[Solved] : LG Freezer not Freezing

The LG freezer comes in different models and sizes. No matter the size of the model, your LG freezer is always prone to issues such as your LG freezer not freezing. If you are stuck with this problem. The first set of steps you should take is to unplug the Fridge from the power socket while waiting for a few minutes before plugging it back.

After doing this, you have to wait for 24-48 hours for the power to stabilize before the freezer starts working. 

If by then the freezer isn’t freezing or the Fridge isn’t cooling as it use to, you don’t need to fret. 

I will be walking you through the tried and true troubleshooting steps you should follow to resolve it quickly.

How to resolve LG Freezer not Freezing

how to resolve LG Freezer not Freezing

Below, I will be listing the 4 different ways to troubleshoot your LG freezer not freezing so stay tuned and read to the end as each troubleshooting step works depending on what has caused your LG freezer not freezing. 

Anyway, let’s ride on.

Change the Temperature Settings.

The unit temperature has to be set to an optimal value of 37 Degrees for the refrigerator. And 0 Degrees for the freezer. If yours is different, try adjusting it.

Placing Hot food in the Refrigerator.

While the temperature setting might be at an optimal value, placing extremely hot food in your refrigerator might make the refrigerator a bit warm since the heat will spread evenly across the fridge before getting cooler. You want to take notice of this.

Vents Blockage

The vents gush out cold air which is important for freezing the items in your freezer. In a scenario where the food items in your fridge are blocking the vent. It could make it harder for the air to circulate properly.

For a better result, you have to arrange the items in such a way that it’s not affecting the food vents

Verify the Door Sealing

Apart from the steps listed above, the door sealing is something you want to check. If the door isn’t closing well or food items are blocking it from closing. You ought to adjust that and make sure the door Sealing is well closed.

In a scenario where you’ve tried all the above steps with no positive response after 24-48 hours. Then you might need to get a repairman to come and check out your LG Freezer.

That said below are the Advanced troubleshooting steps if you are stuck with your LG freezer not freezing.

How to Fix LG Freezer not Freezing

advanced troubleshooting step for  LG Freezer not Freezing

Unless you have experience repairing High voltage electronic devices, you should get the services of a Repairman. 

That said, let us proceed to the advanced troubleshooting steps for your LG freezer not Freezing.

Defective Condenser Fan Motor

One of the first set of things you ought to check after trying the basic hard reset process is to check the fan motor if it is rolling freely. If it isn’t, try using your hands to roll it maybe it will pick. 

 If it doesn’t pick, then you might have a defective/broken fan motor 


You have to remove the old condenser fan motor and install the new replacement part.

You might have to contact the LG support team to get a replacement for the fan motor and also get it repaired.

Faulty Evaporator Fan Motor

In other cases, the evaporator fan motor which is usually stationed at the back section of your fridge could cease to work. if it does, it won’t be able to cool your freezer and refrigerator section. since it isn’t moving enough cool air.


Now, if your evaporator fan isn’t working, you should check the fan compartment and see, if it is noisy, stuck or it isn’t rolling. If it isn’t rolling, try spinning it. 

If it doesn’t move, then you might have to get a replacement for your evaporator fan motor. You can also check the fan blades for continuity to be double sure the fan isn’t faulty

Defective Inverter Linear Compressor

If your LG refrigerator is warm while your Freezer is cool in most cases the issue is caused by restricted airflow. However, if both are warm it could be the fan or the inverter linear compressor.

But in a scenario whereby the fridge is running fine, but the freezer isn’t cold, then the most likely cause of this is a faulty inverter linear compressor


Fortunately, most LG compressors have a 10-year warranty. This means you can contact LG customer services to get a replacement. 

Defective Compressor Start Relay

Just as similar as the inverter line compressor, the start relay works hand in hand with it. If the start relay is not working, it would affect the inverter compressor as it won’t work correctly.

You might not be able to lose this if you are not experienced with repairing fridges, but if you are you might have to move the fridge to a location where you will be able to access the back and use a multimeter to test if there is continuity between the start and run terminals.

If there isn’t then you might have to replace the replay

Dirty Condensing Coils

Your condensing coil contains a coolant which works to remove heat from the refrigerator’s air. While these could remove heat from the fridge’s inner compartment. If your fridge is getting hot either on the outside of the fridge isn’t freezing your food items then the condenser might be dirty or faulty 


  • Go to the back of your fridge and unplug the fridge from the power source.
  • Now check if the coils are dirty.
  • if they are, get a brush to clean off any form of dirt or debris on the coil.
  • Ensure that the coils are clean before turning on the fridge

Faulty Temperature Control Thermostat

The thermostat helps control the evaporator fan, condenser fan, and compressor. In a scenario where the thermostat is faulty, it will affect either of these parts.

You might not be able to ascertain if the thermostat is the one causing this issue until you’ve tried the troubleshooting steps above.

If you have here is how you can troubleshoot the thermostat


At the back of the unit, locate the thermostat and turn the knob and check if it clicks. If it does click, then your thermostat is faulty and needs a replacement. In a scenario where it clicks then the control board might be harbouring the issue instead.

LG Freezer not freezing ice cream

If you have ice cream in the LG freezer try placing it close to the air vent for best results. Placing it at the door might not freeze your ice cream as you might expect.

Freezer not working but Fridge is fine

If your LG freezer is running but the freezer isn’t working or let’s say it isn’t freezing the items inside it, then the most common cause for this is a faulty inverter linear compressor. The compressor is usually at the back unit of your fridge. Do not tinker with it if you don’t have experience repairing high voltage electronic devices, instead, call the service or a repairman as the compressor might be faulty.

LG Freezer not making ice

if your LG freezer isn’t producing ice, then your Ice maker might not be turned ON. Also, you need to ensure that the water line is connected. That said, you need to rest your freezer after doing this either manually or automatically

Why is my LG Freezer defrosting

why is my lg freezer defrosting

LG freezer defrost every 4 – 6 hours, however, you can turn this OFF by following the steps below

  • Remove the fridge from the power source and remove all food items from the ice bin.
  • Open the doors for 8 hours for the fridge to defrost.
  • Place towels around the fridge to soak up any excess water while the frost melts.
  • After 8 hours, remove any moisture that remains with a dry towel
  • Now, plug the unit back in and wait for 24-48 hours for the refrigerator to return to normal operation.

After the whole defrosting you need to ensure that you are not leaving the fridge open too frequently 

How do you reset the Freezer on an LG refrigerator?

If your LG freezer doesn’t have any rest button here is how you can rest it.

  • While the Freezer is operating, unplug the freezer from the power source. 
  • If you can’t reach the power source, you might want to trip off the circuit connected to the fridge.
  • After doing that wait for at least 5 minutes and then unplug

However, if you have FF or rf error code, you might need to wait for 8 hours before plugging the refrigerator back

Why is my Freezer not freezing but the Fridge works?

The most common cause for this is a faulty inverter linear compressor. The compressor is usually at the back unit of your fridge. Do not tinker with it if you don’t have experience repairing high voltage electronic devices, instead, call the service or a repairman as the compressor might be faulty.

How long does an LG freezer take to freeze?

A Working freezer should take a bit less than 5 hours to Freeze, the time may vary depending on the items and the temperature of the food inside the freezer.


By now you should have figured out how to deal with the LG freezer not Freezing. Since you are armed with all this information above, you want to ensure that before trying to touch any inner components of the freezer, ensure that you have unplugged the fridge from the power outlet or get the services of a repairman.

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