrows, they can push you into lava pits or down cliffs.

This can ruin your game, especially if you are playing at a higher level. It will even be easier and quicker for your game to go to ruins from the hands of mobs, particularly when you are exploring resources and also dangerous caves.

Shields are easy to make, and the process of crafting ingredients is not expensive. If you want to survive in Minecraft for long, then you need to make yourself a shield.

What can you do with a Shield in Minecraft

Now that you know what a shield can do for you, you also need to know that even though it improves your protection, there are degrees to the level of threats and attacks it can nullify. Most of the attacks that your shield can cancel are usually basic like tridents, thorns, bullets, fireballs, melee attacks, lasers, and arrows.

In some can also nullify threats from explosions. Therefore, it is one of the most valuable items you can have in your armor while playing the game. Do know it can nullify MOST of the threats you face.

How to Buy Minecraft Shied

Well, just like our real world, some people do not like to go through stress, and this applies to the game. Nevertheless, just like our real world also, people who do not like going through stress are people with a lot of money. Therefore if you have a lot of money, which in Minecraft is represented by tons of emeralds, you could just decide to buy a shield.

If you have made some friends in the game, just like the way you can get stuff from your friends in real life, you could get a shield from a village. If you have trouble identifying an armorer, locate a villager who has a metallic welding mask on their foreheads, and is wearing a leather apron, that is your guy.

Shields are usually higher tier trades, which means you will have to have made a transaction with the armorer beforehand. You could get lucky, and this does not apply to you. Shields are usually sold for 5 emeralds, so put that in mind.

Items needed to Make a Shield in Minecraft

So if you have decided you want to make a shield instead of buying one, you need to find the items needed to make a shield. Items are not difficult to find, though.

First, get yourself wood of any type. Even mixed types of woods will work.

As soon as you have gotten found, convert it to wooden planks. You will also be in need of a little iron. One iron ingot is enough to make a shield in Minecraft, just get into a cave and find you a piece of iron. Here is a complete and comprehensive list of the items needed to make a shield in Minecraft.

  • One Iron Ingot
  • 46 Acacia Planks
  • 6 Spruce Planks
  • 6 Oak Planks
  • 6 Birch Planks
  • 6 Dark Oak Planks
  • 6 Jungle Planks

Steps to Make a Shield in Minecraft

Follow the steps below to make a shield in Minecraft.

  • Open your Crafting Menu

You will need to open your crafting menu first to geta 3×3 crafting grid.

  • Add the Items you have to make a Shield.

To make your shield, put 6 wooden planks and 1 iron ingot in the crafting grid. The 3×3 crafting grid is found in a crafting area in the crafting menu.

Whenever you are crafting using wood planks, you are free to use any type of plank. Wood planks like birch, acacia, oak or dark oak, birch, jungle, and spruce can be used.  In this tutorial, however, oak wood planks will be used.

When you are making the shield, place 1 wood plank in the first box in the first row, then an iron ingot inside the second box while in the third box, you put 1 wood plank.

Place 3 wood planks in the second row. Place a wood plank in the second box in the third row. In the third row, there should be 1 wood plank in the second box. This is a shield’s crafting recipe in Minecraft.

Once you have finished filling up the crafting area in the right manner, your shield will appear in the box towards your right.

  • move your shield to the inventory

As soon as you have completed making your shield, all you need do is to move your new tool to the.

Congratulations, you own a shield in Minecraft.

You can now decide to customize the shield with colors, patterns, and stripes based on your preference.

How to Repair Minecraft Shield

Everything in life has a durability level, and the same applies to our digital world. The durability bar will reduce based on usage.

The rate at which the durability depletes depends on the severity of the attacks.

To fix, you can do one of the following:

  • Merge two shields that have been slightly depleted to make one full shield. This comes with a durability bonus level of 5%
  • Make use of an anvil to merge the shield using planks just to fix it once.

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