How To Use Mobile Hotspot Without Using Data

Hi, there, we are here again. You know we get the best option in solving your problem. Today we will be talking about, how to use mobile hotspot without using data in 2020.

We will be treating these topics with you today;

  • what is mobile hotspot?
  •  How to share your mobile hotspot on other devices?
  • Why you need a mobile hotspot
  •  How to use mobile hotspot without using data?
  •  What is tethering?
  • What is a mobile hotspot?

Imagine many people in a cafe or a large company like a bank, cafe, school, and other large company, they are connected to a wireless (Wi-Fi) where they share internet connections.

The current mobile hotspot they are connected to 4G and 3G networks and shares it with their members across the company like Airport and hotel and suite. You can connect to them and share in it if it is not encrypted or if it is not protected with a password.

use mobile hotspot without using data
use mobile hotspot without using data

How to Share Mobile Hotspot from the Standalone Device and Other Devices

What you need is to get the device that is portable that can fit into your hand and the price range from $120 to $200.

If you purchased the standalone device, all you need is to get a data plan on it that worth 3GB for $27, and that is a monthly plan and start shady it without using your mobile (WiFi). Even when on the street without using your Mobile data.

In case you want to use mobile hotspot without using data or create a mobile hot spot that can be shared to other devices with a secure connection, just go to your settings and click on it to start sharing it with different mobile device or PC and click on Connection area and finally click on the mobile hot spot Icon.

Why you need a mobile hot spot

Five tangible reasons that you need a mobile hotspot.

  • You need it for a small business or entrepreneur small business.
  • You need to stay connected with your team in the business.
  • It is good when on a business trip with your team.
  • You also need it for some Amazon remote in your small business office.

How to use mobile hot spot without using data with unlimited data

Recently I found you can turn hot spot without using data using Icon AT&T on Samsung Galaxy edge 7 and other devices. This is the simple method you have ever find out on another internet.

All you need on your devices are;

  • Packages disabled Pro or Bk package disabler from play store.
  • Wi-Fi source connection – Chromecast or other connections.

Step to use it

  • Download the BK package disabled or package disabler pro
  • search for tethering provision, and click on it – it will disable the provision that carrier use to check if you have subscribed to the hotspot.
  • Go to settings and activate the hot spot, you will see a pop-up message at the bottom of the screen, like All Apps associated with hot spot has been disabled.
  • Connect your WiFi hot spot source connected to it.
  • Turn on the WiFi on your mobile device or your PC and connect it with the source once it connected.
  • That all you have to do to enjoy unlimited data and hotspot without having data.

What is tethering?

According to the webpage, tethering is the linking of a computer or other device to a smartphone or your PC in order to connect to the internet. The tethering will cost around $30 per month, probably with some cap on the amount of data transfer allowed, which can be done over wireless LAN (WiFi)  over Bluetooth or by physical connection using a cable, like USB – According to

With all these steps I offer you today, I know you will be able to use your mobile device hot spot and sharing it with other devices without having a data plan, and I also give you step on how to use mobile hot spot or PC with an unlimited data plan, by downloading Bk package disabler.

Note; I didn’t mention that Package disabler pro is no longer available for other devices but for Samsung Galaxy Edge 7 with just 1100 Naira in Nigeria currency.

Follow all these steps and you will be fine using it without a data plan and having access to unlimited data. If you have any available Questions you want to ask about the internet or download speed delay, we are here for you to reply. Kindly drop the question in the comments section.

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