iPhone Has Been Hacked Pop Up

If you suddenly receive your iPhone has been hacked pop up notification. This means your device has been compromised and your actions are being tracked by a hacker.

However, you need to be extra careful when you get a pop-up notification that says “My iPhone has been hacked” you need to be careful and avoid clicking any link in the notification in other not to complicate the issue.

However, with this guide, we will see how to curtail and control hacker’s message on your iPhone “your iPhone has been hacked. All information on your device is being tracked by the hacker. Immediate action required.”

iphone has been hacked pop up

How to Fix iPhone Has Been Hacked Pop Up

First, you need to avoid any interaction with the hacked message on your iPhone. However, interacting with the pop-up will further escalate the problem and grant the hacker access to your phone browser and keep redirecting your browser to a download page.

And secondly, safely close your Safari browser without clicking on the hacker’s message. This will still put you on the safe side. And after the whole scenario as stated above you should take the following steps to take control of your phone after te message iPhone has been hacked popped up.

Restart Your iPhone

Follow the steps below to restart your iPhone

  • Press down either the volume and the side button /or/ Press down either the volume and the side button until your device power off. Depending on the model of your iPhone.
  • Drag the slider, until your device turns off.
  • Press and hold the power button to turn your device turn back on.

Update Your iPhone

It’s important to always keep your iPhone up to date to maintain your phone’s security. Each updated iOS version that is released by Apple often includes security updates for all apple devices, software, and services.

  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Tap Automatic Updates, then turn on Download iOS Updates.
  • Turn on Install iOS Updates.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update. 

 Remove Malicious Extension From Safari 

Malicious extensions often get installed when your browser is infected with malicious software. Therefore, it is advisable to remove extensions you cannot identify.

  • Open your Safari browser.
  • Scroll down on the home screen.
  • Look for the extension you want to remove.
  • Hold down the extension icon and tap delete.
  • Clear browsing history and data from Safari
  • Clear history and data from your safari browser if you have clicked an infected link on a suspicious website. 

 Follow these steps to clear cookies and website data in Safari:

  • In the Safari app on your device, Select Safari > Settings, then tap Privacy.
  • Click manage website data.
  • Click Remove or select all websites and click remove all.

Remove Suspicious Apps From Your iPhone

Remove any unfamiliar or suspicious apps to get rid of any malicious pop-ups on your device. Some apps participate in potentially unwanted ads which could have caused the pop-up.

  •  Press and hold the app icon.
  • Tap remove app to rid of the malicious app. 

Install an Ad Blocker

Install an ad blocker to prevent pop-ups and ads from displaying when you visit a website. It protects your browser from malware and blocks ads from accessing your browsing history and personal information. You can choose to continue seeing unobtrusive ads or block all ads by default.

Install a Third-party Antivirus

Installing a third-party antivirus can help to detect any virus. There are several third-party antivirus software you can choose from. They can warn you when you want to download software that contains malicious code.

iphone has been hacked pop up iphone has been hacked pop up

Is Your iPhone Has Been Hacked Pop-up Real?

Your iPhone has been hacked pop up notification is a scam caused by visiting malicious websites on your browser.

The scam aims at making its recipient panic by tricking them into thinking their iPhone has been hacked thereby forcing them to click on it.

Clicking malicious ads can infect your browser with malware or download unwanted plugins, extensions, or software on your browser.

How Does Apple Notify You If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked?

If Apple suspects that your iPhone has been hacked a threat notification will be displayed at the top when you sign into your Apple ID.

In addition, you will also get an email and message notification to the phone number and email address that you use to create your Apple ID.

Your iPhone Has Been Hacked What To Do

Below is what to do if you get a notification that your phone is hacked:

  • Avoid interacting with the pop-up.
  • Restart your iPhone.
  • Update your iPhone.
  • Remove an unwanted extension from Safari.
  • Remove suspicious apps from your iPhone.
  • Install an Antivirus.

Does Apple Notify You If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked? 

Yes, Apple will notify you if the company suspect that your iPhone has been hacked. You will receive an email and message notification on both your phone number and email address that was used to create your Apple ID.

You will also get a notification on your iPhone when you log into your Apple ID account.

I Clicked On A Link And It Said My Phone Was Hacked

Phishing is a social engineering scam that has threatened the security of both Apple and Android devices. It requires the help of a hacker to be carried out.

If you click on a malicious link that says your iPhone has been hacked. You may find a close or exit button, make sure you do not click on the pop-up. Simply close the window or tab on your browser to stay safe.

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