Is the iPhone 8 Waterproof OR Water Resistant?

Is the iPhone 8 waterproof? No! iPhone 8 is a water-resistant phone. iPhone 8 is built with an IP67 rating. This implies that the iPhone 8 is not waterproof but water-resistant. With the IP67 rating, an iPhone 8 can survive up to 30 minutes in water that is not more than 3 feets. But the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are water-resistant phones.

The IP67 rating is a standard rating by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The “IP” means “Ingress Protection”, while “6” indicate “dust protection” and “7” stands for “moisture protection”. In the IEC rating, 6 is the highest dust protection rating while 7 is the second top-level moisture protection.

This means that any iPhone with the dust protection number “6” can survive being submerged into the water from 6 inches to 3 feet for a maximum of 30 minutes and it will not be affected bu water damage.

However, with time, your phone will not maintain 100% sealed. Neither iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is waterproof. They are both water-resistant phone.

As far as AppleCare is concerned, your iPhone 8 isn’t covered and water damage voids your phone warranty. This doesn’t mean that your Apple device will be damaged when submerged in water under 30 minutes.Is iPhone 8 waterproof

Is the iPhone 8 Waterproof?

There is no smartphone that is 100% waterproof even the new Samsung Galaxy S8. Apple iPhones are water-resistant and not waterproof. iPhone 7 is the starting point of IP67 waterproof on iPhones. At that time, the iPhones waterproof [water resistant] feature became the point of sale.

Is iPhone 7 waterproof? No! There is no iPhone product that is 100% waterproof. They are all water-resistant with the IP67/68 rating. Start from iPhone 7 to iPhone 11, all iPhone with an IP67 rating can withstand 6 inches to 3 feet when in water for not more than 30 minutes.

The new Apple iPhone 11 pro came with a better rating of “IP68” under IEC standard 60529. The means that, when the new iPhone 11 is submerged into the water it can withstand up to 13 feet in water for 30 minutes. The water-resistant feature is proving to be waterproof. However, with the number “8” in the rating standard, it means that the new “iPhone 11” features the highest moisture protection.

Is Apple iPhone 8 Water Resistant?

The Apple iPhone 8 is a water-resistant phone and it can survive underwater for 30 minutes when it mistakenly falls or dip into the water.

However, AppleCare warranty covers your phone damage but not to the extent of water-damaged. This means if your Apple phone mistakenly falls into the water and got destroyed your warranty will be void automatically.

This could cost you as high as $100 to repair if not beyond repair. However, to keep your phone warrant and make sure it’s not void. You’d need to stay away from water for more than 30 minutes.

When your phone spend more than 30 minutes underwater the key slots such as the SIM and external card slots will start slacking and that might cost you more than you can chew.

In other to stay save, always keep your Apple devices away from water. It’s not even advisable to toy with your iPhone beside the water.

How Long Can iPhone 8 be in Water

iPhone 8 is made with IP67 which implies that the Apple device can survive in 6 inches – 3 feet water under 30 minutes. Anything above that will damage your phone. And don’t forget that AppleCare does not cover Apple phone water-damaged.

If you don’t want your phone to be destroyed by water when it falls into it shouldn’t be more than half an hour else the phone compartments will start to lose out and this can affect your phone.

Can iPhone 8 Get Water Damage?

The Apple iPhone 8 is not a waterproof device. It’s a water-resistant device after iPhone 7. This implies that after a certain period water can find its way into the device and that is why it should be kept away from water.

Water can destroy your Apple device when it spent more than the dust protection and moisture protection can take underwater.

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