Infinix Note 3: The King of All Infinix Mobility Devices

This is my first time with Infinix phone. Honestly, the brand is amazing. I can’t say less of it. My imagination was surpassed. I have been seeing it around but I never take a look at the performance. All I checked is the phone specs such as the OS, camera features, RAM and mainly battery capacity. And after that I ditched it. But later confirmed that everything is just woow after I spent few days with the new Infinix Note 3 I got at a very cheap rate, just N51,000.

Note that I’m not talking about Note 3 pro. Note 3 price will definitely be higher than Note 3 price even though the difference between their specs is noticeable. If you want to buy Infinix Note pro 3 I’ll advise you first check the online price on Konga and Jumia respectively.

While I was searching for cheap and affordable phone to buy, the price on these online store are much more expensive when compared with offline stores. If you check Konga or Jumia for the price of Note 3 don’t be surprise if your see a price rate of N53000 – N 56,000, even more without shipping fee. Infinix Note 3 or Note 3 pro price in Nigeria is till very much affordable compare to what you will enjoy using the device.

You may want to consider Infinix Note 4 because of resolution but trust me, Note 3 and Note 3 pro rock. Note 4 is just a modified Note 3.

Everything is just wooow! But before we dig deep into the Infinix Note 3 review let take a look at some amazing features of this smart-device.

Infinix Note 3

Infinix Note 3 Specifications

Before I proceeded to get Note 3 Infinix brand, I had read about it online and know much of it specs from GSMarena. So, when I walked into a phone store and started telling them all the specs and why I need the brand I couldn’t be easily convinced to get a Inifinix Hot S because it has 3GB RAM while Infinix Note 3 has 2GB RAM.

You must be surprised that I ditched a 3GB RAM device for 2GB RAM right? Well, since I’m not a game addict I can easily cope with a device with 2GB RAM and with a powerful battery capacity of 4500mAh and that it what Infinix Note 3 has, don’t  know of Note 3 pro though.

Infinix Note 3

You may also want to know about the camera feature and how sharp it’s when I made my first shot. In fact my first shot was very ugly because I was in a hurry to test run it whether it’s exact feature that I read on gsmarena and as written on the package.

With 13MP camera at the back and 5MP camera at the rear someone can tell me the device rock at that price. Take a comparison between Note 3 and Innjoo Max 2 in terms of camera feature, Innjoo max 2 is far better in terms of megapixel but trust me they are no way comparable. Innjoo Max 2 run on 1GB RAM while Infinix Note 3 runs on 2GB RAM, so they are not comparable.

Infinix Note 3 specs

The fingerprint scanner located at the back of the device right below the back camera is dope. It’s super sharp and very sensitive to touching. One thing I noticed about this fingerprint sensor is that it overwrites other passwords on Infinix Note 3 Android phone. The only password I couldn’t use the fingerprint sensor to unlock is my Notepad password. I think the parent company, mobility itself sees it that Notepad could contain a more sensitive document or information.

One thing to consider when buying a new phone is the battery capacity. Infinix Note 3 whooped in 4500mAh battery capacity and it charges very fast. In fact, at a speed very close to the speed of….. Not light, Ok! But it charges very fast and drains normal.

If you are not a phone addict you should be able to use your Infinix Note 3 battery for 48 hours using only Whatsapp, Facebook, and probably Instagram and snapchat if fully charged.

I intentionally went for Infinix Note 3 model all in the name of the battery capacity. And I never have a reason to regret buying it in the first place.

Even for a game addict, you should be OK with a dual core smartphone. Infinix Note 3 rides on 1.3GHz.

Below expectation right? No! Even Infinix Note 4 rides on 1.6GHz. That is why I said earlier that Infinix Note 4 is a modified version of Infinix Note 3.

Infinix Note 3 has no single button. It’s just like the other Infinix brand you know except Infinix Note 4 which features Galaxy like button on the screen to the bottom line. Volume down and volume up with the power off and on button are located to the right edge of the device. In fact, SIM card slot is located above volume key to the other edge side.

Infinix Note 3

Infinix Note 3 X601 has a battery charging indicator at the upper part of the device screen right after the device earpiece. When you put the device into external speak you definitely move from earpiece speaker to the speaker besides the mouthpiece below the device edge.

Infinix Note 3 external speaker

There is only one port at the upper edge. And that is the hand-free port. It’s very important to plug your device earpiece whenever you want to make use of the device radio for the device to use it as an antenna for quality signal.

Infinix Note 3

And I have been talking about the pros of the X601 Infinix device since we started this review, what about the cons? Do you know despite the device charges under 2 hours I can tell you categorically that there is no signal to show to you when you device is  fully charged.

Not a con? Good!

Trust me I have not recorded a flaws on this device since I started using Infinix Note 3.

Infinix Note 3 feature a non-removable battery and back cover. I don’t see to like that though but it’s not barrier since there are other smartphones out there with the same exact con.

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How to Insert SIM into Infinix Note 3 Smartphone

This is not something new though but TRUST me you can spend the whole trying to feature out this. It’s note a fairy tale but you need it. How to insert SIM card into Infinix Note 3 device is a simple thing though but you need one important tool.


Infinix Note 3 Review

There is a PIN attached to your device to unhooked the SIM slot from the hole such that when your insert the PIN it will expunge the SIM card tray.

Now get the PIN and insert it into the whole besides the SIM slot and push it in, NOT HARDER but a little be hard to pull out the tray. The SIM card tray portray a two SIM slot since Infinix Note 3 is a dual SIM card device.

Slot the two SIM card into it and push the tray in without inserting the PIN and you are good.

Please keep the PIN safe as you will always need this whenever you want to expunge the SIM card tray from it abode.

My Verdict Infinix Note 3

There is always a way forward. When Infinix first came to Nigeria we the hope that they would operate for few years and disappear into the thin air. But trust me today, Infinix is rocking it big time in Nigeria. Infinix has more smartphones than most companies who came into Nigeria market before their arrival but today, Infinix has the second largest users in Nigeria after Tecno mobile.

Infinix Note 3 or Infinix Note 3 pro is a brand for those that are in vogue, for me and for you! If you need an amazing device to supercharge your mobile life everyday, just go for Infinix Note 3!

I love Infinix Note 3!

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