iPhone XL: How to Check Your Battery Percentage

iPhone XL and iPhone do not have the home button to check battery percentage like the old iPhone 8, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5, and the rest. Without the home screen button on iPhone XL, it’s skeptical to take screenshots on iPhone XL and return back to the home screen not to talk about how to see the battery percentages, what you have consumed, how fast the battery drains, what percentages do you have left after you fully charged the iPhone.

The view iPhone XL battery percentage is one of the hidden features of iPhone X and iPhone XL which are not hidden in iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8.

If you are a fan of Android phones you will probably know how to check Android phones battery percentages, how to hide the battery percentages, how to hide it when charging and how to unhide it.

For iPhone, it is a new feature to hide the battery percentage due to the absence of the iPhone 10 new arrangement and the new technology imbibed.

As frustrating as view iPhone XL battery percentage level might seem there is a tricky and easy way to access battery percentage on the device. The same thing also works for iPhone X. You can only experience little or no difference between iPhone X and iPhone XL unlike iPhone 8 vs iPhone X.

iPhone XL: How to Check Your Battery Percentage

iPhone XL: How to Check Your Battery Percentage

To view iPhone XL battery percentages swipe down the iPhone XL screen from the top-right corner to open iPhone XL control center. You only need to access your iPhone control center to see what you have left of your iPhone X and XL battery percentage.

You must swipe down from the top-right of your iPhone to check battery percentage. Swiping down from the left-top corner will not reveal your iPhone XL device battery percentage.

Check out the .GIF to see the exact way to view battery percentage on Apple iPhone XL.

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