How To Reset Ecobee Thermostat

Let me begin by saying that thermostats are a necessary invention, which is why you need to know how to reset Ecobee thermostat in an event where you need to do so.

For some perspective, a thermostat, which is otherwise called a regulator, is a device that automatically regulates temperature or activates a device when the temperature reaches a certain point.

That is to say; thermostats can control heating or cooling devices by simply switching them on or off or systematically regulating the flow of a heat transfer fluid as needed to maintain just the right temperature.

Although thermostats are full-blown devices in and of themselves, they are also used as sub-components in some other devices. Your home appliances, such as air conditioners, ovens and refrigerators, and some medical and scientific devices, all host a thermostat in them. That is why they are able to do what they do.

Now, coming back to the main focus of this article, how to reset Ecobee Smart thermostat, we have to emphasize the fact that Ecobee thermostats is a smart thermostat because of the kind of features it uses, such as the voice control technology, plus it is compatible and can sync with many other smart home devices so it will work in almost any smart home setup.

A smart thermostat actually does a lot more than managing your home’s heating and cooling system. This is so because it is app-enabled and so allows you the liberty to adjust your thermostat remotely, provided your phone has an internet connection.

This is a big deal as you get to manage and control your heat, AC, and even other home appliances that you have synced with the thermostat, even when you are not at home. That’s some dope comfort!

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To be able to use the Ecobee thermostat, you have to first install it, and once installed, this state-of-the-art thermostat keeps your home temperature, humidity, and energy use at optimum functionality.

This article will cover; what comes in the box of your thermostat, how you can install the Ecobee app, when a reset of your Ecobee Smart thermostat is necessary, what you should know before you reset your thermostat, and lastly, how to reset Ecobee to reset Ecobee thermostat

What Comes In The Box Of Your Ecobee Smart Thermostat

  • The Ecobee Smart Thermostat
  • Backplate
  • Trim plate
  • Power Extender Kit (PEK)
  • SmartSensor
  • Screws and drywall plug
  • Cables
  • Installation guide(very necessary)

How To Install Ecobee App

Now, for you to be able to control the Ecobee Smart thermostat remotely either from your phone or tablet, the Ecobee app has to be installed in your mobile device, from which you will register the thermostat.

The Ecobee app can also guide you through the installation process if you choose to do it yourself, but we advise you call in a professional because the process can be quite technical. To install the Ecobee app, do these;

  • Download the Ecobee app on your device, which could be Andriod or iOS, then create an account, but if you already have an account, then just go ahead and log in.
  • Once that is done, the app will ask if you want Ecobee to look at your “Home Data.” (Note: Take note that this will only happen if you are using an iOS device.)
  • When you agree by clicking “OK,” then you have granted Apple HomeKit permission to connect with Ecobee. This is the first step toward using Siri to control your smart thermostat and the Home app to manage how you interact with your thermostat in HomeKit.
  • Next thing, Ecobee will ask you to enter your address. This is to enable the thermostat to display local weather reports, the correct time where you live, and other necessary information.
  • Voila! You are now at the app’s home screen. Here, you can either select “Add a device” in the center of the screen or click the plus sign at the top right of the screen.
  • Lastly, you can select the particular device you want to install, and the app will walk you through the entire installation process.

Why You Need To Reset Ecobee Thermostat

In case you are wondering why you would ever need to reset your Ecobee Smart thermostat, these are some of the possible reasons.

  1. When Wi-Fi is not Connecting: It could just happen that your thermostat is losing its Wi-Fi connection, and this could pose serious challenges until you reset your Ecobee smart thermostat.
  2. When Your Are Moving House: If you ever have need to move house, it is very likely you will want to take your thermostat along, so that is another instance where you will need to reset your Ecobee smart thermostat.
  3. When the Thermostat Is Malfunctioning: Like it is typical of devices, your thermostat could just malfunction, so performing a reset on the Ecobee thermostat could just be the best way out.
  4. If you want to sell your Thermostat: If you ever decide to sell your thermostat, then resetting it will be an option.

What You Must Know Before You Reset Ecobee Thermostat

There are some options you have available when you want to reset Ecobee Thermostat, so you will just have to the option most appropriate for what you want to do.

Reset Ecobee Thermostat to Factory Settings

Whenever you see the factory reset, just know it is such that it will completely wipe your ecobee clean and return it to factory default settings. This means factory reset will erase all your personalizations and configurations, rendering your thermostat brand new.

Reset Schedule and Preferences (Schedule Resetting and Preference Settings)

This option comes in handy when you only want to reset your schedule and preferences. Schedule and preferences include; the date and time, hold action, location, and temperature range. So you will not lose all information if you choose this option. Your account details and equipment configuratioN will still be intact.

Reset Registration (Registration Resetting): This option is necessary when you only want to change the email address or password associated with your ecobee without erasing your account, and it will not affect other settings like schedule preferences or equipment configuration.

How To Reset Ecobee Thermostat

We will give you the guided procedure on how to reset Ecobee thermostat for each of the options we discussed above.

How to Factory Reset Ecobee Thermostat

Below are the steps to take to do a factory reset on your Ecobee Thermostat to reset it to the default settings.

  •  From the interface of your thermostat, you will select the Main Menu option.
  •  Then, select the Settings option.
  •  From the Settings menu, you will see the Reset option in there, somewhere.
  •  Select the option labeled Reset All.

For a Schedule and Preference Reset of Ecobee Smart Thermometer

To schedule your Ecobee smart Thermostat reset, follow the steps below.

  •  From the interface, go to the Main Menu option.
  • Choose Settings
  • Just like before, select the Reset menu.
  •  Then, the Reset Schedule and Preferences will pop up. Choose that.

For a Registration Reset of Ecobee Smart Thermometer

  • From the interface, select the Main Menu option.
  • Navigate to the Settings menu.
  •  Choose the Reset option.
  • Select Reset Registration when it pops up. Follow the onscreen instructions to reset your email or password as desired.

So, this is a comprehensive and easy-to-grasp guide on how to reset Ecobee Thermostat to default settings or schedule your reset.

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