How to Remove ADT Sensors

ADT provide alarm sensors for doors and windows, and they are a great way of securing your home or work. But just as you may have to fix them to the doors, can need arise to remove them? If at a point you decided to remove your ADT sensors, this guide is on how to remove ADR sensors and is recommended for you.

Removing your ADT sensors can be as a result of it getting damaged (by water, blunt force, etc.)  or you choose to replace them with an newer model. Regardless of your reason, you will still need to know how to remove ADT sensors to replace those alarms.

This is an easy straightforward technical job that you can do yourself without having need to invite a technician into your personal space. Also, if your sensors suddenly stops working, you really do not need to stress much to troubleshoot it as you can just simple remove it and replace it.

With the right tools, you can remove ADT sensors without hassle and this article will be your guide in learning how to remove an ADT sensor.

What are ADT  Sensors?

We need to familiarize with what ADT window and door sensors are before we learn how to remove ADT sensors. ADT sensors are top of the line magnet contact sensors. They are turned on when the sensors contact (mostly when the door/windows is opened without keys), that will then triggers the alarm.

When the sensors are turned on then the alarm system will be triggered if the door or window is opened by someone who doesn’t have keys or the ADT alarm access code. How does this happen? The two magnetic strip lines separates in the ADT alarm sensor and then set off ADT alarm.

How to Remove ADT Sensors?

As explained earlier, to remove ADT sensors is not as difficult as you would expect. You can also put your ADT in test mode.

If you don’t know how to put the ADT sensor in test mode to turn off the ADT alarm, here are the steps to take to put your ADT sensors alarm in test mode.

Firstly, you have to bypass or remove the zones that is applied on your panel. Then remove the sensor and magnet from either the door or window. You would not even need to have an expert level technicality to do this. 

That said, you will need some tools if you want to remove the ADT Sensors from your door or window. We understand that tools makes our jobs thousand of times easier. So keep your tools close by as you start your removal.

GadgetsWright will help you list out the tools you will need, and they are as follows:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Adhesive remover
  • Smaller size screwdriver set
  • Putty knife or paint-scrapper
  • Paper towels
  • Soap and water

how to remove adt sensors

How to Bypass ADT Zone

The first stage you need to undergo before you remove ADT sensors; you will have to bypass or delete the zone programming Before getting into any of the ADT panel.

If you do not know to delete zone, you can visit your user manual. You are required to  to have your installation code before you can bypass the programming.

To bypass Zone.

  • On your panel, you can get into the programming mode by pressing using the and # together
  • Press #20 to reveal the programming code. It is usually a 4 digit code.
  • To clear the zone, you will need to get into location *56.
  • You be prompted about using program tool, or set to confirm, select No.
  • Select a zone.
  • Enter 15, and hit *.
  • Press * again, and the zone configuration slot will appear.
  • Enter 00 to bypass the zone.
  • When prompted to delete the zone select yes.

Remove Wires

After that, you will have to do some hardware fix. The sensors are hardwired, you will have to disconnect them. You will do that on the panel and on the to remove adt sensors

Remove the ADT Sensor

Depending on how the sensors are mounted (The sensor’s reed switch might be screwed down OR mounted with adhesive tape), you will have to remove it.

It is either remove it with your screwdriver or with your putty knife or you will have to use the knife to cut between panel and the frame.

If you can put your system in test mode, you should. If not, you should put in your password before continuing this step. This will prevent the alarm from triggering.

  • Remove the batteries
  • Remove the screws that holds the sensors to its frame, be careful while doing this to avoid it failing and getting to remove adt sensors

Remove The Magnet

Underneath the sensor, you will find a magnet piece; This also needs to be taken out. Using your screwdriver to unscrew the cover of the magnet and remove it.

After removing all this, there will likely be some adhesive residue left behind. So can you can scrape it off with your putty knife. Thereafter wash off the surface with soap and water. If it were not damaged and you can choose to reinstall it in another frame.

How to Connect Equipment to ADT system

  1. On your panel, open the System tab.
  2. Open Manage Devices.
  3. Select the type of device to be installed. An installation assistant will then appear.
  4. Follow the instructions in the assistant to connect the device.


You will find that removing ADT sensors is quite easy.  And once you have done so successfully, you can easily replace the old ones without the help of a technician.

If you cannot continue with this process, perhaps, you ran into a problem during the steps, you can contact ADT support for assistance.

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