How to Fix Netflix Error Code

We have got more than enough Netflix error codes to fix in this post. We will name the error code, and explain the effect you might experience while watching movies on Netflix.

The error code includes Netflix error code 40104 and title error while trying to play movies on the platform.

Netflix Error Code 7361-1253

7361-1253 is an external error code resulting from a poor network connection when your computer cannot connect to Netflix service while you are streaming on the media platform.

When there is a barrier blocking your computer from connecting to the Netflix server it returns Netflix error 7361-1253 and displays it on your computer screen. Meanwhile, when this happens, there are a few solutions available to fix or troubleshoot the error message.

Therefore in this guide, we will start with the causes of the error code 7361-1253 on Netflix and then proceed to guide you with the approach to take to tackle the error message.Netflix error code 7361 1253

Causes and Fix to Netflix Error Code 7361-1253

Here are the reasons why you are unable to watch videos on Netflix because of error 7361-1253 result from a poor internet connection between your computer and the Netflix server/service.

  • Outdated Google Chrome Browser

Your Netflix will return error code m7361-1253 if the browser is outdated. This is common with the Chrome browser. To fix this on your Chrome browser, update to the latest release.Chrome Update

    • Launch your Chrome browser.
    • Click on the “menu” option located to the top-right.
    • Select “Help” from the drop-down.
    • Click on “About Google Chrome”.
    • Wait for the browser to finish the update.
    • Restart the browser.
    • Done.

Now, the error code on your Netflix account while streaming is caused by an outdated Chrome browser this will help to solve the problem. Otherwise, proceed to the next causes and solutions.

  • Insufficient Computer MemoryNetflix Error code m7361-1253

If your computer suffers from insufficient memory it can result in error using the Netflix app on your computer or streaming movies on Netflix from your computer. Therefore, we advise to limit the list of startup apps on your computer.

    • Right-click on your computer taskbar.
    • Select “Task Manager”.
    • Click on “Startup”.
    • Select software that you do not use on startup.
    • Click “Disable”.
    • Done.

Now, restart your computer and try to stream the same movie again on your Netflix account. And in some cases, restarting your computer fixes the error code on your Netflix.

  • Disable/Enable  Hardware Acceleration

The error code M7361-1253 could be caused by poor graphic experience with your browser. This could affect your streaming with Netflix. However, when this is happening, what you should do is to disable and re-enable the graphic hardware acceleration on your browser.

    • Open the Chrome browser.
    • Click on the menu option.
    • Select “Settings”.
    • Click on “Advanced” to the left side.
    • Scroll down to “System” and “Use hardware acceleration when available”.Netflix Error code m7361-1253
    • Close and open your Chrome browser.
    • Done.

Go back to the video on Netflix to stream to confirm whether the error code M7361-1253 has been cleared.

  • Clear your Browser Caches

Excess Netflix caches on your browser can result in error m7361-1253 code while attempting to stream. Therefore, you should consider clearing your browser’s caches an option. But, if you can’t afford to lose all data or caches on your browser you can just clear only the caches that associated with the Netflix app.

Each browser has a different approach to clear its caches. It depends on the browser that you are using. Therefore, we will recommend the following guide to clear caches on your browser.

Netflix Error Code ui3012

Netflix error code ui3012 primarily occurs as a result of interference between weak Wi-Fi signal strength, the extensions, and addons on your browser as well as restrictions related to your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Fix Netflix Error Code ui3012

Below are 6 steps to take to fix Netflix error code ui3012 while streaming.

1. Check Internet Connection to fix error code ui3012

Before proceeding deeper into the steps to take to fix the error, first of all, make sure you check your internet connectivity to affirm that you have an internet connection that is stable and working effectively.

