How to Wear Aftershokz Headphones

Have you been wondering how to wear Aftershokz headphones? Perhaps you just got a pair; then this article is for you as we will be discussing how to wear your new Afttershokz headphone.

The Aftershokz headphone is quite different from traditional headphones as it uses bone conduction technology which is achieved through the transducer.

The transducer sends vibrations from your cheekbones into your inner ears.

The bone conduction technology gives the Aftershokz headphones a nice edge over traditional headphones. Some of the benefits of the Aftershokz headphones include being safer for long-term wear, relatively easier to clean, and it helps you to be more conscious of your environment due to their open ear design.

Now, let us look at how to wear Aftershokz headphones.

How to Wear Aftershokz Headphones

The position to get the best out of your Aftershokz headphones when you wear them is to put the headphones in front of your ear and not on your ear.

The Aftershokz headphones have a headband, so depending on the size or shape of your head, you can either pull it tight across your hair or allow it to droop down on your neckline.

You can also place the headband up or down, whichever position feels comfortable for you, as long as the transducers sit in front of your ears.

How to Wear Aftershokz With Glasses

To wear Aftershokz with glasses comfortably depends on a couple of variables, including the shape and size of your head and the shape of your frame.

To wear your Aftershokz headphones with glasses, you have to experiment to find which position is best comfortable for you. The only thing you have to ensure is that your headphone is sitting right in front of your ear to get the best out of it.

While it is recommended to wear your Aftershokz headphones before putting your glasses in place, you can also try to put your headphone over your glasses or switch it around by sliding the headphones forward or backward till you find the most comfortable position for you.

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How to wear Aftershokz With a Headband

You can wear Aftershokz with a headband as long as you ensure the headphone is sitting in front of your ears.

To wear your Aftershokz headphones with a headband, you need to put the band of the headphones at the back of your head and use your headband to hold it in place, then experiment with the earphones to see which position is most comfortable for you.

How to Turn on Aftershokz Headphones

It is relatively easy to turn on Aftershokz headphones, just press and hold the volume + button, which also serves as the power button for about 5-7 seconds. You will hear a message telling you to welcome to Aftershokz.

That message signifies you have turned on Aftershokz headphones and can now begin to use them as you want.

How to Use Aftershokz Multifunction Button

The Aftershokz multi-function button is located at the left side of your headphones, and with one click, you can use it to perform many functions, including controlling your music, making, and receiving phone calls.

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Below is the list of the Multifunction button commands

  • To play or pause music, click the multi-function button once.
  • Double-click the multi-function button if you are playing music and you want to skip forward.
  • Triple-click the multi-function button if you’re going to repeat or rewind a currently playing song.
  • To answer an incoming call, click the multi-function button once.
  • To end an ongoing call, click the multi-function button once.
  • Press and hold the multi-function button until the call ends to reject an incoming call.
  • Double-click the multi-function button to redial the last number in your call log.
  • Press and hold the multi-function button for about 3 seconds to activate voice assistance.

How to Use Aftershokz Multipoint Pairing

The Aftershokz multipoint pairing allows you to pair two devices to your headphones simultaneously, so you can easily transition between the two devices without having to pair each time.

To use the Aftershokz multipoint pairing feature to pair your devices, follow the steps below

  • Confirm the headphone is turned off and put the headphone in pairing mode by pressing the volume + button for about 7 seconds.
  • Then press and hold the multi-function and volume + buttons until you hear a multipoint pairing enabled message.
  • On the first device, you want to pair, select your Aftershokz headphone and click on them to pair.
  • After pairing the first device, you will hear a connected prompt.
  • Now turn off your headphone and reenter pairing mode.
  • Then go to the second device, and click on your Aftershokz headphones from the Bluetooth settings to pair it.
  • After you have paired the device, you will hear a device two-connected prompt from your headphones.


This article has explained how to wear Aftershokz headphones, including how to wear Aftershokz with glasses or with headbands.

We also looked at using the multi-function button and the multipoint sharing feature.

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