How to Reset Sony Bravia TV without a Remote

Sony Bravia TV provides a handful way to reset the smart TV to factory or default settings. How to reset Sony Bravia TV in simple step is what we will share in this article. For various reasons you can decide that you want to reset your Bravia TV due to error during firmware update or due to the device black screen.

If the Bravia TV is unresponsive you may decide to reset it to fix the error. But, you will lose all personalized settings or customizations and all files that are stored on the internal storage will be cleared off the device and made new again.

Bravia TV reset deletes all third-party apps, delete folders from the devices, clear the smart TV cache, and reboot to a fresh start as a new device.

However, there are various approaches to smart Bravia smart TV to factory settings or default settings. So, here we discuss all possible means to take control of your Bravia TV with or without the remote to reset the smart TV to factory settings.

How to Reset Sony Bravia TV with Remote

Your Bravia TV LED remote provides the quickest possible means to reset Bravia TV. Meanwhile, this is best when you are using the official Bravia TV version remote you own.

Note: Please do note that when you follow this guide to reset your Bravia TV it will remove or delete all personal settings including apps that are downloaded and installed from a third-party store.

  • Unplug your Bravia TV from the power socket or junction box and leave it for at least 1 minutes.
  • Plug back the TV cable and the TV show turn on automatically. If not, repeat the process.
  • Press and hold the “Arrow-Up” button on the Bravia TV remote.
  • Press the Bravia TV power button while you still hold down the arrow-up button on the remote. For you to be able to reset your Bravia TV using this approach do not use the energy-saving switch at the bottom of the remote.
  • Bravia TV reset may flash on the TV screen depending on the Bravia TV model you are using.
  • Done.

Once the Bravia TV reset is completed the TV initial setup process you undergone will appear and will prompt you to set up your Bravia TV again since it has been reset to the factory settings.

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How to Reset Bravia TV

How to Reset Sony Bravia TV from Home

This is not how to reset Bravia TV without a remote. You need a working remote to navigate the TV settings to use this method to factory reset your Android TV. If your remote isn’t working you may need to get a new remote to use this method.

  • Switch on your Bravia TV
  • Press the HOME button on the remote control.
  • Scroll to Settings and select it.
  • Choose System Settings.
  • Select Customer Support.
  • Choose Factory Settings.
  • Select OK.

That is all you have to do to reset your Bravia TV when your TV is switched off.

How to Reset Sony Bravia TV without Remote

You can perform a factory reset Sony Android TV without remote if your remote control is not working if you can access the smart TV manual settings using the TV buttons.

To reset Bravia TV without remote control, locate the TV manual settings and use the volume button to navigate to system settings. From there, find your way to customer support and choose factory settings and select “OK” with the appropriate key.

While it’s easier to reset Bravia TV to factory settings using the remote you can also try the approach above without remote or when your Bravia remote is damaged.

Note: In the case where you Bravia TV don’t have buttons that can serve as the TV control, then, you’d need to rely on your Bravia remote to reset your Bravia TV.

For an easier method to reset Bravia TV without remote follow the steps below.

  • Unplug your Bravia TV power cord.
  • Press and hold both the TV power button and volume down together.
  • Now, plug the Bravia TV power cord to the power source.
  • The TV should switch on automatically.
  • Once you see the Sony logo you should let go the button you hold down.

Once the TV is done resetting you will notice that all personal customization and personalization will no longer be available. This is how to reset Bravia TV without a remote.

How to Reset Sony Bravia TV 2020/2021 Model

For newer Sony Bravia TV model such as the Bravia TV 2020 model or Bravia TV 2021 model follow the steps below to reset your new Bravia TV 2021 model.

  • Press the “Home” button on your Bravia TV remote.
  • Use the navigation key to choose Settings and select it.
  • Select “Storage & Reset.”
  • Select “Factory Data Reset.”
  • Choose “Erase Everything.
  • Choose “yes” from the pop.
  • Done.

When you select yes for your Bravia TV to reset, the TV may restart and might take a couple of minutes to complete the process.

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