How to Share Your Screen on Facebook Messenger

To share your screen on Facebook Messenger, you need to follow the instructions in this article, and you will be able to that as a pro.

Facebook Messenger is continually trying to improve its game and compete with the big boys in the video conferencing industry. A recent update added the much-needed functionality to share your screen with the other person! Although the desktop version of the app already had this feature, it’s nice to see that it shows in the mobile app, as most users use the mobile app to communicate.

Facebook’s Messenger chat platform added screen sharing for iOS and Android mobile devices and expanded video chat capabilities. Many people in the US continue to work and connect with the United States as coronavirus cases. With additional screen sharing for Messenger video calls and Facebook’s new video chat platform, Messenger Rooms, Facebook can compete better with popular services like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

With Messenger’s new phone feature, you can instantly share your screen with friends and family, whether you’re making video calls with up to eight people or chat with up to 16 people with Messenger Rooms. You can also share the screen in messenger rooms on the web and the desktop. According to a Facebook post, the exchange with up to 50 participants, the current maximum in newsrooms, is coming soon.

According to Facebook, it’s easier than ever to scroll through photos, surf social media, or shop online with friends. The company will shortly add room builders’ ability to determine whether to limit the ability to share the screen only with themselves or to make it available to all participants in the call.

Screen sharing is now available worldwide in the latest versions of Android and iOS apps, desktop apps, and the web version of Messenger.

Here is almost everything you may need to know about the new screen sharing feature in Facebook Messenger.

Originally born in the Facebook app, Facebook Messenger took on its form in 2011. Since then, the app has been top-rated with more than one billion downloads by people around the world, as proved in Google play store. Messenger is known as a video conferencing, and instant messaging application that uses your Facebook friends list to create a contact book.

Facebook Messenger recently introduced a feature called “spaces” to compete with its competitors in the market. This is a video conferencing feature that lets you add up to 50 people to chat at the same time!

What is Screen Sharing?

As the name has suggested, screen sharing is a feature that allows the user to share the live content of their screen with others through a video call. Just as other apps like Zoom and Google Meet have had this feature for some time, Facebook only introduces it in its Messenger app. Screen sharing capabilities in video conferencing applications are expected, particularly for presentation purposes.

It should be noted that screen sharing itself is not a problem. However, you should make sure that no personal information is available on the screens you share or share. Once screen sharing is activated, callers can see every move you make on their phone screen. When you see something on your screen, you can also see the people you share your screen with.

How do I use the screen sharing in Facebook Messenger

You can use the screen sharing feature in both the Facebook Messenger mobile app and the Windows app. The function can only be activated if you are participating in a video call. This way, you can use the screen sharing feature on Facebook Messenger.

Share your Screen on Facebook Messenger Using On the PC

Start the Facebook Messenger application on your PC and log in with your Facebook credentials. Start a video call with someone from your contact list now. Click on the camera icon to start a video call.

How to share your screen on Facebook Messenger

The screen share button is in the lower area.

How to share your screen on Facebook Messenger

You can choose which part of the screen you want to share (full screen or specific window). If you select a particular window, nothing will be shared outside of the windows on your split-screen. Even if you open other apps, the split-screen only shows the window you selected initially.

How to share your screen on Facebook Messenger

To stop screen sharing, click the screen sharing button once more.

Share your screen on Facebook Messenger Using iPhone or Android Devices.

You may also share your screen while using the Facebook Messenger mobile app. To do this, start the app and select a person to start a video call. Press the video button to start the video call conversation.

How to share your screen on Facebook Messenger

Now from the bottom of the screen, swipe up. Under Shared Activities, tap Share Screen. As soon as you change apps, the screen is released. You can also press the start button to minimize the messenger app and share your screen.

Tap the floating video and return to the call to stop sharing your screen at any time. Select “Stop sharing” to prevent screen sharing as the call is in progress.

How to share your screen on Facebook Messenger

Screen sharing is an excellent way to show someone what is active on their screen instead of taking and submitting screenshots. Always make sure that confidential information is hidden before you share your screen. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments below.


Facebook is launching a new central privacy settings area, also where users can quickly access App Lock, blocked people, and more.

The social network is also working on new controls that allow users to choose who can notify or call them directly, switch to the message request folder, and not send or call messages at all.

Facebook is also testing a feature that encrypts the pictures in the message request folder, so users don’t have to see photos of people they don’t know before responding or blocking or reporting an account.

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