How to Take Battery out of Smoke Detector

Are you tired of the chirping sound coming out from your detector, and you can’t just wait to take battery out of smoke detector? Ensuring your smoke detector is powered with new batteries is very important for the safety of your home and your family.

This article will show you ways in which you can take battery out of smoke detector without any hassle regardless of its model.

Taking the battery out from a smoke detector won’t set the unit off and begin the fire alarm beeping. Instead it will most likely do the opposite by disabling the unit. Which is the only main reason why you should never remove the battery except you are replacing it with a brand new one.

However, before replacing the smoke detector or buying another new pack of nine-volt batteries, there are certain things you need to know about your smoke detector, as well as a few other things you can do to solve this issue.

There are many various types of smoke detectors, however, the most common and recent model detectors are found in homes and apartments operated by low-voltage electrical wiring with a battery backup.

In case you have successfully changed the battery in your chirping smoke detector and peradventure it still chirps, you might think your smoke detector is faulty. You can check out the common reasons for the sound detector’s chirping and how to fix the issues below. Read on!

take Battery out of Smoke Detector

Common Reasons that Cause Smoke Detectors to Chirp

Here are some common factors that cause the smoke detector to give that chirping sound, though it could be annoying simply check out how you can also fix and stop the stop from disturbing you below:

Weak and Low Battery

As the battery in a smoke detector gets weak and low, the smoke detector will “chirp” about once every minute so you can know that the battery needs a replacement. Note that only the device with a low battery will chirp. The other interconnected alarms should be silent and not make noise too.

The Battery Drawer might be Open 

The battery drawer should be completely closed to allow the battery to make contact with the terminals.

The battery Pull-tab is Still in the Alarm 

The battery pull-tab should be removed after the AC power has been provided to the device.

The battery is there but Part of the Terminal is Obstructed

The battery is in contact with the alarm terminal thereby causing the alarm to chirps. To fix this, you need to ensure that there is no blockage between the battery tab and the terminal.

Check other Devices or Appliances

The security system, monitors, carbon monoxide alarms, and other related devices may have similar low battery or alert sounds.

Temperature is Fluctuating

Temperature fluctuations in the home are another reason why a smoke detector will continue to beep or chirp anyhow.

In case you set the thermostat at an unusual very high or low temperature, the smoke alarm detects this and sends a sounding alert.

The smoke detector could give a chirping sound whenever it detects hot air coming from the kitchen or bathroom.

This could occur when you are cooking at high heat or someone opens the bathroom door just after taking a hot shower.

To prevent this kind of false alarm it is best to either move the smoke detector close to the kitchen or bathroom door or make use of a different means to ensure that the hot air does not reach the alarm vents by all means.

Your Smoke Detector is Old 

Another reason why your smoke detector won’t stop beeping is that it has reached the end of its lifetime. Smoke detectors usually last for about eight to ten years. Take the smoke alarm off and check the manufacturing date behind the device. In case it is more than eight years old, you might be needing a replacement as soon as possible.

You can as well take battery out of smoke detector even before you hear the chirping sound. This can help reduce the possibility of ever hearing the chirp sound from your smoke detector.take Battery out of Smoke Detector

How to Reset the Smoke Detector

Following the steps below you will be able to reset your smoke detetor to factory settings. However, this will wipe and restore your smoke detector to the default settings.

Note: You will need to reconfigure your smoke detector after the reset. Therefore, ensure you are ready to do this before you proceed with the steps below to resetting your smoke detector.

  • Switch off the power to the smoke detector at your circuit breaker.
  • Ensure to remove the sound detector from its mounting bracket and remove it from the power supply.
  • Take battery out of the smoke detector.
  • Once the battery has been removed, long-press the test button for about 15-20 seconds.
  • Put the new battery in the smoke detector and connect to the power supply.
  • This will restore power to the circuit breaker.
  • Re-attach the breaker to the mounting bracket.
  • That’s it!

Once the power has been restored, the smoke detector should chirp just once. However, your low-battery chirping should no longer be an issue. 

To keep your smoke detector battery life-span, it’s advisable to change the battery twice a year. For the best result, every 6 months is recommended.

When Should you take Battery out of Smoke Detector?

Each time you take battery out of smoke detector to replace it, ensure you install the new battery immediately before you forget. Leaving the battery out of the smoke detector puts you in danger in case there is an actual fire incident.

Once you replace the battery, ensure it’s firmly in place and the battery drawer is closed completely. In case your smoke detector won’t stop chirping even after a battery change and a cleaning, then it’s time to replace the whole unit. It could be old or faulty, which also puts your family at risk in case it doesn’t go off when there’s a fire.

The only time you should take battery out of smoke detector is when you are placing new ones in the alarm. Units that contain 9-volt batteries and backup batteries should get a new battery every six months. Many smoke detector manufacturers and fire safety associations recommend that you change the batteries on the same day you reset your clock in line with Daylight Savings Time.

Also, note that you don’t have to replace a 10-year battery because the units themselves last for only 10 years. You should rather install a replacement smoke detector.take Battery out of Smoke Detector

How To take Battery out of Smoke Detector

Follow the steps below to take battery out of smoke detector carefully:

  • Remove the battery cover.
  • Pull and push out the smoke detector’s battery.
  • Replace the battery with a new set.
  • Cover the battery compartment until it clicks to confirm that the cover is well closed.

Remove the Cover and Battery

In some smoke detectors, you will find a hinge that you can flip down which makes changing the battery a lot easier and fast. Most detector units detach from the base by turning the whole unit about half a turn. Remove the battery cover, in case there is one, and take out the old battery.

Replace the Battery

Most smoke detectors need a 9-volt battery. Simply tap the battery top into the battery clip and slide the battery into its spot inside the smoke detector unit.

Attach the Smoke Detector again

Close the battery cover if there is any to close and attach it to the smoke detector base again. Most smoke detector units need you to align the notches and then turn it half a turn to lock it into place.

Test it Out

You must test the smoke detector to ensure everything is in working perfectly. Tap the button on the face of the unit. You should get a beeping noise after pressing the button.

Now, you have succeeded in replacing your smoke detector battery and you should be happy and accomplished in a way. 

You didn’t only take a step further to increase your safety, but you have also overcome the beep that wouldn’t allow you to rest for hours and disturb your sleep. Take Battery out of smoke detector successfully.take Battery out of Smoke Detector

How to Clear Residual Charge to Stop the Chirp

In case your smoke detector won’t still stop chirping even after a new battery has been inserted, you can as well try these troubleshooting steps to clear out residual charge from the old battery. Follow the steps below to clear residual charge to stop the chirp sound before you take battery out of smoke detector successfully:  

  • Remove the smoke detector from your ceiling or wall. 
  • Open the battery cover and take out the battery.  
  • Long-press on the test button for about 15-30 seconds. This will fully help reset the smoke alarm and drain any charge left inside. 
  • Place the new battery and ensure to close the battery compartment firmly. 
  • Clean the unit with a microfiber cloth or a can of compressed air.
  • Vacuum the outside with a soft brush attachment properly. 
  • Tap the Test button again. The test sequence will be very loud, but it implies the alarm is working effectively.

I hope you were able to take battery out of smoke detector successfully, let us know in the comment section below. Your feedback mean a lot to us and encourages us to write more. Thank you for reading thus far!

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