Best Pubg Mobile Emulator for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Pubg emulator is important to play PUBG mobile game on PC. Apart from the default Tencent emulator to download and play Pubg emulator on PC, there are some other popular Pubg emulators with good qualities that won’t shrink or make the 3D game graphic blur on your PC.

Once you PC meet the Pubg game requirement you can go ahead and download any of the follow Pubg emulator to play Pubg mobile on your PC.

These emulators are what most Pubg mobile players use on PC to play Pubg mobile on PC. The number of available emulators is numerous.

However, here we’ll present to you popular Pubg emulator to play Pubg mobile on Windows, Mac, and Linux computer.

Pubg Emulator for PC

Here are currently the best emulator you can use to play Pubg game on your PC. Feel free to make your choice after you have gone through them.

1. Tencent Emulator

Tencent buddy

Tencent is the default emulator to play Pubg mobile game on PC and download the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game and play it on PC without an external gamepad.

When you download Tencent emulator you are just a meter away from downloading Pubg mobile game. The Tencent provides an enabling environment to download and player the PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds game.

Here is how to install Tencent buddy emulator for Windows.

1. Go to Tencent buddy emulator website

2. Download the buddy installer to your download folder

3. Find the executable file and click on it

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4. Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the installation and launch the tool to install your Pubg game.

Note that once you open the Tencent emulator it will start downloading the Pubg mobile game.

2. BlueStacks 4.0 Emulator

Emulator download

BlueStacks emulator is the number emulator to download and use mobile apps, play mobile games on Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. This is yet another Pubg tool to provide an enabling environment for Pubg mobile players to download and player Pubg on PC.

The BlueStacks 4.0 emulator is the latest version of the emulator to provide a smooth environment to play different mobile games on PC including the Pubg mobile game.

If you are looking for another emulator different from the default Tencent emulator to play Pubg on mobile you should consider the BlueStacks.

Here is how to install BlueStack…

1. Hover to BlueStacks emulator’s website

2. Click on download and select your OS. If Windows select Windows and for Mac select Mac and so on.

3. The executable file will be downloaded and kept into your PC download folder.

4. Go to your PC download folder and install the emulator. Done.

5. Log in to your Google play store or iTunes account and download Pubg mobile.

3. Memu Emulator

Nox player

If the above-mentioned emulators are not best for you, Memu emulator will clear your doubt on the best emulator for PC to download and play Pubg mobile on PC.

Memu emulator is another must mention emulator like Bluestacks and Tencent to download Pubg mobile game for PC. This emulator is flexible and easy to use.

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You can download other mobile apps and games to your PC using memu emulator other than the popular Pubg mobile game.

If you have decided to use Memu PC emulator here is how to download it.

1. Go directly to Menu official website

2. Click on the download menu and click on your the download button for your OS.

3. Wait for the software to download successfully and install it on your PC.

4. Launch the emulator and search for Pubg mobile to download and download the game. You can also upload and install Pubg mobile APK for Android.

4. GenyMotion Emulator

Pubg mobile Emulator

GenyMotion is another Android emulator for PC to download and play mobile games and use mobile apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The emulator is popularly known for playing Pubg mobile game on PC.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur you can download GenyMotion emulator to play Pubg mobile game on your Windows computer. The emulator supports different OS versions including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10.1, Mac, and Linux OS of various versions.

Follow the procedures below to install GenyMotion…

1. Go to GenyMotion official website. You can search for it in Google

2. Click on download and download the latest version or new release

3. Go to your download folder and click on the GenyMotion.exe executable file

4. Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the whole installation processes.

5. Launch the emulator, login to your iTunes for Mac if required and the Google play store if the need be, and search to download Pubg mobile.

5. Nox Player Emulator

Best Android emulator

Nox player 6 emulator isn’t only one of the best emulator to Pubg mobile game it’s one of the best and most popular downloaded Android emulator to run Android apps on PC.

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The Nox 6 player can be used to stream music offline and online on your Windows, Mac, and Linux computer. As well as using as an emulator to download and play Pubg mobile game on your PC.

If you are looking for an emulator with features to easily control Pubg mobile on PC you should consider the Nox player.

6. Dolphin Emulator

Emulator for PC

Do you know the Dolphin browser? If yes and you are a fan you should also consider the Dolphin emulator an emulator that worth this mention. The Dolphin emulator works like Tencent emulator which is the default Pubg emulator to download and play PlayerUnknown battlegrounds game.

The Dolphin emulator works with a gamepad to control Pubg mobile on PC so you won’t have to stick to the PC keyword control to player Pubg mobile game on your PC.

So, if you have a gamepad you can download the Dolphin emulator to install Pubg mobile on your PC.

7. KoPlayer

Pubg Emulator

KoPlayer emulator is a multipurpose tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux users to play music, videos, and other playable media and run Pubg game on PC.

The KoPlayer emulator provides an additional feature to let you use the emulator with a keyboard on your PC screen. The emulator is best for soft touch computers.

KoPlayer supports multiple accounts and built on x86 architecture and run fast as expected. It doesn’t slow down your computer and it connects to the server instantly.

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