How to Uninstall ExpressVPN from PC

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN services in this century. There is no doubt that. However, if you choose to drop ExpressVPN for SmartDNS or NordVPN, or even Ivacy VPN, you will discover to uninstall ExpressVPN completely, it requires an additional step as the VPN service will still leave a remnant on your PC.

If you want to verify this after you have removed ExpressVPN from your Windows 7/8/10, click on your network bar and you will the ExpressVPN icon available.

Meanwhile, once you remove ExpressVPN installer from your PC, all its components on your PC should be removed once you restarted your PC.

See the image below. If you still see ExpressVPN as part of the VPN services you have on your PC after you have removed it, it means that VPN still has some remnants you need to clear.

Uninstall ExpressVPN

So, I want to assume that if you are reading this post, you will love to learn how to remove ExpressVPN totally from your PC.

The easiest way to remove ExpressVPN is via the control panel for Windows. But, in case the control panel didn’t complete the job for you here is how to remove it from your PC totally.

Uninstall ExpressVPN

Here is how to remove ExpressVPN completely from your Windows PC if it still shows as an active VPN you are connected to after you’ve removed it.

1. Press Win button + R on your Windows PC to popup the run command option.

2. Type ncpa.cpl and click on the OK button

Windows Run command

3. The command you entered above will take you to access all your network connections.

Uninstall ExpressVPN

4. Right-click on ExpressVPN with WAM Miniport(L2TP)

WAN Miniport

5. Click Delete from the popup

Delete ExpressVPN

6. A popup will ask you where you are sure of what you want to do or not. Click on Yes to delete ExpressVPN.

Confirm connection delete

Now, the express VPN remnant will be removed completely from your Windows laptop or computer.

Now, go back and click on your network connection and you will see that the ExpressVPN is no longer available on your Windows 7/8/10 computer.

Remove ExpressVPN

You can also go follow Settings Network & Internet > VPN.

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