How to Update Amazon Fire TV Firmware

This article will guide you on how to update Amazon Fire TV firmware since Amazon constantly releases updates for Amazon TV.

Updating your Firmware regularly or as soon as an update is available is necessary if you want to enjoy a seamless TV experience.

Smart TV brands such as the Amazon Fire TV regularly release firmware updates to address bugs, add new features to the smart TV, and improve the functionalities of the TV for a better experience.

Amazon Fire TV will generally update itself once there is an update and a reliable internet connection.

In cases where your smart TV does not update automatically, or you prefer to update your Amazon Fire TV firmware manually, read this article to explain how to update Amazon Fire TV firmware yourself.

Update Amazon Fire TV Firmware

Why you Should Update your Amazon Fire TV

Updating your Amazon Fire TV firmware goes beyond new features or functionality. It can go as far as fixing security issues and bugs. For this, we stated some of the reasons why you should update your Amazon Fire TV to the latest firmware whenever possible.

  1. If there are some changes made to the broadcast services of your Amazon smart TV, you will be required to do an update, so your TV can function correctly.
  2. Since your smart TV works with online streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, once the streaming services make changes in their device connection requirements, an update will be required by your TV.
  3. Sometimes your Amazon smart TV might release changes to improve the energy efficiency of your TV. In a case like that, you will be required to update your Amazon smart TV.

How to Update Amazon Fire TV using the Internet

If you prefer to update your Amazon smart TV firmware manually over the Internet, follow the steps listed below.

  • Turn on your Amazon Fire TV
  • Using your Amazon smart TV remote, navigate to the home menu.
  • Then click on the settings section.
  • Navigate to the Device or System menu from the settings section, depending on the option showing on your TV.
  • Then click on About.
  • Then select check for system update to confirm if your Fire TV has Firmware available for update.
  • If there is Firmware available for update, select install system update
  • The update should immediately start downloading.
  • After the update has been successfully downloaded, select install system update to install the update immediately. 
  • If you do not select it, the update will install when your TV has been idle for about 30 minutes or the next time you turn on your smart TV.

Generally speaking, the steps above is the official method to update Amazon Fire TV firmware to the latest version. However, updating the Amazon Fire TV via USB or flash drive is nearly impossible at the time of writing this article.

Unable to Update Amazon Smart TV Firmware Due to Internet Connectivity Issues

If you cannot update your Amazon smart TV firmware, you need to confirm that your TV is connected to a WiFi network. Follow the steps highlighted below to resolve the issue

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Then, click on network.
  • Then press play/pause on your remote to test your internet connection.
  • If your device has connectivity issues, restart your router or modem and try again.
  • Unplug your Fire TV device from the power source and wait for approximately a minute before plugging it back in.

Unable to Update Amazon Fire TV Firmware Due to Insufficient Storage Space.

If you have been unsuccessful in updating your Amazon smart TV firmware, sometimes the issue might be a lack of storage space. Follow the steps listed below to solve the problem.

  • Go to settings
  • Select My Fire TV
  • Then select About
  • Now click on Storage
  • If you do not have at least 500Mb storage space, then go to settings and delete some apps to provide additional storage space.

If you have created addional storage space, you can then download and install the Amazon smart TV firmware.

In conclusion, If you have tried both troubleshooting methods, and you are still unable to update the Firmware of your Amazon Fire TV, then you might need to seek Amazon Fire TV customer support for help.

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