How to Split Video for WhatsApp Status

The stress a lot of WhatsApp users go through on how to split video for WhatsApp status without missing out a section of the video doesn’t worth the task. When you see some videos that are splitted on WhatsApp you will get to know that the video splitting isn’t done correctly.

It’s either some part of the video is being left out or there is a mistake in uploading the video accordingly. However, using video splitter such as GB Status splitter app, you don’t have anything to think about.

This splitter app uploads the WhatsApp video status online by splitting the video in 30 seconds (sequence) as expected by the social media algorithm when you select the video you want to upload.

However, instead of the WhatsApp video status to be uploaded manually, the GB status splitter app uploads the whole video and split the app into sections, 30 seconds each and upload the video to your status with a single click.

split video for WhatsApp status GB Status Splitter App

What is GB Status Splitter App?

GB Status splitter app is a tool to split and upload videos to WhatsApp in a 30 seconds segment. The app cut the exact video size and upload it to your WhatsApp status without losing the video qualities.

When the app splits the video to upload into 30 seconds each, the app uploads them in a section at a stretch without missing out a single section of the video during the upload.

However, the demerit of the GB Status splitter app is that the app is only compatible with the GB WhatsApp.

How to use GB Status Splitter App

If you are using the GB WhatsApp here is how to use the GB status splitter app to split video for WhatsApp status.

  1. Launch the GB status splitter app and select the video to upload as your WhatsApp video status.
  2. Click on the start splitting button for the status splitter app to split the video and first cut 30 seconds from the video to upload.
  3. Once the video is splitted into 30 seconds (first) the GB WhatsApp will popup its status section and you can easily click on the “Go” button to upload it.
  4. Once the vidoe status is uploaded go back to where it stopped and split another 30 seconds until the whole video is uploaded.

Meanwhile, you have the option to upload a shorter video status that is less than 30 seconds. This is not recommended though but if the section of the video you want to upload is not up to the official 30 seconds you can use this option in the GB Status splitter app.

How to Install GB Status Splitter for GB WhatsApp

The GB WhatsApp splitter is an APK file. That means that you cannot download the GB WhatsApp status splitter from the Google play store.

Therefore, to install the GB WhatsApp status app you must first enable install from unknown sources.

Enable Unknow Sources

Here is how to enable unknown sources feature on Android to install GB WhatsApp status video splitter.

  • Go to your Android phone settings
  • Click on the security & privacy (depending on your phone)
  • Tap on unknown sources
  • Toggle the icon in front of it to enable install from unknow sources
  • Accept the popup warning.

Install GB WhatsApp video status splitter

Now, next is to install the GB Status splitter for Android on your phone. The procedures below will guide you through.

  1. Go to your Android phone download manager and click on GBStatus-splitter official.apkGB WhatsApp status
  2. Click on the install button from the popupInstall GB WhatsApp status splitter
  3. The GB Status app will be installing on your phoneGB Status video splitter
  4. Click on done to close the app and open to launch the app.

Download GB Status video Splitter

There are two ways to download GB Status splitter app for Android. You can download the APK app or download the mirror app. The reason being that if you are unable to download the GB Status splitter APK or the download link is broken you can also download it from the mirror site.

GB Status Splitter APK: Download GB Status WhatsAp Splitter

GB Status App not Working

Should the GB status video uploader stopped working or the app is responding the app has stopping working here is how to fix it.

  1. Go to your phone settings
  2. Click on the apps or applications manager or apps manager ( depending on your phone configuration)
  3. Click on the “GB Status splitter app”
  4. Click on your phone storage
  5. Tap on the clear caches icon
  6. Done

Now, try to use the video status uploader and see if the app is working fine or note.

GB Status Splitter App Alternative

Note that if you are using the official WhatsApp the status splitter app will not be able to work with your choice of the messager. However, if you fear the WhatsApp messenger ban for using a modified WhatsApp version such as GB WhatsApp, here is an alternative app approach to split WhatsApp video status.

WhatsCut Pro

WhatsCut Pro is an advanced tool to create a short video for WhatsApp status, upload WhatsApp status videos in a sequence, and even create a WhatsApp audio status.

This WhatsApp video status app works with both GB WhatsApp (unlike the GB status splitter app) and the official WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media where you are allowed to upload your own short videos or editted videos.

If you don’t know how to remove made with Kinemaster or made with vivavideo check out this guide and this.

  1. Download and install the WhatsCut pro from the Google play store
  2. Launch the WhatsApp video status splitter app and select the video you want to use as your WhatsApp status
  3. Select the starting point of the video you want to upload and drag the cutter to the end section you want to upload “30 seconds at max”.
  4. Once the video is done cutting the WhatsCut Pro will launch your WhatsApp at status section automatically and the list of people you often chat with on your list.
  5. Click on the status icon and click on the mark to upload the selected part as your WhatsApp video status.
  6. Now, click on the send status to set the video as your status (you can choose to play the video before uploading it to make sure you are uploading the right part).

With this procedure, you can upload a whole video into your status. The video will be splitted into sequence (30 seconds each) automatically and will be uploaded into your status for your friends and family to see and comment.

The approaches share above are alternative to how to split  video for WhatsApp status traditional approach. These approaches are reliable and stress-free compared to the traditional method the WhatsApp messenger app adopted to share video on WhatsApp status.

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