Lock On Snapchat Story: What It Is And How To Create One

This article will explain what it means to see the lock on the Snapchat story, and hoe can create one yourself with a lot of ease and quickly.

Everything you need to know about the meaning of the lock icon in Snapchat stories and how to make your own private story.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic that has forced us to stay home, many of us have turned to social media apps that we would never have used before. This means that newbies will be confused when they see certain icons, symbols, and functions. Here’s what the Snapchat Story lock means and how you can create your own private story.

Snapchat is one of the most popular and installed apps out there, and users were recently able to take part in an egg hunt. While the Easter activity was fun, many newcomers don’t know what the castle means to some of their stories.

The meaning of the padlock symbol is neither confusing nor bad. Here’s how to use the same padlock to create your own private stories.

If you think you know everything about the app, you will learn something you never knew existed. This appears to be the case with the Snapchat social media app. The app is constantly updated with new features such as minis and snap games. You will see some small details about the app that you may have overlooked before if you look carefully. In this article, we will explain what the lock icon is in your Snapchat story and how you can use it.

Lock On Snapchat Story

What does a lock mean on a Snapchat story?

Locking a Snapchat story indicates that the story is a “private story.” Private stories were introduced to give users more control over the audience for their snapshots. Before, if you didn’t want anyone on your friend’s list to see your story, you had to block them for the story’s duration. However, with private stories, you can choose exactly who can and cannot see your stories.

With private stories, you need to make a list of the users you want to follow. This makes it easier than sending individual snapshots to a group of people. It’s also not intrusive as it works like a Snapchat story. To view a private story, users need to tap it.

Why is there a lock on a Snapchat story?

If you wonder why some stories in your friends’ stories have little purple streaks, you are not alone. You see a padlock because you are part of the private story your friend created and shared with you (among other things, maybe).

The padlock only indicates that the person shared a private story with you.

What does the lock icon or icon look like on Snapchat?

Well, it looks like a regular padlock. See the screenshot below.

Lock On Snapchat Story

Where can you find private stories on Snapchat?

Private stories act like normal Snapchat stories. Private stories can be viewed on the Stories page. To view a private story, launch the Snapchat app and swipe left to access the Stories page. You can also click the Stories button at the bottom.

Lock On Snapchat Story

Private stories appear at the top under your friends’ stories. You can identify a private story by the purple lock icon. To view a private story, just tap the story.

Lock On Snapchat Story

How to create a private story on Snapchat

Private stories are only visible to users who have permitted to view these stories. Whenever you share a private story with someone, they’ll see a purple lock on your profile icon in their Stories section.

You can have up to three private story groups on Snapchat. Users in the group can also overlap. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of users you can add to your private story.

To create a private story, launch the Snapchat app and tap your Bitmoji avatar in the top left. This is your profile page.

Lock On Snapchat Story

Under Stories, tap Create Private Story.

You can choose which users from your friends’ list should see your private history on the next page. After you have selected the users, click on “Create Story.”

Lock On Snapchat Story

You can now name your private story. The name of your private story will appear in the story when users tap it.

Lock On Snapchat Story

How to Post a Private Story: The Story with a lock on Snapchat

Once you’ve created a private story, it’s easy to post it. Remember, only the users you’ve added to the private story can see it.

To post a private story, launch the Snapchat app and click on a photo of what you want to add to your story. Now click the blue “Send To” button in the lower right corner.

Your private story is displayed directly under “My Story.” Select the private story and submit your snap.

Can you see who else can see a private story?

No. If you didn’t create a private story, you might not know the audience for that story. Only the person creating the private story knows who can see it. However, you can end the story if you wish. Read our article below to find out how.

How long do private stories last?

Since private stories are always Snapchat stories, they last as long as Snapchat stories. Private stories expire after 24 hours. Once the private story has expired, nobody can see it, not even private history users.

Purple lock vs. Grey lock on Snapchat stories

As mentioned above, the lock icon in a story on Snapchat indicates that the story is a private story with a limited audience. Stories can be found on the Stories tab of the Snapchat app.

A purple padlock and halo around a snapshot indicate that the private story has not yet been seen. It’s a private story that you can see but hasn’t seen yet.

Lock On Snapchat Story

A gray padlock and a halo around a click indicate that you’ve already viewed the private story. Snapchat stories turn gray once viewed. You can see it over and over again, but it will still be gray.

What does 🔐 mean on Snapchat?

The lock and key emoji are pretty famous on Snapchat. After all, Snapchat is the secret app with its disappearing stories. The lock and key emoji are used to symbolize “locked,” which means that it is safe. It is used to tell someone that their secret is safe with you.

The emoji can be used in a chat message to let the person know they can speak freely without worrying about their shared information. It is a sign of solidarity and trust.

The emoji is also sometimes used to indicate that a person is being “taken” or is in a serious relationship. For example, you can text someone: “Are you 🔐?” If you want to know if she’s single or not.

Is the custom story the same as a private story?

No. Custom stories were entered for a specific purpose so that others can contribute to your story. A custom story is similar to a private story in that only people can see stories posted to the custom story. However, a private story cannot allow other users to post to its story as well.

Does creating a private story on Snapchat keep users informed?

No. Snapchat doesn’t notify the user that they added a private story while creating it. You can also add the same users to your other private stories without worrying about notification.

Does posting to a private story on Snapchat let users know?

No. A private story is not easy. It acts just like a normal Snapchat story. So if you post a private story, no one will be notified, not even people from private history. The only way for them to see your personalized story is to see it in the Stories tab on Snapchat.

How many private stories can you have on Snapchat?

Snapchat allows you to create a maximum of three private stories in your account. You can bring these private stories to life and repost them at the same time. General users in multiple groups can distinguish between their private stories by viewing the story in the upper left corner.

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