Kiya Winston Net Worth,Clothing Line, Husband, and Kids

Kiya Winston is a successful businesswoman, and she is doing good on her own before age 15. Her fame isn’t attributed to her husband’s, Mike Tomlin’s fame. Kiya started a clothing line at 11 and changed her focus to start her fashion empire, which she is known for as of today.

For her workaholic spirit, she built a fortune as a fashion designer, and her estimated net worth is approximately $1 – $2 million in 2022. This doesn’t include her husband’s net worth of about $16 million.

Although we cannot neglect the fact that Kiya’s husband helped her business grow because of his popularity and influence.

Kiya Winston Early Biography

Kiya Winston was born on the 3rd of September 1975 in Morristown, New Jersey, United States. She started her clothing line when she was 11 for personal use and made ready-to-wear for herself, which later transit into a fashion empire today. Thanks to her parents that didn’t kill the person in her to start her own fashion house, from a room clothing line to a globally known empire.

She spent her early life designing different child clothes and sewing them. She made clothes for babies and herself. However, it is worth mentioning that Kiya and her siblings were raised by her mother following her divorce.

Kiya Winston Age

Kiya Winston age is 47. She was born in 1975, and her husband was born in 1972. Kiya and Mike got married in 1996 at 21 and 24, respectively. Since then, the couple has since stayed happily married with three kids, Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, Michael Dean Tomlin, and Mason Tomlin.

Kiya Winston Net Worth

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Kiya Winston Husband

Mike Tomlin, whose full name is Michael Pettaway Tomlin, is Kiya Winston’s husband. Mike is a professional American football head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League.

Mike joined Steelers in 2007, and he has since led his side to 10 playoff runs, 7 title division wins, three AFC championship games, participated twice in Super Bowl, and won the Super Bowl XLIII.

In 2008, Mike became the youngest head coach to compete and win the Super Bowl. In 2017, Sean McVay broke Tomlin’s Super Bowl coach record to become the youngest Super Bowl winner’s head coach at 30.

Kiya Winston Net Worth

Kiya doesn’t publicize how much she is worth, but she is worth a reasonable amount of dollars. However, from our research and what we see around the web, Kiya Winston’s net worth falls between $1 – $2 million in 2022.

So, from what we research, we found out that her husband, Mike has an annual salary of about $6 million and is worth around $16 million as we write.

Meanwhile, Kiya makes most of her fortune from her fashion house and modeling career even though she didn’t publicize that she’s a model.

Kiya and Mike Children

The couple has three kids; Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, Michael Dean, and Tomlin, Mason Tomlin. They had their first son, Michael Dean Tomlin, in 2001 and Mason Tomlin, their second son, in 2002. In 2006, they had their first daughter, Harlyn Quinn Tomlin, who is 16 in 2022.

Kiya Winston Parents

Winston’s parents’ information is not available as we speak. Her mother’s or father’s name is still under review. However, we got to know that Kiya and her sisters were raised by her mother following her separation from her husband.

There is no record of whether Kiya’s parents remarried or not or whether they are by any means reconciled their differences as we speak, and Kiya keeps calm and feels resilient to speak about her parents.

Mike Tomlin Wife

Kiya Winston Tomlin is Mike Tomlin’s wife and a mother of three, two boys and a girl who are in their early twenties and late 10.

Kiya Winston Clothing Line

Kiya started her clothing line by making clothes for herself at the age of 11 and switched to a full-time fashion designer building her clothing line empire while in the university. 

Winston’s fortune is from her clothing line and other investments. However, Kiya is known as a professional designer and wife to the professional NFL coach, Mike Tomlin.

How Tall is Mike Tomlin’s Wife

Kiya Winston’s height is about 5.2 ft tall with an approximate solution. That is not a barrier for her clothing line because she had enough experience designing clothes from her childhood, so she knows the nitty-gritty of sewing.

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