How to use the Logitech Gaming Software without a Logitech Gaming Mouse

The only product that can work with the Logitech gaming software is the products that are developed by Logitech. This means that if your Logitech gaming mouse is not working or you don’t even have a Logitech gaming mouse to use with the Logitech gaming software you won’t be able to control the Logitech software which can prompt you to uninstall the software from your Windows or Mac.

And The sole aim of this article is to put you through how to use the Logitech gaming software without a Logitech mouse. So, here you will learn the step-by-step procedures to take to use the Logitech software without the Logitech mouse.

What is Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech gaming software is a program to manage Logitech mouse. If you ain’t using the Logitech gaming software to manage the Logitech mouse then you can use Logitech Advanced Gaming Software [G Hub].

To control and use the Logitech Mouse you must have either the Logitech Gaming Software or the Logitech Advanced Gaming Software.

With this software, you can tweak your Logitech Mouse such as setting your Hotkeys, Adjust RGB, and setting your Logitech Mouse DPI.

The Logitech Software or gaming and advanced software automatically detects your Logitech Mouse and grant the access to play around the settings to make the necessary change.

And since the Logitech Gaming Software work with most of the Logitech mice in the past years, there is a possibility that the Logitech software will work will any kind of Logitech Mouse you possess.

Logitech Gaming Software

Logitech Gaming Software not Detecting Mouse

Before we discuss how to use the Logitech Gaming software without a Logitech Mouse let quickly run over things you can try on your own if the Logitech Gaming Software or Logitech Advanced gaming software is not detecting the Logitech Mouse.

Unpair the Logitech Mouse

The first step to take when the Logitech mouse isn’t working or can’t connect with the Logitech Gaming Software, the first step to take is to unpair and repair the mouse.

However, to unpair your Logitech Mouse you can use the Logitech Unifying Software to unpair the device. To do this, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Logitech Unifying Software.
  • Click on the “Advanced” feature.
  • A list of all unifying devices will appear.
  • Now, click on the name of the Logitech mouse to unpair.
  • Click on “Unpair.”

Then, re-pair your Logitech Mouse and see whether the Logitech Mouse not working will be fixed.

Update your Logitech Mouse Firmware

If your Logitech mouse firmware is outdated both the Logitech mouse and the Logitech gaming software or Logitech advanced gaming software will be malfunctioning.

Therefore, it’s advisable to check for the latest firmware version periodically to ensure nothing goes wrong with your Logitech mouse.

Update Logitech Mouse Firmware on Windows Manually

Follow the steps below to download and update the Logitech mouse firmware to the latest version.

  • Open your Windows device manager. You can do this by searching for it using the Windows search function.
  • Click on expand “Mice and other pointing devices.”
  • Right-click and select “Update Driver.”
  • In the new windows choose “search automatically for a driver update”
  • If there is an update available you will be prompted to download and install the update. But, if the Logitech mouse firmware is updated you will see a message that says the best drivers for your device are already installed.

How to Update Logitech Mouse Firmware via Logitech Unifying Software

Updating your computer Logitech unifying software could be all you need to fix the Logitech mouse not working you are battling with it. And here, we will discuss how to update your Logitech mouse firmware to the latest version via the Logitech unifying software.

  • Launch the Logitech Unifying Software.
  • Go to “Advanced.”
  • Click on the “Logitech Mouse” name.
  • Click on “Firmware Update.”

Follow the instruction on the screen to download and install the latest firmware update and then see whether your Logitech Mouse and the Logitech gaming software are still conflicting or not.

Reinstall the Logitech Gaming Software

Ideally, updating the Logitech gaming software to the latest version or updating the Logitech mouse should resolve any technical issue revolving around the Logitech mouse.

However, if the story remains the same after you have attempted the method above, reinstalling the Logitech gaming software could be your last resort.

  • Click on the arrow on your Windows taskbar to the bottom right.
  • Right-click on the “Logitech Gaming Software” and click on the “Exit” button.
  • Right-click on the “Windows button” and select “Task Manager.”
  • Click on the “Logitech Gaming Software” and click on “End Task” to the bottom right.
  • Click on the Windows search box and search for “Control Panel.”
  • Select “Uninstall a Program” under “Programs.”
  • Select the “Logitech Gaming Software” and click on “Change/Uninstall.”
  • Select “Yes” from the popup to uninstall the Logitech software from the PC.
  • Click on the Windows icon >> Restart.
  • Head back to the “Logitech” support page.
  • Select your “Windows” OS and bit [32 bit or 64 bit].
  • Click on the “Download” button to download a copy of the Logitech Gaming software to your Windows computer.
  • Click on the “Next” button on the screen.
  • The Logitech software for gaming and Logitech mouse control will start downloading.
  • Click on the “Finish” tab to complete the installation on your PC.
  • Save all opened files and restart your PC when you are prompted to restart the PC to complete the installation.

Once all the steps above have been completed, pair the Logitech Mouse to your PC and see whether the Logitech mouse not connecting to the Logitech gaming software problem will be fixed.

How to Pair Logitech Mouse

There are two types of Logitech mice. There are;

  • Logitech Wireless Mouse
  • Logitech Bluetooth Mouse.

So, we will consider how to connect your Logitech wireless mouse to your device using the Logitech Unifying software or Connection Utility Software.

How to Pair a Logitech Wireless Mouse

Follow the steps below to pair your Logitech wireless mouse after you have unpacked the mouse and inserted the batteries.

  • Unpack the Logitech wireless mouse.
  • Insert the mouse wireless USB receiver into the USB port on your computer.
  • Turn on the mouse and press either the right or left click to ensure that the mouse is turned on.
  • The Logitech mouse will detect the receive and pair itself.

However, the process above should help you pair your Logitech wireless mouse, but, always ensure that your mouse is charged to avoid disconnection from the USB receiver.

How to Pair Bluetooth Logitech Mouse

The Logitech Bluetooth Mouse doesn’t have a USB or wireless receiver and as such, you can only pair the mouse to another device using the device Bluetooth feature. Therefore, to pair your Logitech Bluetooth mouse you need to follow the steps below.

  • Open Window Settings by pressing the “Windows Key + I.”
  • Select ‘Bluetooth & Devices (Windows 11) or Devices >> Bluetooth & Devices (Windows 10).
  • Click on “Add Devices” under “Bluetooth & Devices.”
  • Select “Bluetooth.”
  • Turn on the “Logitech Bluetooth Mouse.”
  • Hang on to your computer to search for all available Bluetooth devices.
  • Click on the “Logitech Bluetooth” and “Pair.”

Once you have paired both devices together your Windows will automatically detect the Bluetooth driver and update it to work with your Window.

How to Use Logitech Gaming Software without a Logitech Mouse?

There is no way to use the Logitech gaming system without a Logitech mouse. However, to use a Logitech mouse without the Logitech software installed on your device, means that you would have to install the Logitech advanced gaming software.

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