2. Restart your Network

There could be a glitch in communication between the Netflix server and your device network. This, therefore, can cause a Netflix error code ui3012 to display. Therefore, if you are sure your internet connection is good enough, restart your network device or equipment. This could be a modem, router, or something different as the case may be. To this, follow the steps below:

  • Turn off your computer as well as your modem/router.
  • Unplug your modem/router from the power source.
  • Wait for about before plugging back in and powering it on.
  • Make sure you wait for the lights of the modem/router to be stable.
  • Switch on your computer system and check if the Netflix error code ui3012 has been cleared. Netflix should be working fine. If not, no worries, there are more steps to try, and one will definitely work for you.

3. Improve Wi-Fi strength to fix Netflix error

If the signal coming from your Wi-Fi is not strong enough, it will affect your internet connection, which would, in turn, cause Netflix error UI3012 to display on your screen. To improve your Wi-Fi signals, follow the steps below:

  • Move your device much closer to your Wi-Fi router.
  • If there are any electrical or magnetic interference, remove them. These interferences could be televisions, phones, and microwave oven that are in the same room in which your Wi-Fi is located. If itis impossible to remove these items. Turn them off.
  • Your Wi-Fi router should be placed at a height of about 3 to 4 feet. In addition, the area around it is empty in every direction.
  • Netflix should be working fine now, but in case the error ui3012 has not been cleared, use an Ethernet connection from your modem.

4. Disable Your Browser Extensions

While it is true that the add ons and extensions of a browser bring more functionality, in cases like this, it is the enemy, and you will need to get rid of all extensions. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Open Firefox browser
  • Click on the three vertical bars at the top right corner.
  • Select Add-ons.
  • If you suspect a specific add on, find it and toggle the switch, so it is in an off position. In case you do not know which to disable, disable all.
  • Check to see if Netflix is working, and the Netflix error code ui3012 has been cleared.

5. Change your network to fix Netflix error code

If problems persist, change your network. Internet Service Providers make use of a host of diverse protocols to control web traffic to ensure the safety of their users. However, while doing this, they block network access to resources needed by legit applications. Therefore, to get by this problem, the best thing to do is to change your network. In cases whereby there are no other networks available for you, it is a good idea to switch to your phone’s mobile hotspot.

Check to confirm if Netflix error code UI3012 has been cleared.

6. Reset Your Network

Over time, it is possible that has a user you have made some custom changes to your network that you may not be aware of or you may have forgotten. In addition, the use of a proxy server or VPN causes a lot of problems regarding internet connectivity. All these could cause the Netflix error code UI3012 to display.

Therefore, you will need to reset or restore your network to default in order to get rid of the error code. You will as well need to disable the VPN/proxy you are using. Follow the steps below to reset your network:

  • First, turn off your VPN or proxy.
  • Search for “Network Reset” on your computer. Click Network Reset in the result.
  • Tap confirm in the prompt to reset your network.
  • Restart your system.
  • After restarting, check and Netflix error code UI3012 would have been cleared.

Netflix Code Error 40104

Netflix error 40104 is one of Netflix’s most common errors which is why it is normal that you run into it once or twice during your subscription.

Causes of Netflix Error 40104 

  • The Netflix server may be down and not responding. Yes, the problem is not always from your end. The Netflix server may just be down and in such a scenario, you would only need to wait it out. If you are not sure if the Netflix server is down or not, you could try opening a friend’s Netflix app to see if it’s connecting.
  • Also, the Netflix error 40104 displays when there’s an issue with your device’s network connectivity
  • The Netflix error 40104 will also occur if you attempt or try to Airplay a downloaded title.
  • Your Netflix application may be out of date. It might not always be problems with an internet connection. Your software may simply be out-dated.

Now that you know why you are getting this error message, how then do you solve it and start enjoying your shows ASAP?!

How to Fix Netflix Error 40104

Follow the steps below to fix the Netflix error 40104 on all your devices.

