How to Set Up Google Parental Controls on Play Store

Google parental controls are the best way to protect what your kids buy and access to your smartphone. The Google parental controls offer a free and premium way to lock out your children from your phone using either a PIN or pattern on your phone. In this article, I’ll share explicit everything you need to do to ensure you have your full parental control set up on your Google play store account.

When you buy a smartphone as a parent you don’t expect your children or cousin not to use it. Even with password, pattern and PIN lock, your children will still go ahead to find a means to unlock the phone so as to use it, most especially if you have some games for kids.

And of course, if their favorite game is not installed on the phone they can go ahead to Google play store to download and install it and even hide the game from you as the owner of the phone.

However, there is a quality control measure in Google play store called Google parental controls that help you as a parent to restrict your children access not from using your phone rather from using Google play store without your consent.

If you don’t want to be blunt to the truth you will love to shape what your children read and watch online, most especially in this 21st century where everything is accessible for free online. With that in mind, there is a series of parental control on Android phone, in fact, smartphone generally.

While the use of a various password may not be satisfactory enough to lock your kids out of your phone so that you will not be appellate a bad parent, using password as a parental control on your Android phone could earn you hatred from your kids’ eyes.

However, the best way to outsmart your kids is to your Android parental control either with the use of an app or using website settings to block some sites from being access by your children.

So, here today, I will share with you the practical way to use Google parental controls as found in play store settings to control your children access to Google play store to download apps & games when they are not asked to.

What is Google Parental Controls?

Google parental controls are basic idea behind restricting what your children have access either on the internet or at home.

This sometimes requires the use of a password to lock sensitive information that can prompt questions from the kids or doubt of what could possibly be happening. With the use of parental control at home or on the internet you indirectly pay for a peace of mind.

The internet parental control measure has to do with blocking some websites or IPs on your device or your child device so that they would not be able to access it.

The same parental control mindset goes for Google play store parental control as a way to control your children access to Google play store.

However, if you are having a hard time achieving this with Google play store, here is a simple way to set up a Google parental control in play store.

How to Set Up Google Parental Controls on Play Store

Google offers a simple and direct access for parents to control what their children do with their Google Play store account like downloading games, buy apps and games without their permission and all sorts of tasks that their children may want to use their phone for as regards to Google store.

1. Go to Google Plus app on your Android phone and login to your Gmail account if you are not logged in already

2. Click the three horizontal line to the upper left and click settings from the options

Google parental controls

3. Scroll down to user control and click parental controls

Google parental controls

4. Toggle to enable parental controls and enter your account lock PIN and click OK and enter the PIN again to confirm it.

Google parental controls

5. Click Apps & games under set content restrictions once the parental control option is enabled

Google parental controls

6. Select your restriction from the option and click save!

Google parental controls

Now Google parental controls are enabled. However, to fully secure the route to your play store purchase by your kids you need to set up a restriction on what they can do with play store on your phone.

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