New Specs As Nokia 3310 Android Price & Specs Revamped


I know you won’t be surprised at what HMD Global is doing at revamping the old Nokia 3310 into an Android phone with more qualities compared to the old Nokia 3310 cell phone. The revamping of the old Nokia phone will leave you an amazed offer and unidirectional option as to what to go for.

To consider Nokia 3310 Android price or Nokia 3310 Android specs. This is going to be the greatest funny meme for most phone manufacturer in 2017 but it won’t be for Nokia. Though, the rumor that was being spread on social media such as Facebook that the new Nokia 3310 will run an Android OS will soon be confirmed and most importantly, will be affirmed when the device is launched in India, comes May 2017.

After 17 years of Nokia 3310 existence, new story is about to emerge as HMD Global, the prime company that owns 3310 is bringing new thing on board entirely into the old device, with the device price, specs and OS.

Meanwhile, the 17 years old Nokia phone previously owned by Microsoft got it back into the world of telecom after almost two decades will now start the competing market with popular smartphones again.

For revamping the old Nokia 3310, HMD Global is expected to bring in new specs entire coupled with amazing design different from the previous. However, Nokia 3310 Android price is yet not announced  (within the range of £130) but we have it that the specs of the device will have a space in mobile community running on Android OS, perhaps Android M 6.0 or Android Marhsmallow or even the latest updated of the device.


However, for the love of smartphone, Nokia 3310 Android price won’t be a much to expect once the expected  specs are being featured. Specs such as a better RAM compared to existing smartphones, nice camera feature if at all it will have one, camscanner for more security measure and finally, ROM worth of 32GB shouldn’t a problem of HMD Global this time.

What are you really wait for when HMD Global finally released Nokia 3310 in 2017?


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