How to Reset Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Amazon Echo dot 3rd gen is a popular and better replacement both the 1st the 2nd generations with more features and easy to use buttons. However, the 3rd gen might become unresponsive at some points, and the need to reset the device will be a must. As a result of this, we’ll walk you through the whole process to reset Echo Dot 3rd gen by Amazon in this guide.

If you check through the internet, you will find out a lot of articles promising to help you fix your Echo dot device when it’s not responding only to find out that you will be prompt to subscribe. This guide is different from all the fake articles out there.

Knowing fully that you need to start using your Echo dot again, it’s important to clear out all the errors that are stopping the device from working perfectly.

When you do a factory reset of your Amazon Echo Dot, it clears all the settings you have made and return the Echo devices settings to default. The Echo dot default settings will mean that all your personal settings will be removed and reinstate all the device default settings.

At some point, you won’t need to use an app such as the Alexa to reset your 3rd generation Echo dot or the 1st gen. You can reset Amazon Echo dot when you press and hold a particular button in the device for some seconds, say 25 seconds. When you do this, you need to pay attention to the light shift from either red to green or another light color.

How to Reset Amazon Echo Dot 1st Gen

The Amazon Echo Dot 1st gen is the first release by the company. So, you are expected to improvise when you want to reset the device.How to Reset Echo Dot 3rd Gen

  • Switch on the Echo Dot 1st gen.
  • Get yourself Android “SIM” removal “PIN”.
  • Insert it into the “Reset” button.
  • Keep pressing it until the color turns orange.
  • Done.

With the approach above, your Amazon Echo Dot 1st generation will reset, and all settings errors will be deleted.

Echo Dot 2ND Gen Factory Reset

Do you own the 2nd generation of the Amazon Echo Dot? Here is how to do a factory reset of the device.Amazon

  • Make sure your Echo Dot 2nd generation is switched ON.
  • Hold both the microphone and volume down button together for 20 seconds.
  • Hold the buttons together until the color changed to an orange color.
  • Done.

The Echo Dot second generation by Amazon will reset to the factory settings instantly.

How to Reset Echo Dot 3RD without an App

The first approach to try when you want to reset your Amazon Echo Dot is without an app. So, we will consider that first.How to Reset Echo Dot 3rd Gen

  • Switch on your 3rd gen Echo Dot device.
  • Press and hold the “Action” button located to the left of the device for 25 seconds.
  • After 25 seconds, the ring in the action button will turn red.
  • Done.

Once the Echo Dot action ring button has changed to red, the device will reset back to normal. All personal settings will be overridden.

Echo Dot Won’t Reset?

What should you do when the Echo Dot won’t reset, or the light does not turn to orange light as expected. At some point, instead of the light to change to the orange, it may be appearing like the light is showing blue and teal.

  • Unplug the Echo Dot from the power source.
  • Remove the plug and try to change the adapter and power cord.
  • Remove your account from the device.
  • Sign in again.
  • Update the Echo Dot software.
  • Done.

If the above steps failed to fix the “Echo Dot Won’t Reset,” consider contacting Amazon Echo customer care representative for a replacement provided you bought the device new.

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