1. Restart your Device

This is the conventional and most common way of fixing any error and the Netflix error 40104 is no different. So before you start doing anything serious, just switch your device off and on again to refresh. Let your device stay switched off for about 10 to 20 seconds before switching back on. Then reopen your Netflix app once your device is back on.

2. Check your Internet Connection

After powering your device and reopening your app and while streaming your video content, the Netflix error 40104 reappears again, the next step is to check your network connectivity. Do note that should in case you are streaming from a Hotel, Business Place, University, or some other public places using a public network, it is possible and very likely that the network administrator has disabled the network’s access to all streaming services which includes Netflix. Therefore, your Netflix app will not connect.

However, if this is not the case or you are using a home network, you need to check your internet connectivity on your device.

3. Download the Title again

If there is nothing wrong with your internet connectivity, and you are still getting the Netflix Error 40104, you need to download the title too, if you have before, you need to download it again. This is because in some cases, your downloaded video content may have expired and you may have missed the notification.

4. Switch off Airplay

Another step to fix the Netflix error 40104 is to turn off Airplay. The following are the steps to turn off Airplay:

  • Search for Airplay after opening the Netflix app
  • Click on the device from the list displayed.
  • Open your Netflix app and continue watching your video. Netflix error 40104 would be fixed already.

5. Reinstall your Netflix Application

If the error persists, it could be as a result of an old version being used and you may need to reinstall to get the latest version of the software if your application does not update itself automatically.

NB: When you delete your Netflix app, titles that have been downloaded on that device will also be deleted. As a result, it is possible your Apple ID and password will be required in order to reinstall the app once again.

If you have followed all the steps listed above, one of them would have worked for you and you will be able to fix Netflix error code 40104. You can now enjoy watching and streaming all your favourite video content on Netflix.

Netflix Error 11853

Netflix 11853 error could prevent Netflix from working.

How to Solve Netflix Error 11853?

The troubleshooting steps that we are going to discuss will be based on how you can resolve the connectivity issue. Here are some of the steps that you can follow to fix this error.

  • Connect to Another Network

What you need to do is to first try to connect to another network. This is for you to check if Netflix works or not. If it does work, then the problem is with the particular wi-fi connection. If it does not connect to the other network, however, then there is some other problem that is creating error -11853. Follow these steps to connect to another wireless network.

  • First, press and hold the home button of your TV to go to the home screen.
  • Navigate to settings.
  • Next, select the network option in the settings.
  • Choose the network and select to connect to it.
  • Once you are connected, then check if the error 11853 is fixed.

If you are unable to connect to a network, you can try to contact the experts who will render technical assistance in solving the issue.

  • Force Close the Netflix App

At other times, you may just have to force close the Netflix app so it can help in resolving any errors. Force closing the Netflix app means you will discontinue the Netflix app and then you open it again. Follow these steps to force close the Netflix app.

  • First, locate the interface that displays all of the open apps.
  • Next, locate the running Netflix app.

In this step, you will have to force close the running Netflix app by swiping up. This will also close any other running operation on Netflix.

  • Next, open the app from the home screen and try to check if the problem is curtailed or not.

Restart the Device

It sounds too easy, yes, but restarting the app can resolve several issues. So, it becomes one of the easiest ways to fix many problems. All that you need to do is to

  • turn off the device and the power.
  • Then, after that turn it on again.
  • Next, wait for a few minutes before you turn it on. This should help in solving many problems.

Try Re-installing the Netflix App

This comes as the last option if you have tried all of the steps that have been mentioned above but you still find that nothing is working in your favor. Try the following steps to re-install your Netflix app.

  • First, make sure the network is apt and runs smoothly.
  • Try to reboot the wireless network or try switching to another network to avoid an issue.
  • Next, restart the device.

If you are operating a Smartphone, delete the cache. Surely contact the experts for details on how to clear caches and data.

  • Next, reset the network setting on the device.
  • Update the Netflix app.
  • Here, delete the Netflix app and then install it again.

