How To Track Your Lost iPhone

For those who have been wondering if it’s possible to track your lost iPhone, the simple answer to your question is yes. And not only is the answer, yes but also, we plan to show you how to track a lost iPhone. We are furthermore going to show you how to remotely erase the data on your phone if you feel you don’t want to get it back.

How To Track Your Lost iPhoneHow To Track Your Lost iPhone

Here is a direct approach to track and recover lost iPhone.

Step 1: Sign into Apple’s tracking system

For anyone who’d love to track their lost iPhone, the first thing to do is to sign in to Apple’s tracking system. Signing into this system doesn’t necessarily require an Apple device. The system has got a web interface that can be accessed from any standard web browser. And for those who don’t know the address of this web interface, it is

This web interface is, however, not the only interface available for the tracking system. The tracking system also comes with an iPhone app. In other words, you can also use someone else iPhone to track your lost phone.

Step 2: Use the Find iPhone Feature

After you have signed into the tracking system, somewhere on the interface, you should see a “Find iPhone” button. You’re expected to click this button to commence the tracking process.

Upon clicking this button, you would be presented a bunch of things, and among things you’d be presented, is a feature which allows you to see where the phone is.

This tracking system also makes it possible for phone owners to make their phones to make certain sounds. In other words, if you have been able to pin down the area where your phone is, the sound being made can help you pinpoint the exact position of your iPhone.

But while tracking your iPhone is as simple as what we’ve discussed, there are still a lot of other cool things you can do with the tracking system. And some of these things include:

Marking your iPhone as Lost

Among things you can do via the tracking system is marking your iPhone as a lost device. When an iPhone is marked as a lost device, the phone would be automatically locked and demand your passcode.

Not only that, but the system would also continue to track the phone’s location, just to help give an idea of what exactly is going on. Furthermore, if you have added any sensitive financial information, the phone would prevent them from being used on that phone until you unflag it as a lost phone.

Erasing your iPhone

The Apple tracking system is capable of doing a lot of things. And one of the things this system is capable of doing is erasing an iPhone remotely. When you use this feature, the system will erase everything you have on the phone. And the phone is going to look like a new phone once again.

In other words, the phone erase feature would be ideal for people who have sensitive info on the device and wouldn’t love to have their information leaked.

You should, however, note that once a phone has been erased, the phone would be unlocked if it has been previously locked. And not only that but wouldn’t also be able to track the phone anymore. So before you use this feature, be sure you’re willing to lose the device as well.

Removing the iPhone from your List of trusted devices

Another feature the Apple tracking system has got is a feature that allows you to remove the phone from your list of trusted devices. Trusted devices are devices that you vouch for being trustable.

In other words, such devices can be used to authorize things. So if you lose your iPhone, this is one of those things you should consider doing. Refusal to do this can lead to very serious security problems, so don’t underestimate how useful this feature can be.


The Apple tracking system is the best friend of someone who has lost an iPhone; and someone who also feels they should do something about it. So if you have lost a phone, feel free to use the system. The interface of this system is very okay, so user experience should be no problem.

We’d also like to state that it is advisable to also report the stolen phone to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Refusal to do so can lead to very serious problems. In other words, you also shouldn’t take this for granted.

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