How to Fix KB3177467 Windows 7 Update Failed

If you are faced with the Windows 7 KB3177467 update failed, this post will help you to understand why the update failed and provide a possible solution on how to fix it.

Not all Windows 7 users will see this failed update. Only those using the Windows Defender for Windows 7 will see the KB3177467 Windows 7 Windows Defender update failed when an attempt to update the Windows Defender in Windows 7 to the latest definition with the name KB3177467 is made and the update fails.


What is KB3177467?

KB3177467 is a Windows 7 Defender update definition code name to upgrade Windows 7 outdated Windows Defender to the latest version to further fix bugs and loopholes in the previous update.

Loopholes and bugs that can create an avenue for hackers, malicious code, spyware, and malware to steal your information without your permission and infect your Windows computer with a virus or Trojan.

How to Fix KB3177467 Update Error

You can follow various approaches to fix the update error. What is most important is to fix it and be able to update your Windows Defender.

However, here, I have explained in detail two quick approaches to fix the Windows Defender update failed on Windows 7 with a tagged KB3177467 definition failed.

Disable 3rd Party Anti-virus

Before you attempt to update the Windows Defender I’d advise you disable or remove any 3rd party anti-virus you are using.

  1. Click on the Windows 7 icon
  2. Click on the control panel
  3. Type the name of the anti-virus into the search box
  4. Click on the enter button
  5. Click on the anti-virus and click on uninstall
  6. Remove the anti-virus from your computer

Now, after you have successfully removed the anti-virus from your computer, restart the computer to clear the anti-virus remain.

After that, go back to your Windows Defender update interface and click on update the button. The update should go through. Once it has updated successfully, you can re-install the 3rd party antivirus again.

Troubleshoot Windows 7

You can also troubleshoot your Windows 7 when you encounter the KB3177467 failed update error to fix it. When you get a series of errors on when updating your Windows 7 Windows Defender, troubleshooting the error will give some suggestions on what to do to make it work.

  1. Download Troubleshoot software from here
  2. Run the troubleshooter software by clicking on the troubleshoot executable file
  3. When you are done restart your computer.

Before you begin the Windows 7 Defender update it’s best to restart your computer to clear all remains that can cause the error again.

Update Windows Defender

Now, after you have successfully troubleshot your computer, next is to search for your Windows Defender update.

  1. Go to Windows Start
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Click on Update & Security
  4. Click on Windows Update
  5. Select Check for updates 

If there is an update available go ahead to install the updated. With the troubleshooting approach, the KB3177467 failed attempt will be successful.

Note: With the above steps it’s not 100% guarantee that the error will go, however, another recommended approach is to fix the error manually.

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