How to Charge ADT Doorbell

With ADT alarm system, you know what you are getting. It puts your mind at peace knowing it has some sort of security alert system to at least inform of irregularities. And if you are a customer, you might have once wondered, how to charge ADT doorbell when the battery goes flat?

As you may know, all electrical appliances run on power and it is either from a direct power source (DC) like batteries or from your home supply (AC).

Either option, it is just important to know that the ADT doorbell requires power to function and if you use the earlier, you will need to know how to charge ADT doorbell.

The ADT Doorbell require maintenance every now and then, mind you at a reasonable interval, and that involves charging it to keep up and running at all times.

how to charge adt doorbell battery

With ADT alarm system, you might chose a wired system but you should know that it comes with a rechargeable battery after purchase. And this can be plugged to your primary power source to be charged during its low power state.

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Depending on the battery span, you battery might need recharging between  8 – 13 months interval. With ADT you won’t have to replace batteries on a monthly basis as you can maintain the original over an extended period of time (years) on a charging basis.

But to keep up with the battery level, the ADT pulse app was introduced. With the pulse app, you can monitor the battery-life level of the batteries; also get notifications at any significant drop over your period of usage.

With the app, you might not have to worry how to charge your ADT doorbell as the app monitors usage and sends low battery warnings. It is, in fact, the first stage of process you must pass before you can keep proper maintenance and recharge of your battery

Charging ADT Doorbell Batteries

After install the ADT pulse app and the time to recharge ultimately comes, do not panic. All you need to charge your ADT batteries are stated in the step by step process below.

  1. Unmount the doorbell from its bracket
  2. Find the rechargeable battery
  3. Charge your battery
  4. Remount the battery.

how to charge adt doorbell battery

Unmount the Doorbell

When your doorbell battery has run low, then you know it is time for recharging.

  • First off, you will need to remove the doorbell from its bracket. The doorbell is usually mounted atop a rack to hole it by your door.
  • And it eases installation because you can easily remove or attach it back to the wall after your maintenance.
  • On the mounting bracket you will find a metal release tab underneath the doorbell that serves as a lock for the device.
  • There you will find the release tab that you will need to press to release the doorbell from the bracket.

This should come off easily, It should not give any problem, but if it does, you should double check if you are actually pressing the release tab, or if there is a dent on the bracket that would hold onto the device. 

Find the Rechargeable Battery

Like I said earlier, the doorbell had a rechargeable battery pack attached to it. And as such you can charge everything intact like you would do your smartphone.

Basically, you only need to charge your doorbell directly with its charging port and detaching the battery would not necessarily be required.

Your charging process will remain easy that you can just unplug the device and remount it easily.

Charge your ADT doorbell

After the above two steps passes, you can now move to the main event, charging the ADT doorbell.

On your doorbell, you will find a small charging port. You know, that regular micro USB port used by android (NOT micro USB Type C).

This is in-built with your doorbell for easier charging. Also, the ADT doorbell comes with a USB cable for charging so you do not have to worry about a charger either. However, you might have to use an adapter from home for this charge process.

Charging can last for about 5-8 hours depending on the charger. And in this period the doorbell will be out of operation. Do this charging during the day when you don’t necessarily have need for the camera of doorbell to be alert at anyone’s presence. Doing it at night might be risky.

how to charge adt doorbell battery

After the about 7-hour period of charging , you can start checking on the indicator light to signify the charging status. Ensure it is fully charged before unplugging. You can also confirm using the Pulse App.

But, once it is fully charged, your indicator light will become green steady light.

Remount the Battery

When it is said and done and your battery is fully charged. You can now unplug your device and place it back to its wall bracket. After sliding it down, you should hear a click sound signifying that it is now locked in place and the  release tab is now active.

How Do I Reconnect My ADT Doorbell To Wi-Fi?

It might occur that after recharging, your doorbell requires reconnection, you can follow the steps below to reconnect.

  1. Place the device into Access Point (AP) mode by press-holding the main button until it turns on the green and red LED, note, this lights will alternate.
  2. Log into your ADT app.
  3. Tap Menu.
  4. Choose Doorbell Camera.
  5. Tap Settings.
  6. You can start installation after you chose to add another doorbell camera.
  7. Follow prompts to complete installation wizard.

Conclusion on how to charge ADT doorbell batteries

This article provides the easiest process you will need to follow on how to charge ADT doorbell. And without any major snag, it should go perfectly well. That said, there might be a slight chance that after a period of time, the battery life might weaken. And then you would worry more about how to charge ADT doorbell, because it would be a constant problem recharging every now and then.

In such circumstances, it would be better if you were to contact a technician who could help you replace it with an replacement battery. They have professional know-how of how to charge ADT doorbell and will fix your doorbell problems.

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