How to Access AKO Email on Smartphone

AKO is “Army Knowledge Online” site designed for Army personnel to access documents, secured information, and secured email address login on a secure system without unauthorized access using a card reader specially designed for Army personnel or those with a login password and username as well as the card reader for this assignment.

You can also access secure systems using the AKO site provided you have a valid username and password. However, you can access secure documents and email-inbox information on the AKO website, on Android and iPhone without a barrier.

However, to access AKO on Blackberry is high prohibited because Blackberry OS uses aggregator which is not allowed by the “Army Knowledge Online” site.

AKO Email

How to Access “AKO” on iPhone/iPad/iPod

If you have an iPhone and the AKO login, follow the procedures below to access AKO on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

  1. Go to Settings >> Passwords & Accounts >> Add Account
  2. Scroll down and click on Other >> Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter your name in the “name field” and enter your AKO email address in the “Email field”
  4. Filled the description field and click on “Next” to open the account information page.
  5. Tap the IMAP option and your iPhone will try to set up incoming and outgoing server automatically. However, this will likely fail and if it does, in the incoming server type “”  and in the outgoing server type “” without quotes.

Once this is done, your iPhone will be able to receive and send AKO email address without access the webpage.

How to Access AKO Email on Android

With the setup below, AKO will try to retrieve email and send email address directly from your Android Phone. The procedures are somehow similar to the iPhone.

  1. Go to Phone settings >> Accounts >> Add account
  2. Click on “Personal (IMAP), enter your AKO email address and password and click on next.
  3. Fill the description fields, enter your nickname, and then select your account name from the drop menu.
  4. Once you do this, your phone will try to connect to the AKO server and retrieve all your email inbox.
  5. There is a possibility that the server will not connect. However, if it doesn’t connect, enter “” into incoming server filed and type “” in the outgoing server without the quotes.

Access Army Knowledge Online Site on Windows Phone

If your smartphone is a Windows phone you can also send and receive email address via your Army knowledge online site email on Microsoft Windows phone.

  1. Open app list in your Windows phone
  2. Tap on the settings gear icon >> Email account
  3. Fill the account information accordingly and click on next to proceed
  4. Type “”  in the incoming server
  5. In the account type field select “IMAP4”
  6. In the user account user name and password fill your AKO username and password into the field and click on next.
  7. In the outgoing server column, type” without quote and click on next.
  8. Go to the advanced settings to confirm the information above. Make sure they are all exact, otherwise, edit the information and fill in the right information.
  9. Tap on the sign in button to finalize the whole process and connect your Windows phone directly to the AKO server to receive and send emails directly on your Windows phone without log into your AKO account

Can’t Connect to Army Knowledge Online Email

I was going through some forums a few days ago and stumble on a member’s request who can’t connect to Army knowledge online email site to read and send emails via his account.

However, after a series of research, I have finally found a solution to fix this problem on Safari browser and Chrome.

  • Open Safari > Safari Preferences > Privacy Tab
  • Click on Manage Website Data
  • Type “.mil” in the search box (This may take a few moments to populate depending on how many .mil sites you’ve visited)
  • Remove the “” link that appears.
  • Close completely out of Safari. 
  • Reopen and attempt to access AKO once more.

Once this is done you should be able to log into your AKO email on your Safari browser. However, if you are using a Mac computer, download and install Pkard 1.7.1  and try it to log in again.

Note: If you are running anti-virus on your computer other than the Windows Defender you may be having trouble using the Army knowledge online site. You can try to disable it and try to re-login to your account again.

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