How to Reset Apple Watch when Locked Out

If you have an Apple Watch you would understand what it means to be locked out of your watch just because you can recollect your passcode or password. When this happens you would lose your data if the phone the Apple Watch is paired with isn’t available at the moment if you choose to reset the device.

However, if you are a novice, this article will guide you regarding how to reset Apple Watch when locked out, specifically when you are locked out and unable to access your Apple Watch due to a wrong passcode.

Resetting your Apple Watch when you are locked out of your Watch will back up your Watch to your iPhone IF the Watch is still paired with your iPhone/phone even when you are locked out. But, if the Apple Watch isn’t paired with any device you will not be able to get your most recent backup.

And of course, your Apple Activation Lock will not be disabled. To disable this you’d either pair the Apple Watch with the phone it was previously paired with or remove the Activation Lock via your iCloud account.

Reset Apple Watch when Locked Out

How to Reset Apple Watch when Locked Out

Here, we will lock at different ways to reset and unlock your Apple Watch if you can’t recollect the passcode and you are locked out. So, let’s consider this one after the other.

How to Factory Reset Apple Watch when Locked Out

Apple won’t just lock you out of your Apple Watch. However, you will be locked out of the Apple smartwatch after unsuccessful 10 attempts with the aim that you are not the owner of the smartwatch. So, if this is your case, by following the steps below you will learn how to factory reset Apple Watch when locked out when you can still remember your Apple Watch passcode but the device kept locking you out.

  • Launch the Apple Watch app.
  • Tap Passcode and then select Unlock with iPhone.
  • Switch on your Apple Watch and press the Digital Crown.
  • To unlock your Apple Watch, enter the passcode or use the Touch ID on your iPhone.

The steps above help Apple Watch users to unlock their watch whenever they are locked out after 10 unsuccessful attempts even when they entered the correct passcode.

Reset Apple Watch when Locked Out

How to Reset Apple Watch Password When Locked Out

If your Apple Watch is still paired with your iPhone you can easily unlock the watch via the settings app on your iPhone. However, the most important reason why using your paired device is recommended is no more than the recent backup that you will have access to on your iPhone.

Therefore, with the steps below, you will be able to reset your Apple Watch using your paired iPhone and at the same time, be able to restore the Apple Watch backup. So, this won’t erase your data unless the feature to back up your Apple Watch automatically is not enabled.

  • Lunch the Apple Watch app on the paired iPhone.
  • Navigate to My Watch >> General >> Reset.
  • Choose Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings, then agree (you may be prompted for your Apple ID password).
  • If prompted, choose to keep your current cellular plan.
  • The factory settings of your Apple Watch will be restored.
  • Once the process is completed, choose the prompt to restore from the backup.
  • After it is restored, you will be able to establish a new passcode.

While this will reset your Apple Watch you can easily restore your current backup as well with the paired phone.Reset Apple Watch when Locked Out

How to Reset Apple Watch Passcode When Locked Out

Whether you forgot your Apple Watch passcode or you do not have access to the paired device or both you can still reset your Watch to regain access to it. So, here you will learn how to reset Apple Watch passcode when locked out.

  • Place your Apple Watch on its charging stand.
  • Press and hold the side button until the Power Off screen appears.
  • Firmly press the Power Off slider (do not slide).
  • Choose the Erase All Content and Settings option.
  • The factory settings of your Apple Watch will be restored.
  • After that, you can now pair it with your iPhone, restore it from a backup, and set a new passcode.

Reset Apple Watch when Locked Out

Apple Watch won’t Unlock even After a Reset

What happens if your Apple Watch won’t unlock after you have successfully reset the device? That means you won’t be able to use your Apple Watch without a password. However, when this happens there are a few steps you need to take to bring back your Apple Watch to life.

So, to fix this you’d need to perform the factory reset on your Apple Watch one more time. By considering the THIS you will probably be able to revive your Apple Watch won’t unlock after a successful passcode reset.

Use your Apple Watch without a Password

Since it’s obvious that you cannot unlock your Apple Watch after unlock then you should consider using the device without a passcode for the time being.

To safeguard your Apple Watch during the first setup, Apple asks you to enter a PIN code. The watch recognizes that you must input your PIN into a tiny number pad to unlock it each time it is disabled. 

You only need to complete the following on one phone. You must keep your Apple Watch and iPhone together until the process is complete:

  • Launch the Apple Watch app and select the “My Watch” option.
  • After that, go to “General” and select “Reset.”
  • Tap “Erase Apple Watch Content and Configurations,” then tap again to test the sequence.

The steps listed above will help you in dealing with the Apple Watch auto-unlock not working properly.Reset Apple Watch when Locked Out

Let Your iPhone Come to Your Rescue

On the other hand, the Apple Watch is protected by several security features in case you decide to take the watch off. For instance, to protect your data, the Apple Watch will be key-locked with wrist detection enabled. Therefore, each time you want to do something and enter your passcode, you must wrap your phone around your arm.

It is not practical because of the Apple Watch’s little display. Thankfully, there is another method that is just as easy as using the iPhone to access the Apple Watch.

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Now, select Passcode.
  • Have you noticed the iOS toggle switch for unlocking? To enable it, give it a tap.
  • As directed, enter your wearable Apple Watch passcode.

That’s it! You are now ready. The Apple Watch will also be unlocked once you unlock your iPhone with Touch ID or a passcode. When you need to briefly turn off your Apple Watch, this is quite useful.

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