How to Reset LG TV with no Picture

It’s easy to reset LG TV than you think. With or without the LG TV reset PIN you can reset your LG TV after LG firmware update or before the firmware update with no picture. How to reset LG TV with no picture is without the use of your LG remote control. This is often done using LG TV buttons. So, if after your LG firmware update the TV screen greys out you may need to reset the device for it to work normally.

While it’s easy to reset your LG smart TV you need to understand that resetting the TV clears all personal customization including apps that are installed, personal settings including your LG TV network settings, saved screen saver, and all other personalization you have made on your LG TV.

How to reset an LG TV is like you want to refresh the TV and turn it to a new device where you clear the TV initial settings.

Therefore, if you are ready for this, here is a complete guide to clear LG TV with no picture.

How to Reset LG TV with no Picture

It’ll be hard to reset your LG TV if it has sound and no picture with remote. The only way to reset LG TV with no picture is without the remote because you will not be able to control your TV.

Therefore, the following steps are a suggested way on how to reset LG TV with no picture.

  • Unplug the LG TV with no picture from the socket for about 1 minute.
  • Detach the TV HDMI from the port and change it to an alternative port.
  • Re-plug the TV back to the power source.
  • Change the TV input from HDMI to the new input.
  • Done.

If the no picture error after the update is due to the HDMI port of previous port input this should fix it.

how to reset lg tv with no picture

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How to Reset LG TV with Remote

Follow the procedures below learn how to reset LG TV with a remote control in your hand.

  • Press the “Gear” icon on your LG TV remote. You can find this under the “TEXT” button.
  • Scroll down to “General” using the up, down, left, and right key.
  • Press the “Right” button and select “Reset to Initial Settings” and press the “OK” button on the remote.
  • A popup will appear with “all user settings and programme settings will be reset. Still continue” Use the arrow button to select “Yes” and tap “OK.”
  • Done.

You should see your LG TV restart and back to the welcome screen for a new set up. Now, set up the LG TV afresh and all customized settings should be deleted once the TV set restarted.

The how to reset LG TV with no picture removing the TV from the power source is different from the above method. That solves the issue of no picture due to input error after the TV firmware update.

However, to factory reset your LG TV you must clear the initial settings to refresh your TV and clear all personal settings

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