Fix Netflix Error Code 5403

Netflix errors code 5403 is common and is most of the time caused by a network issue, a problem in the software, or an issue with the server. The most common of this is usually the problem in network connectivity. We have provided some tips below by which you can troubleshoot this error.

Restart the device

This is one of the easiest things to do and the first to come to anyone’s mind. Try these steps;

  • First, turn off the device and then turn off the power.
  • Next, wait for a few minutes.
  • Next, plug in the power and then turn on the device.
  • Check if the error is resolved or not.

Try Another Network

Another method for you is to try connecting to another network. The idea behind this is to also help you see whether the error is with the network or with the device, or even with the app. Try these steps further:

  • First, press and hold the home button on the remote.
  • Locate the settings option.
  • Next, choose ‘Wi-Fi’ in the settings. If you are unable to locate the Wi-Fi option, simply communicate with an expert for technical assistance.

At this stage, select another network that you want to connect to.

  • Next, check if you can connect to another network or if the Netflix error 5403 persists.

Clear the Netflix App Data to fix the Netflix error

If you have the Netflix error 5403, you can simply try to clear the Netflix app data. Clearing the Netflix data app can certainly resolve a lot of issues. It is worthy of mention, however, that clearing your data will literally mean what i is; clear all your existing titles and data.

Follow these steps to delete the Netflix app data.

  • First, go to the home screen.
  • Next, locate the settings option.
  • On your screen, choose the general option.
  • Choose the application option. Here you can choose the option manage applications, manage all apps, or application manager.
  • Next, scroll down and then choose the Netflix option.
  • Next, select the storage option.
  • Choose clear storage or data.
  • After this, press ok. If you can not reach this option, simply contact the experts for technical assistance.

Next, go to Netflix and check if Netflix error 5403 is resolved or not resolved. If the error is still there, follow the further steps to fix it.

Restart the Home Network to fix error 5403

By doing this, it may help in fixing Netflix error 5403. Follow these steps to restart the home network.

  • First, switch off the device you are using.
  • Next, plug out the modem and the router for about a minute or two minutes.
  • Now, plug in the modem and router. We advise that you wait till the lights on them are stable.
  • Next, switch on the device.

You can now try to check if the Netflix error 5403 is resolved or not.

Reinstall the Netflix Application

You may have tried all the above mentioned steps and the problem still lingers.

Reinstalling the app is what you then need to do. This may help you in fixing the Netflix error 5403 after all. Try these steps;

  • First, go to the Play Store App.
  • Next, look for the Netflix app.
  • Once you have reached the app, click the uninstall option.
  • Next, select the ok option to confirm uninstalling.
  • Once you have successfully installed the app, select the install option to install it again.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code 115

There are some solutions you could try to fix error 115. Provided in this article are troubleshooting steps to make use of.

Update the Network Settings

It has become a fact that, at times, when you experience Netflix error 115, you are more likely to experience an issue in the network. You can fix this error easily by updating the network settings. You can follow these steps to update;

  • First, go to the main menu.
  • Next, locate the settings option and select it.
  • Navigate to the general option and select it.
  • Select the network option.
  • Next, choose the network option between Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • If you have Wi-Fi, then select the ‘Wi-Fi network.’
  • Next, select configure IP, then select an automatic option.
  • Go to DNS, select configure DNS and then select automatically.

If you select the ethernet option;

  • go to the ethernet option.
  • Select configure IP and then choose the automatic option.
  • Next, choose to configure DNS and then select an automatic option.
  • Next, locate the menu option to return the main menu. Try to see if this resolves the Netflix error 115.

