How to Optimize macOS | 10 Expert Tips

Needless to say, Mac computers are quite powerful tools that can help you to fulfil many complex tasks fast. But over time, these devices can start working slow – you may notice the computer needs more time to complete tasks. It’s very important to know the main ways of optimizing your device to recover its performance and keep it in great condition.

In our article, we will share several ways that will help to improve Mac’s performance to work faster and effectively. Make sure you are doing everything to keep your computer at its maximum level of productivity.

Optimize Mac computer

Dock Customizing

In 2001, Dock was just unbelievably great, but now, you need something more powerful. We suggest organizing your applications with a special program, for example, uBar. With proper customizing, it’s easy and fast to find everything you need on the computer without wasting a lot of time.

Customize the Menu Bar

Over time, the desktop of your computer is getting overloaded with various applications and tools. Of course, it’s getting hard to find something, so you can stick important tools in the Menu Bar.

Of course, when you have too many applications, you need some additional software to organize all the apps in the Menu Bar. This will help you find anything you need without long searches and stay more productive and functional during your work.

Input devices Customizing

You can customize your Mac according to your shortcuts, so it’s easy to work without searching for any particular shortcuts. Needless to say, it will help you to work better and faster.

Work with a proper keyboard assistant

Improve the speed of your work with a high-quality keyboard assistant that can increase your performance. We suggest disabling Siri on the Mac because it uses a lot of RAM memory you can easily save for other tasks.

Use Workspaces

When you are working with a pile of documents, files, pictures, and folders, it’s easy to get distracted. Find a way to keep all the needed documents in one place – use special apps that give you the possibility to organize everything properly. It’s simple to find all the needed files and improve your work’s speed.

Keep your Desktop Clean

This is a very effective tip that will help to increase your productivity. Each icon on the desktop eats up RAM, so the fewer items you have on it, the fewer resources your Mac uses to complete other tasks.

You can just clean the desktop every week or every month manually, or use a special tool to organize your items on the desktop. You can create your rules on organizing and storing items there to keep everything in order.

Keep your Photos in the Cloud

 You probably know that your iPhone uploads all your photos to the Mac computer automatically. Sounds great, but not so good for the performance of the device. We suggest saving your photos on iCloud – it’s easy to do and you can download any needed picture just in a few seconds when you need it.

Control your Startup Menu

It’s great when all the needed applications are ready to run just when you need them, but it’s not so good for your Mac’s performance. Check out the apps that are running in the background and control them by editing and changing this in the Activity Monitor.

You can also control all the running apps using any cleaning software on the Mac. Focus your computer on the most important and priority tasks without distracting from anything else.

Clean the Device Regularly

Of course, you can delete unnecessary files and apps manually, but we suggest using special applications that will help to keep the computer clean. Choose from a great variety of apps to recover the device’s performance and keep it in great condition!

Create System Backups Regularly

Every user keeps tons of files on their computers, and of course, there is always a risk from cyber threats and viruses even if you use reliable software to protect the device. Create backups regularly to prevent losing all the information from the Mac.

Keeping your Mac on a proper level of performance isn’t so difficult. Just follow our tips and use effective tools that will help to organize everything properly.

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