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13 3D Games That Don’t Need WiFi to Play

There are some cool games that don’t need WiFi to play. All you need to download them, install them, and launch to play them. You only need WiFi or a mobile connection to upgrade. However, as a game addict, I have compiled some games that don’t need a WiFi to play on both Android and iOS devices.

If you are a game addict you will know that there are a few numbers of games on Google play store that don’t need a WiFi or internet connection to play.

Although, it is not all games that require an internet connection to play. Some 3D games that don’t need WiFi to access the full functionality of the list of games that will be discussed today. Everything is offline. These type of games are called no WiFi games. These games are classified as the best offline games for Android.

If you need just game with no or little fun you can go with 2D games but in this technology age, 3D video games are fun to play with quality graphics and effects, here is a complete list we have tested and used.

However, while scouting for games, don’t always go for a game that needs internet access to play. With a game that requires internet access to play, it implies that you cannot play a video game that needs WiFi to play without an internet connection. That is, No WiFi no game.

Therefore, here are the best games you can play without a WiFi or an internet connection.

3D Games That Don't Need WiFi to Play

3D Games That Don’t Need WiFi to Play

These games are no WiFi free games for Android phones. You neither WiFi nor mobile connection to play them.

Here are some of the best no wifi games for Android devices.

Flying Fury Dragon Simulator

3D Gmaes That Don't Need WiFi

You don’t need WiFi to play the flying fury dragon simulator 3D game. All you need is download the game, practice to master all the require dragon skill to do a long away. It requires a bit of skill though.

It’s you and the dragon, flying with your wings and do everything to escape the dragon fire to move to the next level. For more information check out dragon simulator 3D game.

Subway Surfers

3D Games that Don't Nedd WiFi

There is no WiFi required to play subway surfers 3D games from level 1 to the level you could no longer proceed again.

To stay long in the game in each level, you need to find to outsmart the obstacles on your way, collect almost all the coins on your way going if not all coins so you can easily buy some kits to smoothen your ride.

If you want to have a taste of 3D subway surfers check out the latest update in play store.

Find The Difference

 3D Games That Don't Need WiFi

This game requires a very high level of intelligence and ability to spot a difference when two items which are juxtaposed.

Despite that the game doesn’t need WiFi to test run you, it has everything in place to test your level of intelligence whether you can easily spot a difference in the same item with a little difference. This game is a game for the undercover, FBI, EFFC and the likes.

If you need games you play with no WiFi yet require a high level of intelligent quotient to play you should consider “find the difference” 3D game for Android.

Bike Race Free

 3D Games That Don't Need WiFi

Do you want to try you riding expert? Then, walk away with the bike race free game to have a test of your riding experience.

Do not expect a smooth ride here friend as you will fall and fall. In the game, you are expected to run tons of tracks successfully without falling off the track and without falling off the bike.

Can you ride? Check out the bike race free 3D game. You don’t need an internet connection to play either.

Color Switch

 3D Games That Don't Need WiFi

This game is simple yet technical. Firstly, know that it’s a no WiFi game from the start and finish at any level in the color switch game.

The game presents you a series of color and expects you to switch the entire color until you have a complete color combination in each section

Do you remember how to play Rubic Cube? The color switch 3D game has the same mindset but less complex compared to the Rubic cube.

Beat MP3

3D Games that don't need WiFi

This is for a music lover to create a perfect of music using the available beats. For me, I’ll definitely run off-beat playing this game. The last time I checked I wasn’t good as an instrumentalist.

The game requires an understanding of how to play music instruments to win a certain level very fast.

Although, it is fun and you can blend your skill playing the game. However, you need to be extraordinarily careful to beat a computer while playing.

One More Brick

3D Games that don't need WiFi

You don’t have to be a bricklayer or a civil engineering student to play this game. The game is a little bit tricky to play though but from the start, you will have a glimpse of how to beat the dropping brick to make a wall.

If you have an internet you can play a brick wall game using the internet yet, this is one of the 3D games that don’t need WiFi to play.

Fruit Ninja

3D Games that don't need WiFi

The ladies love to play this game because of the fun. I once caught my lecturer playing it back then in school. She was so carried away trying to cut the fruits and try not to cut the atomic bomb at the same time.

The fruit Ninja game is a smart game for a superman to cut a certain number of fruits to move to the next step. However, an encounter with bombs can ruin the level. So, be careful if you choose to go with Fruit Ninja.

Candy Crush

3D Games that don't need WiFi

The Candy Crush game is one of the 3D games that don’t need WiFi or an internet connection to play. The Candy Crush 3D game is a puzzle game with millions of active player both online and offline. It is one of the best play store apps with good numbers of rating.

So, if you are not playing 3D Candy Crush game you are missing a lot in the world of video game. Do you want to try Candy Crush? Check out the latest version here.

Block! Hexa Puzzle

3D Games that don't need WiFi

If you can remember the Tetrix video game and played it when it was rocking the market. Then, Block! Hexa puzzle should be a choice without coaxing you.

Do you need WiFi to play this game? No! Black! Hexa Puzzle is one of the few games that don’t need WiFi and mobile internet to have full access.

Sonic Dash

3D Games that don't need WiFi

Sonic Dash is of the popular video games that do not WiFi or data to play. Everything you need to play Sonic Dash is built for offline play. If you have a passion for good graphics with a touch of different colors and different character you should consider Sonic Dash.

While you don’t need to think about an internet connection just get the 3D video game and enjoy the colorful character.

 Bus Rush

3D Games that don't need WiFi

This is yet another one of the best 3D games that require no WiFi to play. The app does not require a byte to start. And neither do you need to connect to phone data or WiFi, whether private or public to play the game.

In the game of bus rush, a baboon breaks its cage due to frustration and start to run after you to take you down. Not only that, angry property owners, car driver, are on the way to crash you down and at the same time, you need to rake some coins to survive to buy more speed, skateboard, etc.

The game does not require an internet connection to play. All benefits are free and are available when you launch the app. For more information on the bus rush video game check this page.

Word Cookies

3D Games that don't need WiFi

This video game is for genius and does note that it is a no WiFi game or an internet connection to play. The word cookies is totally an offline game you can play without going online. However, going online while playing the game will popup ads since the app is in-purchase app. So, is one of the games that don’t need WiFi before you can play it.

However, the limitation of this offline game is that you are suck when you can’t complete a level and your coins are exhausted. Of all the list of 3D games that do not need WiFi to play, the word cookies are one of them that require high intellectual level

The word cookies’ game gives a set of alphabets and asked you to join other words from it as much as possible. For a beginner, you start with 2-letter words. Novices, 3-letter words. As the level increase, the word becomes tedious to phantom out.

The word cookies 3D game is of different types and version. However, for the best word cookies’ game check out here.

In conclusion, I have played all these 3D video games as at the time of writing this article and none require WiFi to access full functionality.

These are the games that don’t need WiFi to play. All you need to do is download your favorite and enjoy the fun offline. Also, if this list misses your favorite no WiFi free games kindly use the comment box for your suggestion.

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