How to Reset your Lifx Smart Bulb

You can’t predict whether a smart home gadget will malfunction or not but with the reset option, you can restore your smart device to the factory or default settings. However, when it comes to how to reset Lifx bulb this article will put you through the steps to take.

Do you remember the Philips Hue smart bulb? The Lifx bulb has a similar feature. However, when it comes to how to reset a Lifx bulb, it could be because you want to connect the smart bulb to a new WiFi, or your Lifx smart bulb is going to have a new owner.

Whatever the reason you want to reset your Lifx smart bulb, this guide will put you through the steps taken to accomplish that.

The Lifx bulb provides the easiest way that can be followed to reset a Lifx bulb even as a novice. However, the limitation is that you cannot reset the Lifx smart bulb via the official app.

So, in this article, we will provide you with what to do to reset your Lifx bulb to the default or factory settings to be able to pair the smart bulb with a new WiFi or mount it in your new home.  Checkout how to reset your Reolink camera in this article.How to reset Lifx Bulb

How to Reset Lifx Bulb

The following steps will reset your Lifx bulb to the default or factory settings.

  • Turn off the Lifx bulb.
  • Turn on the bulb using the power button.
  • Repeat the on/off procedures about 5 times.
  • The Lifx smart bulb light will start flashing once the power cycling is completed.
  • Upon flashing the power cycle light, the bulb will be reset and unpair from paired devices.

Now, once the steps above are completed, your Lifx bulb will reset to the factory setting and unpair all devices. To start using the bulb again, launch the Lifx mobile app follow through to set up your Lifx bulb.

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How to Reset Lifx A21 Bulb

The process to reset the Lifx A21 smart is quite different from the steps above. However, If you possess the Lifx A21 smart bulb with a reset button, the steps below are what to do.

  • Switch off the Lifx A21 smart bulb.
  • Look around the bulb compartment to locate the reset button.
  • Switch the button to the reset option and leave it.
  • Switch on the A21 Lifx bulb.
  • Once the reset is done and the bulb is turned on, you will notice a couple of lights cycling the bulb.

It is worth noting that you don’t need to switch the reset button back before and after completing the process. If you need to reset your Lifx bulb A21 in the future, repeat the process, and the bulb will be reset.

How to Reset Lifx 1000 A19 and BR30

You can power cycle your Lifx 1000 A19, and BR30 to reset your smart bulb to default or factory settings.

  • Turn on your Lifx 1000, A19, and BR30.
  • Turn off and turn on and repeat it for about 5 times to power cycle the smart bulb.
  • The Lifx bulb will start flashing flash Red, Green, and Blue. Once it flashes white, it’s an indication that the bulb has reset.

The steps above will remove all configurations on the smart device, and you then need to go through the bulb set up.

How to Reset Lifx Bulb Color 800 A19 or LIFX White 900 BR30

If you possess either the Lifx bulb color 800 A19 or 900 BR30, the steps below will guide you through how to reset your Lifx bulb color 800 A19 and Lifx white 900 BR30.

  • Turn on and switch off the Lifx bulb color 800 A19 or Lifx White 900 BR30 5 times to power cycle the smart bulb.
  • Wait for about 5 to 15 seconds after the power cycle is completed.
  • After that, the Lifx bulb should flash dim warm white, medium warm white, and bright/cool warm white to show the device is resettings.
  • Once the dim warm white, medium warm white, and bright/cool warm white change to white, it implies that the Lifx bulb reset is completed.

With the steps above, you can reset your Lifx smart bulb to the default or factory settings.

Meanwhile, it is worth noting that after resetting your Lifx bulb, you need to set up the smart bulb because the reset will wipe off the initial setup.

How to Setup Lifx Bulb after a Reset

This article is on how to reset Lifx bulb 1000 with a new WiFi. However, after the reset, the initial smart bulb configuration will be wiped off. However, there is a need to set up your Lifx bulb after reset.

Therefore, if you are getting your Lifx bulb new or someone just gifted you the Lifx bulb, below are the steps to take to set up your Lifx bulb.

  • Download and install the Lifx smart bulb mobile app on your smartphone [Android or iPhone] or Window client.
  • Launch the Lifx app on your device, enter your email address, and click on “Get Started.”
  • Create an account if you are a new user; otherwise, sign in with your existing username and password.
  • Click on “Add Bulb” on the new screen.
  • Turn on the Lifx bulb and select “New Light.”
  • Go to your Settings on your phone
  • Choose WiFi and click on the Lifx Bulb Network from the list when detected.
  • If you see “Lifx Bulb” as the network and you are prompted to provide the password, enter lifx1234 as the default password. However, for the latest Lifx bulb firmware, you won’t be prompted for a password.
  • Once your phone is connected to your smart bulb, you are good to go.

However, this might take a few seconds before the smart bulb, and the smartphone are connected. Nevertheless, once it’s connected, you will see the smart bulb information on the bulb home.

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