How to Make Fletching Table in Minecraft

Fletching table in Minecraft is used to turn an unemployed villager into a work station blocks that are used for archery and arrow production in your inventory. It’s easy to make a fletcher table using flint and planks and they can easily break and re-make again.

However, while breaking the Fletcher table it can be done using any tool. But, you can use an axe to quickly brought down a whole Minecfrat Fletcher table.

The fletching tables can be found naturally generating within Fletcher houses of the villages. You then need to have a lot of tools in your inventory to make your own fletcher table if you can’t find the fletching table in your fletcher house.

Fletcher table requirements

The following tools are what you need to make Fletcher table in Minecraft.

4 Oak Planks
4 Spruce Planks
4 Birch Planks
4 Jungle Planks
4 Acacia Planks
4 Dark Oak Planks
4 Crimson Planks
2 Flint

You can use any type of planks to make Fletcher in your Minecraft.

How to Make Fletching Table in Minecraft in Survival Mode

We will consider how to make own Fletcher in a survival mode in this guide. Since survival mode is the default Minecraft game mode where players can collect resources, build structures, battle mobs, manage hunger, and explore the Minecraft world in order to survive, thrive and “complete the game”

  • Open the “Crafting Menu” and create a 3*3 grid.How to make fletcher table in Minecraft
  • To start to make the Fletcher table in Minecraft.Flint and oak wood planks
  • Place 2 flint and 4 oak wood planks inside the crafting grid in this other. When making the fletcher table, insert the flint and oak wood planks in the same pattern. Insert 1 flint into the first box and 1 flint insider the second box. Now, place 1 oak wood insider the first and second box. Scroll to the third row, insert 1 oak wood plant to the first box and 1 oak plank to the second box.Make Fletcher on Minecraft
  • Once you have inserted all the flint and  wood planks into the boxes, move the “Fletcher” into the inventory

That is how to make Fletcher in survival mode on Minecraft using the crafting table with flint and wood planks.

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