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How to Enable “Invert Colors” on Android Phone

Inverting colors on my Android phone is a few of the feature I hardly use on my phone and is popularly called “Invert colors”. Despite many people complained about insomnia and headache due to phone brightness I still don’t find pleasure using my phone night mode.

Invert colors or night mode on Android phone enables users to enjoy their phone at night and reduce phone brightness.

For those that are familiar with paintings, color inversion isn’t going to be new to you. So, for me, that doesn’t use photoshop often, that doesn’t photoshop my pictures, it will be hard for me to pay more attention to when colors are inverted on either my laptop or phone.

Meanwhile, I recently mistakenly click on “invert colors” on my Android phone I was like what is wrong with my Android? I was even thinking whether it’s time for the phone to get a new baby boomer but after a while, I discovered that the “invert colors” option was enabled and that was why all my phone screen color changed to paint-like.

For iPhone and iPad users, inverting colors on your OS devices might not be new to you but for Android users who started using Android from jellybean, you will likely have a knowledge of the core feature of Android OS and that the invert color feature is a new feature.

If it were to be like Android Nougat night mode the invert colors would be hidden. However, for Android Marshmallow and Android Lolipop, the invert colors option is located just before you access your phone settings immediately you swiped down the phone screen.

The purpose of the color inversion option on Android phone is to reduce the stress to use your phone on night mode if you don’t have the night mode application installed on your device to reveal your Android phone night mode option. Having said this, below are the steps to enable invert colors on an Android phone.

How to Enable “Invert Colors” on Android Phone

The procedure differs from phone to phone due to manufacturing configuration. However, for the family of Infinix phone and Tecno phone, you can follow the procedure below to invert your phone colors.

1. Swipe your phone screen

2. click on the settings gear icon

3. Scroll down and click on accessibility

Invert colors

4. Navigate the page downward and enable “color inversion

Invert colors

5. Toggle to enable the color inversion feature.

While this option will invert your phone color it may also affect your phone performance. However, if you don’t appreciate your phone performance after you enable this option to follow the same procedure to disable the color inversion.

Invert Colors Disabled Guide

Settings >>> Accessibility >>Color inversion, then toggle to disable. After you have successfully disabled the option you will observe that your phone performance will bounce back to normal. Meanwhile, you may have to restart your device to have a 100% performance.

Invert Colors on iPhone, iPad, and iPod

For iOS users, here is a step by step procedures to invert screen color on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on General.
  3. Tap on Accessibility.
  4. Turn On the option for Invert Colors — it’s under the Vision section at the top.

Now, the color will be changed from the default to the inversion color. This will affect your phone background color and photos.

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