How to Rotate Videos on iPhone

Capturing and producing moments is an ideal function of technology. With the movement and modernization of times, devices are being implemented to reduce stress and make life worthwhile.

 This explains why technology has rendered digital cameras obsolete, and it is possible to use your iPhone to create a video worthy of quality and professionalism.

Not only that, but you can also rotate videos on iPhone.  You do not have to bother yourself much about acquiring the latest digital cameras as your iPhone device has enough ground to give you top-notch quality.

A common error, however, is that in video recording, device users tend to record videos in vertical positions, making for less quality in videos thanks in no part to ugly black bars on the sides of clips.

There is a way this can be avoided- by simply rotating your iPhone to capture the best images you desire. We will take you on how to rotate videos on iPhone with this interesting read.

Putting into consideration that either for pleasure and ease of watching experience or for technical reasons, iPhone users might need to rotate a video to landscape mode, Apple provided some tools and features in its iPhone device to make this possible.

In recording videos on an iPhone, it is possible to make the mistake of shooting in a portrait instead of shooting in landscape mode. If you are not in the know prior to this, this error can be easily corrected on your iPhone device. There are certain editing tools on the iPhone, and it is simply a case of rotating your video using these editing tools in your Photos application.

The Photos application denotes a ready-to-go tool for video rotation, and there are other applications and the iMovie app to solve the problem. Whether using simple photo editing tools or the iMovie application, the key secret to a simple video rotating process is updating your iOS 13, which we highly recommend.

This article will take you through the how-to- steps in rotating a video on your iPhone using the editing tools and iMovie applications.

How To Rotate Video Using Photos

Whether the video is in landscape or portrait, here is your guide to rotate it on your iPhone.

Shows iPhone photo gallery

  • On your device, open the Photos application and locate the video you wish to rotate. Tap on it.
  • On the top right corner, hit the Edit icon.illustrates the crop tool icon for rotating video on iPhone
  • Tap the Crop Tool icon at the bottom.
  • If you want to adjust the angle of your video, swipe the ruler at the bottom.
  • Use the rotate icon at the top, which will enable you to rotate the video at about 90 degrees.
  • If you’re satisfied with what you have created hit Done right beside the Crop tool to save your video.illustrates the crop tool icon for rotating video on iPhone

That is how simple it is. Although, if you are searching for more or you are yet to upgrade to iOS 13, then you should read on for other alternatives we have found for you.

How To Rotate Video Using iMovie

The iMovie application is a video editing software that makes for ease in creating videos. Have the iMovie application installed on your device by going to the App Store if you do not have it.

  • Open the iMovie app, hit Create Project.shows how to rotate video on iPhone using the imovie app
  • Hit Movie.shows the hit movie option to proceed to rotate video on iPhone
  •  At the bottom of the screen, you will find Create Movie, Tap on it.shows the create movie prompt to proceed on rotating video on iPhone
  • To add video, tap the + icon, click video, tap All, double tap on the video you wish to rotate.rotate videos on iPhone
  • By now, you would have seen your choice video at the top.
  • Place two fingers or place a finger and a thumb on the video
  • Swipe left or right for rotation. You keep rotating till the desired goal is achieved.
  • Once the goal has been achieved, tap Done in the top left corner.
  • The upward arrow icon in the middle of your screen is the Share icon. With this, you can decide to save your video.
  • Do note that you can use the iMovie application to rotate and edit your videos as an extension in the Photos app earlier mentioned. To do this;
  • Launch the Photos app
  • Locate your desired video for rotation.
  • Hit Edit (located at the top right).
  • Hit the three ellipses in the circle at the bottom, select iMovie.illustrates the three ellipses at the bottom to hit after editing video
  • Hit Done to save in the Photos to rotate videos on iPhone

For alternative applications to rotate videos on your iPhone device, you can check out the App Store for applications like Video Rotate & Flip, Twister, Square Video, Video Slimmer, And Video Swivel for your video rotating experience. Do note, though, that applications like these sometimes lead to the proliferation of advertisements. So it is advised to either stick to the basic video rotation feature provided by Apple in the Photos app or use the iMovie process in rotating your videos on iPhone.

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