How to Make Wired Speakers wireless

Do you have the old wired speakers occupying unnecessary space in your home? Well, you can breathe fresh by changing this your old device to the new modern wireless speakers. This article will be providing all you need to make wired speakers wireless via a wireless speaker kit or amplifier.

With the use of a wireless speaker kit, you can easily convert a set of wired speakers into wireless ones. Bluetooth or radio frequency waves are used to convey audio signals via wireless speaker kits. To properly power your speakers, you might also need to include an amplifier in the arrangement.

For more info on how to make wired speakers wireless, ensure you read through every section of this post.make wired Speakers wireless

The Benefits of Making Wired Speakers Wireless

There are many advantages to adding wired speakers to a wireless system, including:

  • You can use Bluetooth and wired speakers with your smartphone.
  • You can use wired speakers with Echo devices and Chromecast for audio.
  • It gives wired speakers fresh life as a component of an established wireless audio setup.
  • You can use conventional sources to reduce wire clutter.

However, you still need to connect the speakers physically with a cable or wire for them to function, regardless of the wireless audio source, signal transmission, or reception technique employed. Your sources and wireless-to-wired conversion tools must both have electricity.

Several manufacturers produce wireless speaker kits and associated equipment, which are sold at electronics stores and internet merchants. The price varies based on whether the transmitter and receiver are supplied separately or as a kit, as well as whether you need an additional amplifier to finish your setup.

Can Wired Speakers be converted to Wireless?

Can you convert your present surround sound speakers to wireless speakers? Sure, buying a wireless speaker kit will make this extremely simple for you. By transmitting the audio signals via RF, these wireless speaker kits turn standard speakers wireless (radio-frequency).make wired Speakers wireless

How to Select the Best Wireless Speaker Kit

Wireless speaker kits are used to broadcast audio from wired speakers using a transmitter and a receiver. There are various types of wireless speaker kits, so you should be aware of this before you purchase one. The following are factors to consider when choosing the best wireless speaker kit:

Type of Wireless Speaker Kit

There are four different kinds of wireless speaker conversion kits, namely, Wireless:

  • With built-in amplifiers.
  • Without an integrated amplifier (transmits and receives audio signals only).
  • Transmits radio frequency signals (RF).
  • Transmits Bluetooth signals.

Speakers devoid of built-in amplifiers are typically less expensive and need lower power outputs. Nevertheless, you will need a wireless conversion kit with built-in amplifiers if your speakers require higher output.

Simple Setup Process

The simplicity of setup should also be taken into consideration. One of the most straightforward wireless kits we recommend is the Rocketfish RF-WRSK18. The Rocketfish automatically recognizes the transmitter-receiver pairings, unlike other wireless kits that need users to set up the transmitter and receiver channels.make wired Speakers wireless

Range of Transmission

While choosing a wireless speaker kit, keep the transmission range in mind as well. The broadcast range of a standard wireless kit is 100 to 300 feet.

The Amphony 1800 wireless speaker kit is recommended since it has a 300-foot direct range and a 100-foot range when obstructions like walls and ceilings are present.

Moreover, audio signals are sent uncompressed. There won’t be any distortion thanks to the amplifiers it has built-in.make wired Speakers wireless

How to Make Wired Speakers Wireless

To go wireless, you don’t need to purchase new speakers. To connect an existing speaker set to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for a reasonable cost so you can couple it with your phone or tablet and stream your favourite music, just follow these easy steps below to make wired speakers wireless:

Select your wireless speaker kit

Most wireless speaker kits consist of a transmitter, two receivers, and one or more receivers. In addition, cables and AC adapters are provided for the power output. There are four primary categories of wireless speaker kits.

  • To start narrowing down your options, consider whether you require a kit with an integrated amplifier.
  • Kits with built-in amplifiers are a good choice if your receiver only produces a little amount of power.
  • You don’t need to purchase a speaker kit with an amp if your speaker is active.
  • A nice option for wireless speaker kits without built-in amps is the BIC America. It has a transmission range of 60 to 80 feet and it’s simple to set up.
  • You should also check the transmitter’s and receiver’s inputs.
  • If your receiver has pre-outs, you can connect RCAs straight from the receiver to the transmitter.
  • If not, you must connect the input using regular speaker wires. A line-level converter makes it simple to convert speaker-level input to RCA-level input.
  • Wireless speaker kits do still include wires, it is true. Yet, because the sound system isn’t directly connected to the source, the speakers essentially become wireless. Instead, the amplifier receives the audio signals.

This is one way to make wired speakers wireless. You can proceed to the next step below. make wired Speakers wireless

Connect the Transmitter

The transmitter must now be connected to the built-in amplifier or stereo out. The audio signals will be wirelessly sent by transmitters using Bluetooth or radio frequency.

Depending on the kit you select, there will be several audio signal input possibilities. Typically, you will discover the following choices:

  • Speaker wires: The typical setup between transmitter inputs and receiver outputs is as follows.
  • RCA: A connection between the transmitter RCA input and the receiver pre-outs.
  • AUX 3.5mm: To connect receivers to transmitters that have a 3.5mm input, use an RCA to 3.5mm adaptor. An amplifier will be needed to provide more power for this configuration.

This is how to make wired speakers wireless. make wired Speakers wireless

Connect the Receiver

The configuration for receivers varies depending on the wireless kit you selected:

For speakers devoid of an inbuilt amplifier

  • In this case, passive speakers without an internal amplifier or power source perform well.
  • Connect RCA from the receiving unit to the amplifier if you will be using a separate amplifier. After that, join the amp’s speaker wires to the speakers.
  • Attach the AC adapter to the receiver before plugging it into a power source.

For receivers equipped with internal amplifiers

  • Although it is not common, some receiving units already come with an app.
  • From the receiver, connect your speakers straight to the speaker lines.
  • After that, plug it into a power outlet.

For speakers with built-in amplifiers

  • Those with inbuilt speakers, from the receiver, connect your speakers straight to the speaker lines.
  • After that, plug it into a power outlet.

For speakers with built-in amplifiers

The term “active speakers” refers to speakers that have an internal amplifier. These can be connected straight to an electrical socket.

To wirelessly stream audio, just connect the RCAs to the speaker and receiver.

Check your Setup

Your new wireless speaker should operate if steps 1 to 3 three were carried out without a hitch. You can test your sound system by using the following steps:

  • Check the connection between the transmitter and receiver if there is static noise, delayed audio, or muted audio.
  • Check to see if the sound quality improves by manually setting the channels between the transmitter and receiver.
  • Play with the amplifier and receiving device to alter the sound levels.
  • Your wired speakers should be able to reproduce the final sounds.

If you are still up for it and still have the energy, why not download some Tumblr music and give it a shot? This is how to make wired speakers wireless.

By making your wired speakers wireless, you can stream audio and video content from websites like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube. Even if Spotify keeps logging you out at random, we can still help.

You will need a wireless speaker kit to convert your old analog speakers into unobtrusive and practical wireless sound systems.

These wireless speaker kits use Bluetooth or radio frequency to send audio signals. Because not all speakers have an electrical power source, you might need to purchase a wireless speaker kit that also has an amplifier.

The transmitter, receiver, and amplifier all need to be connected, depending on your wireless speaker kit.

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