Jake Andrich Net Worth and Biography

Full NameJake Andrich
Famous NameJakipz Andrich
DOBNoember 7th 1996
Age (April 2022)25years
Place of Birth Alberta , Canada
ProfessionSocial media Influencer
Net worth$4-5 million
SexualityFluid Sexuality
Zodiac signScorpio
Twitter Handle@Jakipz99395720
Instagram Handle@jakekipz
Youtube Handle@Jakipz
SchoolPrivate school in Alberta
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBlack
Hair LengthShort
ResiedenceEdmonton, canada
TattooInked tattoo in covering a large part of his body

 Jake Andrich is a well-known fitness model, actor, Tiktok star, Youtuber, and a social media star on an adult content site called Onlyfans.

Jake hails from Canada and one of the things that made him rise to fame quickly was his explicit video and images on his social media accounts.

He posts adult content on a separate account and has been able to garner millions of followers due to factors like his charming personality.

Jake Andrich Early Life

Jake was born in November 1996 in Canada where he undertook his early education in a private school in Alberta, there hasn’t been enough information about his later qualifications.

However, after his education, he got a 16 hours days labouring job as a tradesman job before he ventured into the adult industry.

Jake Andrich Career

After Jake Andrich used to be Tradesman, Carpenter, and Plumber and he usually operates heavy equipment. AFter on he went ahead to join the adult content site only fans where he gains followers and popularity from viewers, he has different social media accounts where he has been able to gather a huge following including a youtube channel with over 186k subscribers, where he post his daily routine videos.

Now, there has been some rumour whether jake is Gay, let’s find out below.

Jake Andrich Family

Jake Andrich has been private about his parents since he hasn’t made mention of them yet and he doesn’t post their images on social media however he has a sister, an elder one, who is a year and 6 months older than him.

Is Jake Andrich Gay?

No. He called himself fluid sexuality

A Handful of his fans say he is Gay while some are still unsure whether he is or not. Probably he is but from one of his youtube live videos. he was asked if he was straight or LGBT+, and he replied that he is neither.

Although some still believe he is, gay, it’s unsure why he isn’t direct concerning his sexuality rather he called himself fluid sexuality.

what this means is, that his sexuality isn’t cast in stone, he could jump to anyone he feels. This info leaves his followers confused and curious about who he really is.

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Jake Andrich Religion

Looking at jake, there might be little to no signs that he is a religious dude, however, sources say he comes from a Christian background so, he’s most likely a Christian by religion.

Jake Andrich Tattoo

If you look at the picture above of Jake Andrich, one of the things you’ll notice is the number of tattoos on his body.

He covered almost 50% of his body with tattoos if not more, and the tattoos on his body depict Greek and Egyptian mythology which claims an Ancient God which can be seen in his body art.

According to jake, he said the tattoos match his fluid sexuality.

How Old Is Jake Andrich (Jakipz)? 

25 years old

As of this day, April 4th 2022, Jake Andrich AKA Jakipz should be 25 years of age, but in the next few months, he will be 26th since his birthday is just 5 months away.

How tall Is Jakipz?

1.68m tall and weighs 65kg.

Jake Andrich has a bodybuilder statue, probably he constantly visits the gyms from quite a young age to look that built, he stands at a height of 1.68m, that just about the average height for men. Besides the weight of around 65kg

Is Jake Andrich on Wikipedia

Not all celebrity media star has a Wikipedia page, for example, Joe Pesci’s daughter, tiffany Pesci, or Idris Elba’s daughter the sea applies to jake Andrich, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile yet maybe he will have one later.

Jake Andrich’s Net worth


Obviously, most online celebrity stars are usually rich, Jake’s source of income comes from the money he earns on his various media accounts online. some reports say he is frugal with his spending. And he rarely splurges it on unnecessary things, why some say he is an active real state and property investor.

It is said that his first million came while he was just 24 years of age, and as of today, his current Net worth is expected to be around USD 4-5 million approximately. 

Jake Andrich Social media

Jake Is on numerous social media accounts such as TiktokInstagram and Only fan. you can search for his name and follow him on these platforms, on these accounts he is famous for his explicit videos and comedy video and he is also a Social media Influencer with millions of followers online.

TikTok Account

Jake started his Ticktok account around 2020 and as of now, he has over 24 million views. On his account, he posts videos of him dressing up, Modelling style, and some short videos. you can check him out on TikTok.Jake Andrich

Jake Andrich Onlyfan

Jake has an Onlyfan account, and as you know, only fan pays their content creator, for each post on their platform, Andrich makes quite a lot from only fans with his huge following of over 1 million fans. He usually posts 18+ content on his account.

Jake Andrich Twitter

Jake Andrich twitter hand has over 315k followers and following 17 people as we write. You can follow Andrich on Twiiter via @Jakipz99395720

Who is Jake Andrich’s Girlfriend

There Is no clear information regarding this question since he hasn’t said anything about it, however, he mentioned seeing himself as a person with a fluid personality so he might have a gay partner instead of a girlfriend or none yet.

Does Jake Andrich have a partner?

His looks and height make it hard to come up with the conclusion that he presently has no partner, As of now, we can only make assumptions about it. probably he will make it public later in the future since fans are interested in knowing about this.

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