How to Use a VPN

We’ll take an exclusive look at how to use a VPN for both Android, iOS, and PC users to stay ahead of a spy and ISP tracker without the fear of losing your identity online.

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a good idea for anyone who uses the internet on their computer or device. A VPN protects your data by sending it encrypted through a protected tunnel, leading to a safer online experience.

With the increase in prying eyes on internet traffic, including hackers and government entities, the interest in VPNs has risen. A VPN can do more than simply encrypt and transport your data.

Here are seven lesser-known ways how a VPN can work to make your time on the internet more enjoyable. However, this post will care your doubt regarding how to use a VPN service.

How to use a VPN

How to Use a VPN

Here are some of the top reasons why people like you and me use a VPN service to access the internet. If you haven’t been using a VPN service, here is why VPN service is popular globally.

Evade Tracking by Your ISP

There are many answers provided when internet service providers (ISPs) are asked why they insist on tracking the internet traffic of their subscribers. In most cases, they will say it is for targeted advertising.

Some believe that ISPs are doing more with the information than they lead on. The sale of your data, including website history, movement tracking, and what apps you use to third parties is a far more worrisome reason your ISP collects information.

In any case, a VPN could prevent your ISP from obtaining any of this data. Install and turn on a VPN on any device you use to browse the internet.

Shop Online Wherever You Are

Geo-restrictions can be inconvenient for far more than just streaming your favorite television shows. Some restrictions limit accessing retail sites from certain parts of the world.

If you are traveling and decide you need to order something to be waiting for you when you get back home, you may need a VPN to help access your favorite site.

A good VPN will allow you to choose which country the server is in. This will eliminate the restriction and let you shop for whatever you need.

Access Your Files at Home from Anywhere

Many people keep their most important files on their home computer. With so many of us working from home, having access to the data stored on desktops is vital to keeping business going.

There are many ways to set up remote communication with your desktop. This allows access to important files or documents while traveling. A VPN can provide security while viewing and transmitting this type of data.

Secure Use of Public WiFi

Free internet access via public WiFi networks is a way of life for many people. There are many reasons to use these networks, including saving data, poor cell service, or better download speeds.

There have been plenty of published warnings about the dangers of using this type of unsecured network. Most of these networks have no password or only a general-purpose password that is given to anyone who asks for it.

A good VPN with traffic encryption can protect your data and private information from theft by a hacker. The VPN makes any intercepted data unusable and keeps you safe while you browse via public WiFi.

Increased Privacy of Your Web Browsing

The simple truth is that websites must generate income to survive. Advertising is one of the leading ways websites get the money needed to continue operating.

Targeted advertising is the new norm. If you search for something on Amazon, you will likely see an ad for the same product, or a similar one, during your next visit to Facebook.

Companies manage this by gaining web traffic information based on your IP address. A VPN can prevent these invasive tracking practices. Your IP address becomes anonymized and eliminates the ability of sites to follow your browsing history.

Anonymous Torrent Downloads

Downloading files from peer-to-peer outlets have been around for some time. Also known as torrents, these downloads are becoming more popular.

There are plenty of people who say this behavior is only for those wishing to pirate music, TV shows, or movies. While that would be illegal use of torrents, there are free large files that make peer-to-peer downloads a necessity.

Due to the illegality of some behaviors on torrents, there are trackers that search any and all downloads. The information can be sold to third parties without your consent or knowledge.

A VPN can anonymize your IP address making trackers virtually useless. Your data will be safe when you use a torrent with a VPN enabled.

Access Geo-Restricted Content

Content that is restricted based on the location of the user is called geo-restricted or geo-blocked content. Many of these restrictions are due to the licensing agreements made by streaming providers like Netflix.

While it is unsavory to view blocked content to avoid copyright laws, there are instances where geo-restrictions are enabled to limit freedoms.

A VPN can help avoid a block by allowing you to select where the VPN server is located. If access is allowed in a particular region, you can choose that region from your VPN provider’s list of servers.

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