Ivacy VPN Review, Features, Subscription, and Log information

Here, in this Ivacy VPN Review, you will get to know more about the VPN speed and performance, Ivacy subscription, log information, price, and features.

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Now, back to Ivacy VPN. The VPN service has celebrated a decade of good service and unrelenting offering both paid VPN service and free trial.

We don’t just write this VPN Review. We are writing and recommending Ivacy VPN because we are part of the VPN community.

However, if you are looking for a VPN to watch ABC, CBS, and NBC and YouTube Red I’ll strongly recommend Ivacy VPN. It works smoothly with this service.

We’ll talk about watching Netflix with Ivacy in this review whether it works with the giant online streaming service as expected or not.

Before we proceed to the Ivacy VPN review in detail, please note that we stand to earn a little commission as compensation when you buy from our link which doesn’t have any effect of the price of the service.

What is Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy was launch over a decade ago with the aim to help the entire world surf the internet anonymously and without keeping the logs of users activities which was found as a flaw on other VPN services.

Within the space of that 10 years, Ivacy has maintained the productivity of services for streaming and a different server for downloading.

This simply implies you have access to use different servers for a different purpose. A server to stream restricted contents online and a server dedicated for downloading.

Don’t just be in a hurry. You will get to know in this Ivacy VPN Review while the service has been able to be one of the best VPN service provider of the year.

Encounter with Ivacy UI

Before we dig further and tell you to make your Ivacy subscription, let me quickly prepare your mind for what you will see with either Ivacy free trial or Ivacy subscription in the user-backend [dashboard].

When you log in to your Ivacy account with your Ivacy VPN username and password you will see a clean UI with the best server named Fast restricted access with an eye comfort color combination.

You can choose automatic for Ivacy to suggest the fast unrestricted VPN for you or choose it manually based on your own choice.

You will definitely love this interface at night at it doesn’t have much impact on eye-contacts at night.

When I log in to my Ivacy VPN on my Windows computer I saw United state as my Fast unrestricted access.

Ivacy App Explained

Ivacy support various devices such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You can use your one account on multiple devices. However, what are you likely to see when you logged into your Ivacy admin dashboard.

When you logged into Ivacy VPN App you will see by the left 8 icons which are Smart ConnectSecure DownloadStreamingUnblocking, and Dedicated IP and an icon to expand and reduce the size of the VPN app interface.

There is also a help and support option to contact Ivacy customer support and an option to log out Ivacy Account.

Now let us consider the Ivacy App features one after the other and give more explanation on what you stand to gain.

Smart Connect

Ivacy VPN Review

Ivacsy smart connect is where you set your Ivacy fast unrestricted access if you don’t want to go manual.

You can set your IP address location to a particular country and city. Say, you want to use the United State IP address and a city of Miami. This particular feature let you set it up.

Secure Download

Set IP for fast downloading

I said earlier when I started this Ivacy VPN review that you can choose a server for downloading and server to stream movies online. The secure download works for downloading with a different server using Ivacy VPN.

When you log into your Ivacy VPN account hover to the secure download on the left, select your location IP address and toggle to enable secure downloading.


Ivacy VPN review

Streaming provides access to all online streaming service you can bypass using Ivacy VPN. This service includes Netflix US, HBO Now, BBC, Hotstar and a whole lot of them.

However, you can either select your streaming IP address to access Netflix and other streaming service or let Ivacy select it for you once you click on the streaming service.

This feature allows you to set a different IP address to secure downloading and a different IP address for online streaming.

Unblock Your Freedom

Unblock restricted access

This feature helps to unblock access to a restricted service such as Netflix, etc. If you are targetting a particular location, the unblock your freedom can easily come to your rescue.

Dedicated IP

Set up dedicated IP address

You can also connect to a particular IP address if you have one. Ivacy VPN makes use of your hostname to set up a dedicated IP address and connects to it.

However, all these features settings/configuration have to be in place before you click on the start button else you will not be able to edit them once you are connected.

Features and Services

I can say there is no much to tweak when using Ivacy on Windows devices.  If you probably connect your Ivacy VPN on Windows OS, the only thing you have to do might be to just launch your PC and Ivacy will work based on your configuration.

It can connect on startup, it can open when your system is power on, close when the app exits, connect to a dedicated server if already pre-configured, etc.

When you go to Ivacy settings and click on it. You have two options under the settings which are the connection and general.

Now, under the general option, you can manage Ivacy VPN redial automatically if the connection drops, launch on system startup, auto-connect after launcher, disconnect VPN on app exit and manage IP/DNS leak protection.

Ivacy genertal settings

However, you have to halt all activities when you want to enable IP/DN leak protection as it requires restarting the VPN app.

Now, under the connection settings, you have the TCP and UDP that use automatic configuration and L2TP and IKEV that can be manually configured to work with an internet kill switch which protects your internet connection to make sure you are secure without lagging.

Ivacy VPN Review

And also the split tunnelling for managing browsers on your device instead of using Ivacy VPN plugin to split tunnelling on your PC.

Ivacy VPN Subscription

No amount is too huge to protect your identity online except you don’t care about one. At the same time, because a VPN service charge is high doesn’t mean it has all it takes to be the best.

Before anyone buys a VPN I always advise people to check the review and put the price as the least priority. If a VPN is cheap and it cannot protect your online identity without leaking your logs and the killer switch review is not 100% always take a U-turn from such service.

However, Ivacy VPN subscription is one of the cheapest I have ever seen with features that will break your jaw. You can get Ivacy VPN for $1.33/month if you are ready to partner for a couple of years.

Ivacy VPN subscription

And pay $79.8 for 60 months which is equivalent to 5 years as opposed $9.95/mo for a monthly subscription, $2.25/mo for 2 years subscription making $54 for 24 months and $3.33/mon for a year which is $39.96 for 12 months.

However, this service price seems to be the best when you commit for a long term subscription. If you do the stats you will discover that you save more when you go for yearly subscription compared to month subscription.

Cheap Ivacy Price

Performance and Speed

Ideally, an average internet savvy will always consider the speed test and the quality of a VPN performance when reading a review. However, whether you are tech person or you just need this VPN to unblock Netflix, you still need to count on the VPN speed and performance.

When you are looking for an exceptionally fast IP you should stick to the USA, UK, Japan, Germany, and most of the top-tier countries. However, during our test, a larger percentage of Ivacy IP addresses were fast and strong except Australia which is a bit slower perhaps due to the number of users on the server.

Ivacy Server and Location

Apart from the flexible payment method, Ivacy also builds trust in terms of IP address and server locations. As at the time of compiling this Ivacy VPN review, the VPN service, whose business office is in Singapore has Number of servers 1000+ in 100 country locations

Ivacy in brief:

  • P2P allowed: Yes
  • Internet Killer Switch: Yes
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Yes
  • P2P Support: Yes
  • Business location: Singapore
  • Number of servers: 1000+*
  • Number of country locations: 100
  • Cost: $40 (billed annually)
  • VPN protocol: OpenVPN-UDP
  • Data encryption: AES-256-GCM
  • Data authentication: MS-Chap v2 and TLS
  • Handshake Encryption: SHA-II

Cheap Ivacy Price


Start from Ivacy features to price and users review, the VPN service has shown to be one of the best VPN and most competent VPN that never leaks logs.

However, despite the total number of servers are considered small compared to some other VPN services we both know that what matters is quality of service delivery and how dependable your services are.

To the best of my knowledge and from different users and reviewers, we can say categorically that Ivacy VPN delivers what its promises to make sure you are always secure online, no log leaks, internet killer switch active, and other services.

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