How To Restart Your iPhone X Without Using the Screen

Restarting the iPhone X without using the screen, is not a thing a lot of people know how to do. But the truth is, restarting the device is one of the simplest things you can ever imagine. So if for some reason or the other, you can’t restart your device via the screen, then you are reading the right article.

How To Restart Your iPhone X

To restart your iPhone X without using the screen, there are three buttons involved. The first button is the volume up button [VuB], the second button is the volume down button [VdB], and the third button is the power button [side button]. We assume you can recognize all these buttons. But if you can’t, the volume buttons are the twin buttons on the left, when the device is upright and its screen is facing you. And the power button is the button on the right side of the phone.

How To Restart Your iPhone X Without Using the Screen

So to restart your iPhone X, you have to quickly press the VuB, then quickly press the VdB, and then press the power button until the phone restarts. And that’s simply how to restart your iPhone without using the screen.

Some Other iPhone Tips

Since you have been unaware of how to restart your iPhone X, before reading this article, then it’s possible you also don’t know some other important things about the iPhone X. Therefore, we take a look at some useful tips to restart your iPhone X

  1. How To Bring Back The Home Button

There are iPhone users who are very used to the classic home button — they find it hard using the iPhone X without this button. And if you’re one of such people, then you should know it’s possible to bring back this home button to your phone.

And to bring back the classic home button, all you have to do is to enable it under your iPhone setting.

To enable the iPhone home button, go to your iPhone settings. And under settings, find the General section. Then from the General section, locate Accessibility. Under Accessibility are a lot of things, but what you’re concerned about is Assistive Touch. So to bring back the classic home button, you only have to turn on the Assistive Touch.

  1. Faster Face ID Unlock

Many people are using the Apple Face ID to unlock their phones. But very little know how to use this feature like a pro.

For many people, when they pick up their phone, they wait a few seconds for the phone to unlock before swiping up, but doing so isn’t how pros the iPhone X. Rather than waiting for the phone to verify your face, pro users simply pick up the phone and swipe up immediately since the Face ID usually carries out it’s processing in the blink of an eye.

In other words, there’s no point waiting for the Face ID to unlock your phone before swiping up. The Face ID would do the unlocking before you realize anything, so why waste a few more seconds trying to see if your phone has already been unlocked?

  1. Battery percentage display

The Apple iPhone X runs the iOS 13 operating system. In other words, there are some things different about this phone in terms of software. And one of the things that’s different about this device is that its battery percentage is not displayed by default.

But even though the battery percentage of the iPhone X is not displayed by default, this doesn’t mean you can’t have the feature. And for people who’d like to have the battery percent displayed, all you have to do is to simply enable it under your phone settings.

  1. Epic Battery Saving

There are much-hidden treasures in the iPhone X, and one of them is the epic battery-saving capability of the phone. The phone ordinarily has an excellent battery performance, but the truth is that you can squeeze out double the battery performance you’re currently enjoying. And to get out more battery performance from this device, you only have to do the following:

  • Use a dark background
  • Invert color, to create a “pseudo dark mode.”
  • Enable Grayscale mode

The reason why this works is that when you activate the things listed above, the phone spends most of its time in a “pseudo dark mode.” And thanks to the OLED display featured by the phone, parts of the display don’t consume power when in dark mode. In other words, the battery only has to supply power to the pixels displaying colors other than black.

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