Restart the Home Network to fix Netflix error 115

Restarting the home network is another troubleshooting technique that can help you in fixing error 115. What you have to do is to follow a few easy steps and the error can be resolved in just a matter of a few minutes.It is worthy to mention that you first have to make sure you unplug the device for at least a minute or so. Follow these steps;

  • turn off the streaming media player and unplug it.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Next, plug out the modem and the router. Wait for a while.
  • Plugin the modem and the route. Then, wait for the lights to get stable. Do note that this could take some of your time.
  • Next, plug in and turn the streaming media player.
  • Now try to connect the Streaming Media Player to the Modem Directly

You could be using a wireless network and the solution mentioned earlier just will not work. You can do the following;

  • First, turn off the streaming media player.
  • Use an ethernet cable to plug in the media player directly with the modem.
  • Plug out the power of the modem for at least a minute.
  • Then, plug in the power again and wait until all of the lights on the modem are stable.
  • Next, plug in and turn on the streaming media player.

Try Restoring the Default Settings

It could be that the Netflix error 115 occurred because you have changed the settings of the connection. In a situation like that, you will have to restore the default settings and the error will be easily fixed. Follow these steps to fix this error;

  • First, check whether you are connected to a VPN or you are connected to a proxy server, as this could be the reason behind error 115.
  • Disable the VPN connection or the proxy server and then connect to the home network.
  • Next, check if you have changed the streaming media player to custom DNS settings.
  • Reset the streaming device to DNS automatically. You can contact experts if you wish to know more about changing the DNS.

Improve the Wi-Fi Signals to fix Netflix error 115

Another troubleshooting technique is to improve the Wi-Fi signals. The reason behind Netflix error code 115 could be poor Wi-Fi signals. Resolve that with these steps;

  • First, change the location of the router. If the router is located in the middle of your home, it will show better signals.
  • Next, move the wireless devices away from the router. Wireless interference result in weaker signals most of the time.
  • Lastly, ensure you raise the router to an elevated position. Elevating the position of the router will only bring for a better Wi-Fi signal

Netflix Error Code 10025

If you keep seeing iPad Netflix error code 10025 and you don’t know how to fix it here is a step-by-step article for you.

Update Netflix App

Here is a step b step procedure to fix Netflix cannot play title 10025 updating the Netflix app.

  • Tap the App Store icon from your iPad Home screen.
  • Tap Updates.
  • Locate the Netflix app.
  • Tap the “Update” icon.
  • Enter your iTunes password to log into our iTunes account if prompted.
  • Wait for the update to complete
  • Netflix cannot play error will be cleared.

Delete and Reinstall Netflix App

A lot of users confirmed that the “iPad Netflix error 10025” cleared off when they remove the app from their iPad and reinstall it again.

  • Press and hold the Netflix app on your iPad until the app starts shaking.
  • Click on the “X” icon to the top right of the app.
  • Click on the “Delete” button from the popup.
  • Confirm that the app has been deleted.
  • Press the “Home button” on our iPad.
  • Open “App Store”.
  • Search for “Netflix” using the search box.
  • Click on the “free Netflix app from Netflix, Inc.”
  • Click on the “Cloud” icon.
  • Sign in to your iTunes account.
  • Click on the “Netflix app” icon once the installation is completed.
  • Click on “Log in”.
  • Enter our Netflix username and password and click on “Sign in”.
  • No, go to the movie title that says “Cannot play title, please try again”.

Fix Netflix NSES 500

Here are suggested approaches to fix the “NSES 500” Netflix error.

  • Enter the correct login information. A letter, number, or symbol may be missing here and there. So slow down and double-check what you type in the blank fields.
  • Chat with other users on the same account. It is possible that someone changed their password and did not inform everyone in the plan. Ask them before proceeding to the next step.
  • Have the correct password. If you forget your password, you can reset it by email, SMS, voice call, or using your billing information. For the last option, make sure you have the first and last name and credit/debit card number next to it.

Streaming Issues

Sign in to your Netflix account and find something to watch, so the video doesn’t play. You may have a streaming problem, but don’t worry. Here are some things you can fix.

