How to Znzip Files on your Device

We understand you might want to unzip your files, that is why we come up with this article. First off, any file that ends with something as “.zip” can be said to be a zip file.  Zip files are simply files and folders that are compressed in order to archive, store, or even transmit the data within it. It is said to be compressed because it reduces the amount of space the original individual files could have occupied.

Perhaps, once upon a time you opened your email to access data someone transferred to you, and surprisingly, it came with a “.zip” file extension, or you downloaded a file from the internet, and it’s a “.zip” file, and you did not know what to do with it, Or maybe you’re a user with frequent activities that require you to compress files, here, we’ll show you simple ways on how to access zip files on your android device and also how to compress your files in a zip file

How to Unzip Files

To unzip files, you may need to download apps that unzip files as there are many of them on the internet.

Actually, there are some Android devices that come with an in-built app like “files by Google,” so they do not need to search and download any other 3rd party unzips app on Google Play Store

Using “Files by Google” 

Some devices come with this app; if yours does not have it, download it on Google Play Store. It’s quite easy and fast to unzip files using “Files by Google.”

  • Open “Files by Google”; this could be located in your home screen or check through your app list to locate. 
  • Locate and the zip file you intend to unzip; zip files often appear with a “.zip” file extension. 
  • Tap to choose “extract” from the list of options that appear after tapping the zip file
  • Click on done after extraction. 

The extracted files can be found in the same location as the parent zip file. 

The image shows exactly what we have discussed from step 1 to step 4. If you are still confused, then follow the pictures.

How to Compress Files in a Zip File

Compressing files, it’s equally a simple task to do if you are compressing your files using a suitable app. To show you how the steps look like, we’ll be using the RAR app for instance; 

With this app, you can pack and unpack files. That is, you can compress files and equally extract compressed files from many of the common archiving extensions such as zip, rar, tar, 7z, etc. The following steps show u how to create compressed files in a zip file.

  • Download the RAR app on Google Play Store and open the RAR app. 
  • Select and mark by long-pressing the first file, as many files, u want to compress, usually doesn’t exceed 707mb per go. Click archive, which is usually represented by three thick vertical lines cut through by a horizontal line with a little “+” at the bottom right corner.
  • Customize the file name and save location for the file and set up the lock if you preferred.
  • Select zip, and then you’ll see a notification asking if to delete or keep original files. Select the option u prefer and tap ok.

The image below further explains what we have discussed from step one to step 4.

How to unzip files on your device

Just like RAR, there are some other apps that can create compressed files as well as extract them. A few of them are listed for your perusal.

1. Winzip:

This app recognizes other common forms of compressed files such as .rar etc. It also allows the user to access files on “Dropbox” and “Google Drive,” which is one of its unique features.

How to unzip files on your device

2. ZArchiver:

A reliable, simple, and customizable app, probably contains all the stuff you need in a file manager. This app does not have permission to the internet, so it cannot be suspected of malicious cyber intent. It takes up a little space in your device as it does all its quick job. Another cool thing is that this app is utterly free. 

How to unzip files on your device

3. Easy unrar, unzip, and zip:

Great app for doing all your archiving things with fast extraction time and creation of a 710mb size compressed file, pretty cool. Although the app has both free and paid modes, it’s still worth checking out.

How to unzip files on your device

4 Izip:

This app also compresses and extracts files; it’s unique in its own way as it allows the user to create zip files and email them through the app. It can as well open .txt documents for viewing, export, and import files from both Dropbox and Google Drive. Cool and multipurpose.

How to unzip files on your device

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