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Ian Keasler is known as the husband of Bruce lee’s daughter named Shannon lee. Ian Keasler is an art designer and a legal practitioner, while Shannon lee is currently an American actress, martial artist, and businesswoman. Ian Keasler stays in America and he is currently 60 years old. Anthony Ian Keasler’s net worth is estimated at around $1 million.


Ian Keasler was born in 1962 in the united states of America. he is an Art dealer and a legal practitioner. His full name is Anthony Ian Keasler. He is known as an American celebrity husband. since he came to the limelight after tying the knot with the renowned actor daughter Shannon lee.

Shannon lee was Bruce lee’s only daughter, the granddaughter of Cantonese opera singer Lee Hoi-Chuen, and the younger sister of Brandon Lee. She was born on 19 April 1969.

Early Life & Education

Ian Keasler spent most of his early life in America where he was born. he comes from a white ethnicity race and holds American citizenship. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough information concerning who his parents, or siblings are.

After going through the normal high school stage he proceeded to study legislative law where he graduated with a Bachelor in Legislative Law (L.L.B) degree from Tulane University.

Moving on he enrolled at the Pepperdine University School of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctorate in Law degree.

Ian Keasler Career

After his studies at the University School of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctorate in Law degree. he became a full-fledged lawyer. However, he’s also recognized as an art dealer after gaining some level of experience in it.

however, his wife Shanon Lee who is famously known as the daughter of Bruce Lee started her career in the 1990s as an actress. Three years later she made her debut appearance in a film named the title of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, where she was a part singer of the song “California Dreamin.” The year after she appeared in another film called Cage 11, where she appeared with Lou Ferrigno, who is a veteran bodybuilder and an actor.

Moving on she had other roles in films such as High Voltage with Antonio Sabato Jr. Fatre achieving some level of success she starred in the film Enter the Eagles, which was a Hong Kong action movie that co-starred Anita Yuen and Michael Wong, and it was directed by Corey Yuen.

That wasn’t all as she also appeared in different television series like Martial Law (1998), and Epoch in 2001. later that year she was given a lead role in a 2001 action film titled Lessons for an Assassin.

After acting in numerous action movies, more and more people began to take notice of her. All of this led to the role she was given as the host of the first season of the WMAC game show.

Shannon also produced some films to remember her dad such as The Legend of Bruce Lee. which is a film based on the life of her father, Bruce Lee. And a documentary film called How Bruce Lee Changed the World, which was released in 2009.

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Currently, Shannon Lee is the president of the Bruce Lee Foundation.

Ian Keasler Wife: Shannon Lee

Ian Keasler

Ian Keasler initially met Shannon lee for the first time in August 1988. They were attracted to each other after their first meeting, which made them start the courtship process lasting for 6 years before they both settled down in 1994.

Nin years later they welcomed their first who was a girl. her name is Wren Lee Keasler. Currently, she will be 20 years old

Ian Keasler’s net worth

Being an art dealer and a legal practitioner who has been practicing the law by upholding his client’s rights on the legal issues. coupled with his job working as a licensed attorney for a California-based law firm, State Bar of California since 2000. he earns an average of $89,664 annually as a lawyer, however, some reports state that he makes $400,000 annually.

However his exact net worth isn’t completely known, however, his wife Shannon lee has a net worth of $10 million

Ian Keasler Movies

Ian Keasler is an art dealer and a lawyer, even though his wife is into acting full time he hasn’t participated in any of her films. So it is safe to say he hasn’t featured in any movies to date however his wife Shannon has acted in a series of movies like the ‘Dragon, Cage II, ‘High Voltage,’ ‘High Voltage,’, Enter the Eagles, and a Bruce Lee documentary Film

Ian Keasler and Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee was the elder brother to Shannon Lee, he was an actor, who was mostly featured in action movies too. While he was growing up, he gradually begin to emulate his father’s footprints with the way he acted. Unfortunately, all these came to a halt after he was accidentally shot on stage while filming the movie “the crow”. The shot pierced through his abdomen leaving him in a droll of blood. he was immediately rushed to the hospital, however, he wasn’t able to make it.

 Some sources say he was just about to get married when the whole incident happened.

Brandon Lee is the only son of Chinese Martial arts expert, Bruce Lee which makes him a brother-in-law to Ian Keasler.

Ian Keasler Kids 

Ian Keasler

It took a while before Ian Keasler and Shannon lee gave birth to their First child since they married in the year 1994 and their first child wren Lee Keasler was born in the year 2003, probably her parents were the busy type and they needed a convenient time so that the wife will be free and ready to take care of an infant.

Currently, they have one child and she is 20 years old as of April 28th, 2022

Shannon Lee Martial Art

Shannon Lee was also a martial artist just like her dad, she trained and improved her skill in fighting by following the tutelage of one of her dad’s students (Richard Bustillo)However, Shannon’s serious studies began late in the 1990s when she began to train for parts in action movies.

Ian Keasler Age

Anthony Ian Keasler was born in 1962, however, the exact month or date hasn’t been known to the public the only details we know of is the year he was born making his current age 60

However, his wife Shannon lee who was born in the year April 19, 1969, will have held her 53rd birthday a few days ago. Ian Keasler holds American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. He was born in the United States.

Ian Keasler Full Name

Coming from American background and getting married to an Asian make the union an interesting one, His wife is an actress while he is an art dealer and a legal practitioner. His Full name is Anthony Ian Keasler

Ian Keasler Height and Weight

Ian Keasler is a private person. He rarely releases information about his personal life on social media. This alone makes it hard to find the exact date he was born and his exact body measurement.

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