Restart your Device

The first approach to fix the NSES 500 error is to restart our device. Depending on the device you are using. Restarting the device, especially the iPhone or iPad, will let you know whether the error NSES-500 is caused b excess caches.

Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix App

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Netflix app could help fix the recurring NSES 500 error Netflix you are facing.

For iPhone/iPad

Here is how to uninstall apps on the iPhone or iPad.

  • Go to your home screen.
  • Press and hold the “Netflix app.”
  • Click on the “X” icon at the edge of the app.
  • Click on “Delete” from the pop-up.
  • Done.

Now, the Netflix app will be deleted from your list of apps. Go back to the Apple store, search, and reinstall the app. Clearing the Netflix app caches also fixes the error NSES500.

Update Netflix App

Here is another approach. If your Netflix app is outdated, you will battle with error code NSES-500.

  • Launch the “Netflix” app.
  • Click on “Update.”
  • Download and install the latest update.
  • Done.

If there is an update available, you will be able to upgrade to the latest version.

Update your Device OS

Another way to clear error NSES-500 on Netflix is to update your device OS to the latest release.


  • Plug your device into power and connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi.
  • Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update.
  • Tap Download and Install.
  • To update now, tap Install.
  • If asked, enter your passcode.

You can also set up automatic updates: Go to Settings > General > Software Update, then tap Automatic Updates.


Follow the trend below to update your Android device to fix the Netflix error NSES 500.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • System.
  • Software update.
  • Check for updates.
  • Download and install.
  • Done.

This should fix the Netflix error code NSES 500 on your device.

  • Clear the cache and application or browser data. Netflix data may be corrupt. Be sure to clear the cache and data from the Netflix app or your browser. If you use the app, please sign out of Netflix and sign in again before clearing the cache and data.

Netflix is ​​not Working – Server Issues.

In addition to signing in and streaming, you may experience problems with Netflix. For example, the app may not even open for you, or the website may not work. Here are some solutions to such dilemmas:

  • Check if Netflix is ​​not available. Visit a site like DownDetector to determine if Netflix is ​​unavailable or has Netflix server issues.
  • Log in again. Sometimes Netflix gets restless and won’t let you connect. In this case, just enter your credentials on the Netflix website to make sure everything works properly. Update your device data from there and re-establish the connection.
  • Update the Netflix data. If there is a problem with the Netflix app or the data on your device, please update the Netflix data. However, this step is usually limited to Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Smart TVs.
  • Clear Netflix cookies. The more you use Netflix, the more cookies are created on the website. You can access your browser settings and delete cookies in the event of problems.
  • Switch to a different connection. The Wi-Fi or cellular connection you are using may not be working properly at this time if you can switch to a different Wi-Fi connection. You can also delete the Netflix app data on your smartphone or tablet and restart your device.

Netflix Error NSES 404 Code

Netflix Error NSES 404 code has to do with the absence of movies title in your Netflix library. When the error NSES-404 occurs, it implies that the movie isn’t available in your country’s library on Netflix.

How to Fix Netflix Error NSES 404 on Windows/Mac

Here, we will discuss how to fix the Netflix movie’s title error 404 code using the EPIC Privacy browser for PC.

  • Download and install the “EPIC Privacy” browser on your PC.
  • Click on the “EPICProxy” icon to the top right of the browser.Netflix error NSES 404
  • Click on “ON” to enable the “Epic encrypted proxy”.Netflix error NSES 404
  • Select your choice of the country from the list.Select VPN service
  • Copy and paste the Netflix NSES 404 URL.
  • Click on the “Enter” button on your computer’s keyboard.
  • Done.

The NSES-404 Netflix error code you are experiencing will be cleared, and you will be able to stream the movie without an obstruction.

Note: You can use a paid VPN such as ExpressVPN or Ivacy if you have any. However, if you do not want to spend a dime coupling with how much you have spent subscribing to your Netflix plan, you should use this free VPN browser.

