How To Reset your Apple TV

This article will be discussing how to reset an Apple TV. If you own an Apple TV, you really should read through this. Devices often malfunction and need to be fixed, and one way to fix them is by resetting them.  

An Apple TV is a streaming media that you can plug into your TV,so it allows you stream apps (such as Netflix, Hulu, Xbox, PS4, Disney Plus etc) and watch your favorite shows and movies. The dope thing about Apple TVs is  that, they effectively turn any dumb TV into a smart TV.

In discussing how to reset an Apple TV, it is important that we understand what resetting means. Resetting is the software restore of an electronic device to its original system state by erasing all of the information stored on the device.

A keyboard input button factory reset is used to restore the device to its original manufacturer settings. Resetting, does the job of effectively erasing all of the data, settings, and applications that were previously on the device.

Now, resetting is a procedure that can be done on all electronic devices, but for this article, we are focusing on how to reset the Apple TV. 

How To Set Up Apple TV

If your Apple TV is new follow the steps below to setup your smart TV.

  • Plug your Apple TV into power and turn it on.
  • Choose your language and turn on Siri.
  • Continue Set Up with your iOS device by choosing ”Set Up with Device” and following the onscreen instructions or you choose ”Set Up Manually” for a manual set up.
  • Sign in with your TV provider.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Get Apps and start streaming.

How to Reset Apple TV

Why You Should  Reset Apple TV

1. Resetting is usually done in a bid to fix an issue with a device, but it could also be done to restore the device to its original settings. If you want to make your Apple TV feel brand new perhaps you want to sell it away or gift it to someone. Then resetting is all the magic you need to perform.

2.Restoring your Factory settings makes your TV perform better. When you reset your Apple TV, it becomes better for it because all clogged up spaces and not necessary data will be wiped clean, leaving the device free to take up new more useful data.

3.Your Apple TV becomes faster. In the light of not holding so much in its storage, the device responds to commands faster than before.

4. Helps in trouble-shooting measures. Troubleshooting is the process of diagnosing the source of a problem, and it does what a general health checkup does to the human body. It is used to fix problems with hardware, software, and many other products.

The basic theory of troubleshooting is that you start with the most general (and often most obvious) possible problems, and then narrow it down to more specific issues. In there somewhere, then you will find and fix the issue.

5.Data management. Like we said earlier, resetting your Apple TV allows you to manage the amount of data you have stored in your device. 

How To Reset an Apple TV

The option of resetting your Apple TV, comes in handy when the device is not functioning as should or having some glitches. So if and when you experience such, follow these simple steps to reset your Apple TV.

Meanwhile, there are different generations of the Apple TV, so we will give you a run down of how to reset each of them. We will also discuss how you can reset Apple TV using a computer. Stay tuned.

How To Reset  an Apple TV (2nd and 3rd Gen)

For 2nd and 3rd Apple TV generation below are the steps to take to reset them. 

  • Open your Apple TV Settings.
  • Click on “General.”
  •  Scroll down to and click on “Reset.”
  • When you click Reset, your Apple TV will ask you several times if you want to confirm this reset, because it will delete all settings and account information. Confirm your desire to reset twice.
  • Once the reset has started, your screen will go blank. Do not unplug your Apple TV while it’s resetting.
  • Once it’s turned back on you can begin the process of setting up your Apple TV(The process will be discussed much later in this article).

How To Reset an Apple TV (4k and HD)

Below are the steps to take to reset a 4K Apple TV and restore it to the factory settings or default settings.

  •  Open your Apple TV Settings.
  • Scroll and click “System.”
  • Scroll and click on “Reset.”
  • Confirm the reset.
  • Sometimes,  this process does not work on Apple TV 4K and HD. So, you might need some outside help.

    With Apple TV 4K, you should contact Apple TV Support. Then, with Apple TV HD, you can try resetting your device using your PC or Mac computer.

How To Reset an Apple TV Using Computer

You can also reset your Apple TV from your computer. For this method to work you need to follow the steps below.

  • Disconnect the power cable and the HDMI cable from your Apple TV.
  • Then, use a USB-C cable to connect your Apple TV to your PC or Mac computer. For a 2nd or 3rd generation Apple TV, use a Micro-USB cable.
  • For a 3rd generation Apple TV or Apple TV HD, plug in the power cord. For a 2nd generation Apple TV, leave it unplugged(Please endeavour to follow the guidelines as it applies to your Apple TV model).
  • If you have a PC with iTunes, open iTunes on your computer. Select Apple TV in the list of media sources, then scroll down to “Restore.”
  •  If you have a Mac with OS Catalina or later, open your Finder and select Apple TV in the sidebar, and then scroll to “Restore.”
  •  Once your Apple TV is finished resettings, plug it back into your TV and voilà!

Note:  If you just want to ordinarily reset your Apple TV, then that does not require an Internet connection and it is the fastest way to reset Apple TV but if you want to Reset and Update, this option returns your Apple TV to its factory settings and installs software updates, and it usually requires an Internet connection.

Once you reset your Apple TV, it becomes better for it, just as we have discussed some of the advantages of resetting Apple TV in the device already.

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