Is the Huawei P40 Waterproof

Huawei P40 is not a waterproof device. The device “IP68” rating means that the device is fully a dust-resistant device and partially waterproof. If you have got the Huawei P40 and shows concern about the phone waterproof status whether it can stand against salt-water like sweat or can be used in the pool or shower or during your daily exercise you will find this guide as an eye-opener.

The IEC standard rating is what tech giants use to define the water-resistant level of any smartphone. When Apple introduced Face ID in iPhone 11 and iPhone XR variants the brand became popular as it adds another security layer to the device. However, the iPhone 9 waterproof and other iPhone devices that are waterproof starting from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with “IP67” rating other smartphones manufacturers like Huawei has inculcated the habit to make new phones partially waterproof.

What makes the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro waterproof-like is that the device can survive in water not more than 6 feet (2 meter) for 30 minutes under normal temperature. The highest water-resistant rating a device can have is “8” which will make the device worth using after the phone has spent half an hour fighting for its life in the pool or shower.

Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are not exceptional. Both devices came with “IP68” standard rating which means that the Huawei P40 variants came with highest dust resistant feature. The dust resistant feature ranges from 0 – 6. The “0” value is the least while the “6” is the highest. With the IP dust resistant rating for Huawei P40 and P40 Pro, it means that the device is fully secured against dust.Huawei P40 Waterproof

In the other hand, Huawei P40 Pro waterproof is not 100 percent certain. The device features the highest moisture or water protection level which is the “8” in the “IP” rating. By standard, smartphone water-resistant “IP” rating ranges from “0 – 8”.

And Huawei P40 feature “8” as it water or moisture resistant rating it means that the device has a lifespan of 30 minutes in water or the shower before the water protection will subdue to the power of the liquid substance.

This means that if the Huawei P40 mistakenly fell into the water it’ll survive the hurdle without repairing. Water spoils phones faster than cracking of the device screen.

Waterproof Huawei P40 can be used in the pool for just 30 minutes after which the phone power to withstand moisture will be subdued. For this, it’s not advisable to use the Huawei Phone P40 in water either in the pool or shower.

The Huawei P40 can survive 30 minutes in water without damage but the chemicals from the soap and other detergents used can perforate the device and create ways for water to bypass the device water restriction.

Is the Huawei P40 Waterproof?

No! Huawei P40 and P40 Pro aren’t waterproof. They are both water-resistant. With an “IP68” rating it means that Huawei P40 and P40 Pro are water-resistant for 30 minutes and fully secure for the dust to pass through it.

How to Protect Water-resistant Phone

If you cannot afford not to make use of your phone in your swimming pool or shower. You will need to cough out a few dollars to buy your first Huawei Waterproof case.

Waterproof cases are LifeProof for smartphones that protect the device from water-damage and use free. It fits into the phone with a feature to block all entry to the phone so that water and other liquid substances will be blocked from damaging the phone.

The waterproof case can help smartphone users to add more to the age of their phones from water-damage over time.

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