How to Reset TWS Earbuds

As much as many users love the portability and the convenience that comes with using wireless earbuds, they are reliable to cause big issues irrespective of their small size once you encounter pairing or audio problems. This article will walk you through how to reset TWS earbuds with easy steps.

Wireless earbuds have transformed due to the development of Bluetooth technology into a very portable size and cordless form factor which is known as Term Wireless Stereo (TWS). Examples of this type of True Wireless Earbuds are AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Google Pixel Buds where there’s a single button located somewhere on the charging case.

Performing a factory reset on TWS earbuds will delete all previous pairing data and restore the default settings for the product. You may have several reasons why you need to reset your TWS earbuds such as pairing issues, the left earbud is working while the right one is not working, etc.

However, since the True Wireless Earbuds usually have 2 to 3 different parts, and because of the True Wireless Bluetooth technology complex connection mechanism, resetting the TWS earbuds can be quite challenging.

Here in this article, we have compiled the different methods on how to reset TWS earbuds. Read on as we unravel all you need to know to make your earbuds work again.How to Reset TWS Earbuds

Features of TWS Earbuds

TWS is the most recent innovation in Bluetooth speaker technology. TWS stereos connect to the main speaker via a smartphone or laptop, while the main speaker connects to the secondary speaker via Bluetooth signals. The following are the features of TWS earbuds:

  • They are very convenient and easy to use.
  • They have cable-free functionality which enables users to move freely around without worrying about cables getting tangled in the pockets or ripping on door handles.
  • Most TWS devices have a Bluetooth range of 30 feet while still maintaining a clear connection making them perfect for yard work or exercise.
  • TWS earbuds are also very easy to pair.
  • They have a 75% longer battery life than conventional wireless earphones.
  • TWS Earbuds provide high-quality stereo sound and a captivating audio experience.
  • TWS provides the left and right audio channels to the connected device singly by setting the left channel to the left earbud and the right channel to the right earbud.
  • When you use both earbuds, you will get a clear, crisp surround sound. However, with just one earbud, you will still get a complete audio experience.
  • The audio isn’t split, therefore it doesn’t sound like instruments and vocals are offered to separate earbuds.How to Reset TWS Earbuds

Why do I need to Reset my TWS Earbuds?

Different gadget issues can be fixed by factory resetting your Bluetooth earbuds. There are several reasons why you may need to reset your TWS earbuds. Some of them are:

  • Stuttering sounds due to unstable Bluetooth connection.
  • One side sound (or one side no sound).
  • Unable to connect error message.
  • Bluetooth audio lag (audio-visual not synced).
  • Sound is coming from the Left Earbud but no sound from the Right Earbud. 

If you are experiencing any of these problems, then a hard reset may be required to fix the issue.How to Reset TWS Earbuds

How to Pair TWS Earbuds

Although both L and R earphones are effectively paired before it leaves the factory. The Right earbud is usually the Main-headset by default, therefore you can connect with your Bluetooth devices directly. If these devices are not paired or reset to defaults, then you need to pair the 2 earbuds manually. Follow the steps below to pair TWS earbuds:

  • Press and hold the multi-function key or Air + of both earbuds for about 6 seconds to enable the Bluetooth pairing mode and connect.
  • Once it’s turned on, the L and R earbuds will connect each other automatically to the last associated phone and you will hear a sound from the R earphone with a voice prompt, “CONNECTED”, and the indicator lights of R earbud will flash blue and red alternately once it connects successfully with a voice prompt that says, “PAIRING”, while the blue indicator light of L earbud flashes slowly.

Now, you have successfully paired your TWS earbuds.How to Reset TWS Earbuds

How to Reset TWS Earbuds

Before going ahead to reset your TWS earbuds, go to your smartphone or computer’s Bluetooth Menu and forget the device you want to reset, if not you won’t be able to reconnect them afterward.

The True Wireless Earbuds can be reset in several ways. You can detect the pairing history by using a magnetic field (yup, a real field). Follow the steps below on how to reset TWS Earbuds:

  • Disconnect and delete the earbuds from your device’s Bluetooth memory.
  • Ensure that the earbuds are turned off
  • Manually turn off the status lights if they are on by pressing and holding the touch sensor on each earbud for about 3 seconds.
  • Once it’s turned off, press the button for 8 seconds to reset.
  • You will see a slight purple/lavender light blinking as a confirmation once the earbuds have been reset successfully.
  • Once the reset process has been completed successfully, you can place the earbuds back in the charging case to sync them back to each other.
  • Take the earbuds out of the case, by so doing, the Right Earbud should blink to show it’s ready for pairing.
  • Click on “The True Wireless Earbuds” within your device’s Bluetooth list to pair (You can follow the steps above on how to pair your TWS earbuds).
  • Once the earbuds have been restored to Factory Settings, you can tap the multifunction button to pair the two earbuds at the same time.
  • When you begin using the TWS Bluetooth earbuds, ensure the earbuds are close to each other.

If after resetting your TWS earbuds, the issue persists, then it is time to consider the hardware problem of the earbuds. You can go ahead to inform customer service about the issue so they can find a solution.

If they are unable to implement a solution, then the headset can be returned to the factory for repair. If none of these works, you should contact the manufacturer; if not, they should be able to provide you with the best solution. This is how to reset TWS Earbuds.How to Reset TWS Earbuds

How to Turn on TWS Earbuds

After resetting your TWS earbuds, you can turn them on your earbuds by following the steps below:

  • Simply long-press the power button on the right earbud for about 2 seconds.
  • The TWS earbuds will then turn on and connect automatically.
  • You will see a white LED light indication on each earbud that shows that they are ready for pairing with your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices.

Now, your TWS earbuds have been successfully turned on and it’s ready for pairing. 

This is how to reset TWS Earbuds. I hope you’ve been able to solve your TWS earbuds problems with the following steps listed above. Feel free to drop your comments and suggestions in the section below. 

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