How to Fix Netflix Error Code NSES 404 on Mobile

Here, you will get to know how to fix Netflix error code NSES 404 on Android devices using Orbot free VPN service.

  • Launch the Google Play store app on your Android.
  • Search and install the “Orbot” app on your device.
  • Launch the Orbot app with Tor.
  • Download and install Orbweb.
  • Power up the browser and visit the Netflix 404 NSES error URL.
  • Done.

We recommend Orbot and Orbweb because they both work with Tor. With this, the NSES 404 Netflix error code will be cleared as your IP address will be masked to another location different from your current location where the movie’s available for streamers.

Netflix Error Code Nw-1-19

Netflix Error Code Nw-1-19 is a bug found by almost all Netflix users. This error can appear regardless of the device you’re using Netflix on.

1. Fix the Netflix code NW-1-19 on a Samsung or on any other Smart TV

Netflix Error Code Nw-1-19

Most people use Netflix on their smart TVs. If this error occurs on your Smart TV, make sure your network supports online streaming. Check if your device has good internet signal strength. Now follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. Restart your Smart TV by switching the device off and then on again after a break of 2 minutes.
  2. Restart your modem by switching it off and on again after a 2-minute pause.
  3. If this error persists, connect your Smart TV directly to your modem using the Ethernet cable. This solution is called a bypass but is not a practical solution.
  4. If this error is not resolved by following the steps above, check your device.

2. Fixing “Error Code NW-1-19” on Roku

Netflix Error Code Nw-1-19

If you are getting this error while using Netflix on Roku then follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. If you get this error when using Netflix on Roku, please follow the steps below to resolve this issue.
  2. First, make sure your network supports online streaming.
  3. Check if your device has a good local internet connection.
  4. Restart your smart device by turning it off and then on again after a 2-minute pause.
  5. Restart your modem by switching it off and on again after a 2-minute pause.
  6. If you still see this error, change the location of your modem and remove other wireless devices from the modem for better signal strength.
  7. If this does not help, connect your device directly to the modem using an Ethernet cable.

3. Eliminating Netflix Error Code Nw-1-19 on Xbox

Netflix Error Code Nw-1-19

If you’re using Xbox and you see this error message, try the following steps to resolve this issue.

  1. First, make sure your network supports online streaming. Check again that your device has a good local internet connection.
  2. Restart your smart console by turning the device off and then back on after a 2-minute pause.
  3. Reset your modem by switching it off and on again after a 2-minute pause.
  4. If the reset does not help, connect your console directly to the modem. It’s not a practical solution, but it works.
  5. Try to improve the signal strength by moving the router to a new location and other wireless modems from the modem.

Fixing the Netflix Error Code Nw-1-19 on Blu-Ray Player

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If you receive this error message when using Netflix on a Blu-ray player, please follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

  1. Switch off your device by disconnecting it from the main switch.
  2. Discharge your device by pressing the power button or pulling the power plug.
  3. Connect the device to the mains and restart it.
  4. Try restarting Netflix.

Set-top box or streaming media player

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If you are using a streaming media player and you see this error, follow the steps below and this error will be fixed

  1. Make sure that your network allows online streaming.
  2. Check if your device has a good local internet connection.
  3. Restart your smart device by turning it off and then on again after a 2-minute pause.
  4. Restart your modem by switching it off and on again after a 2-minute pause.
  5. Try running Netflix again.


There are many potential Netflix errors, and we won’t cover them all in this room. Netflix has dozens of articles covering different bug variations that we simply cannot fix at the same time.

The good news: many of them are similar. In general, we recommend that you try the following if you experience problems:

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Disconnect your mobile device, TV or computer from the computer and reconnect.
  • Sign out of your Netflix account and sign in again.
  • Check your account settings.

With these tips, you should be able to fix the most common Netflix error codes on mobile devices, smart TVs and web browsers. And if you encounter a Netflix error code that we haven’t listed, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comments below.

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