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How to Pair your Yamaha Soundbar

We take a look at how to pair your Yamaha Soundbar using Bluetooth, HDMI, Optical cable and how to reset a Yamaha Soundbar in this article.

Yamaha Soundbar Bluetooth is a wired/wireless device or gadget that you can easily pair with your Bluetooth enabled device such as phone [Android or iPhone], smart TV, Woofer, and other home and office gadgets to listen to your choice of sound without using a handsfree or earpiece using either an HDMI or Optical cable.

Although, there are various methods that can be used to connect a Yamaha Soundbar to your TV . The soundbar can be connected to your Smart TV with the aid of an HDMI or an Optical Cable if you don’t want to use the Bluetooth function.

Meanwhile, you can only connect or pair the Yamaha Soundbar Bluetooth device to your Smart TV only if the TV has a Bluetooth function.

Some Yamaha Bluetooth soundbar users prefer to use the analog input but this is not recommended since this provides a low-quality sound. So, whichever option you would love to embark on to pair your Yamaha Soundbar Bluetooth for the best quality you should use either the Bluetooth, HDMI, or Optical cable approach for the best quality.

Therefore, here in this article, we will discuss in detail how to pair a Yamaha Soundbar Bluetooth to your devices using all known methods and how you can end up resetting your Yamaha Soundbar if it’s not working perfectly.

How to Pair your Yamaha Soundbar

How to Pair your Yamaha Soundbar with Phone using Bluetooth

The fastest method to pair your Yamaha Soundbar is using the Bluetooth feature in the device. This doesn’t attract extra costs such as getting an HDMI or Optical cable [for Smart TV] if you don’t have one.

All you need to do to pair your Yamaha Soundbar using Bluetooth is to find a Bluetooth-enabled device and follow the steps below to pair the device. However, to establish this, both devices must be discoverable.

With this, you can follow the steps below to pair your Yamaha Soundbar Bluetooth device.

  • Turn on your Yamaha Soundbar.
  • Press and hold the Yamaha Soundbar Bluetooth button.
  • Release the Bluetooth button once the Bluetooth light indicator flashes.
  • Turn on your phone Bluetooth via the settings.
  • Go to “Advanced Settings” in the Bluetooth settings.
  • Enable “Visible to other devices.”
  • Select “Yamaha soundbar” or the Yamaha code name “Yamaha YAS-109.”
  • Wait for both the Yamaha YAS-109 Bluetooth device and your phone to connect.
  • Once both devices are connected the Yamaha Soundbar Bluetooth light will glow compared to when it’s not connected. 

Once you have successfully paired your Yamaha Soundbar Bluetooth device with your phone using the Bluetooth function, ensure to maintain a reasonable distance with the connected device so that the Soundbar will not disconnect.

How to Connect your Yamaha Soundbar to a Smart TV

There are two recommended approaches to connect a Yamaha Soundbar to a smart TV. And these methods are:

  • HDMI
  • Optical Cable

Pair Yamaha Soundbar using HDMI

ARC HDMI is recommended to pair your Yamaha Soundbar with your smart TV. If you have a different HDMI device ensure that the HDMI is ARC written on it.

However, if you don’t have the ARC HDMI you can choose the Optical cable option. But you want to try this first before moving to pair it with your TV using an Optical cable.

  • Turn off your Yamaha Soundbar device.
  • Turn off your Smart TV.
  • Plug the first end of the ARC HDMI into the Yamaha Soundbar and the other into the Smart TV HDMI port.
  • Press your TV source on the remote and choose “HDMI” from the audio output.

With this, the Yamaha Soundbar should be connected to your smart TV using HDMI. However, the approach might be different but basically, the steps above are the basic step to take.

Now, once you have successfully paired your Yamaha Soundbar with your Smart TV using the HDMI device, you will be able to control your Soundbar with your TV remote.

Pair Yamaha Soundbar using Optical Cable

The optical cable is a known method to connect devices to Smart TVs. So, with your Optical audio output, you can connect or pair your Yamaha Soundbar to your Smart TV using your optical cable.

For quality sound out, we recommend either the HDMI process we discussed above or using the Optical cable method below.

  • Turn off your Smart TV and Yamaha Bluetooth.
  • Plugin the Optical Cable into your TV and your Yamaha Bluetooth respectively. 
  • Turn on your TV source by pressing the source button on your remote and selecting “Audio Output.”
  • Go to the Yamaha Soundbar and select the “Optical” option.
  • Done.

Now, the Yamaha Soundbar should be connected to your Smart TV. And of course, the TV will turn to your device output.

However, if the process to connect your Yamaha Soundbar to your Smart TV using the Optical cable as shared above, then, we recommend that you should check the TV manual and the Soundbar manual to see what you are missing.

How to Reset your Yamaha Soundbar

Here is the quickstep to take to reset your Yamaha Soundbar to default and fix all possible errors causing the Soundbar not working.

  • Turn off your Yamaha Soundbar.
  • Press and hold the “Volume +” and “Power” buttons.
  • Keep pressing until all the lights on the soundbar flash except the “Alexa Indicator.”
  • Done

This will reset the Yamaha Soundbar to the default settings and all paired devices using the Bluetooth feature will be deleted.

If you have come this far, you should know how to pair your Yamaha Soundbar to either a smartphone or smart TV as well as the steps to take to reset the Soundbar if it’s malfunctioning.

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